Beginner RC Plane: E-Flite Apprentice Flight Review

This is the best RC plane trainer I’ve found! This is the E-Flite Apprentice S! Take a look at the Complete review where I go around the plane and tell you everything about it!

Complete review:


TWorldTV says:

I have the sport cub s and like it, however I’m forced to basically fly it in no wind situations… which is pretty rare. I’m looking for a trainee that cuts through 5-10 mph winds a little better. This one, especially with the brushless motor looks to be next up in my rc arsenal 🙂

daniel gomes says:

Can u put thum pads on the remote

Marc Smith says:

Great video. My girlfriend just bought one for me and it will be here in a week. I can hardly wait.

ndlsumr says:

Excellent review! I’ve been watching a lot of videos, particularly manufacturers’ showing how easy it is to fly trainers with SAFE, but no one really hit on specifics like you did – the hows and whys of things to improve your skills. I was also looking at this specific plane as well as the Mini Apprentice for my second plane (my first was a Multiplex EasyStar, which I crashed beyond repair, and not very fun to self-learn on). Thanks for your very informative video!

Chris C says:

Great video Voro. 
I actually stumbled on your knife edge tutorial (another great video) then found this one, and your channel.  I WILL be watching more!
1st, how often do you do a new video?
2nd, will you ever do any videos with STOL planes?  (Fun cub, Pilatus Porter) ?
Not that it really matters, love the 3d also.
3rd, I’m still learning basic aerobatics (yes I’m a newbie too flying)  and just after 5:00 in this video you perform rolling circles……??   lol 
I can see all flight surfaces are being used,  but also throttle….  ??
Possible video idea….

jordan harper says:

Your really good at flying keep your videos up I mite sponsor you
Your doing Great

MrDynascrew says:

Very valuable presentation, I’d like to see more reviews with 1/ NO MUSIC! 2/ Pip of tx sticks 3/ Clear narrative…best added afterwards.

Oscar Thorpe says:

have you tried doing a stall spin in beginner mode?
full up elevator full left/right rudder?

Bevan Clark says:

I am geting one

David Spragg says:

Excellent stuff Voro.  I’m interested in getting into this hobby and would like to set myself up with a good controller and a simulator. I’ve had lots of hobbies and would lean toward a controller I can use for quite a while in the hobby and I’m lucky enough to be able to afford some good stuff.  I’ve only got Mac computers and have never had any RC equipment aside from little remote control cars waaaaay back when.  Something like this plane reviewed here would be my first after I practiced for a while on sim so I would like the controller to be compatible with this plane.  Can you recommend a package a new guy should consider in my situation?

Michael Brinkley says:

Absolutely awesome video. It will definitely help me in learning to fly my own Apprentice s.

Peter Gregory says:

Pro review – thanks for putting something so comprehensive together. Able to get a good feel of differences between different modes – will be getting one of these for my nephews because they can learn from your video reviews.

rc zone says:

V nice video… I learn very much.

AZ Quadcopters says:

I know you made this video a while ago but it is really good. I was trying to decide which plane to buy because I have not flown R/C for over 25 years. I go back to no help AM radios  and crashing the planes into popcicle sticks. So after flying quadcopters for the last year I wanted to get back to my roots but had no Idea what to buy in electric. After lots of research I was still stuck between a few but after  watching this review I bought one today and will have my wife give it to me for Christmas!!!  Thanks buddy keep up the great workPS. I wish we had this advanced stuff back in 1992 I would have save a few crashes im sure. still I will be carful with this one

Mark Lizotte says:

You did such a great job with the review of the apprentice. I am new to RC planes. After watching your video I feel pretty confident about getting this plane.
Keep up the great work.

Sg Kingly says:

At the model flight club I go to, someone left a apprentice in beginner and just left it flying straight. They found the model several fields away from the field the next day

Fredrik Hoffmann says:

Wow… I have the Apprentice but i was not awere the possibilities it has…. Man you can fly…..

letsplaymcrock says:

That’s the best review I have seen! Nice flying!

Al says:

For me, as a beginner, it is distracting to see you perform consecutive aileron rolls or loops when you are trying to demonstrate very basic maneuvers. Thanks for the instructional videos!

Daniel harman says:

I just picked one up at a thrift store for a quarter of the original price

CleverMan says:

Thanks for this video man.

Louis Duvenage says:

how many Kph kan it go??

Doamino41 says:

You know I have always considered the E-Flite Apprentice to be just another over priced airplane but the more I learn about it the more I really like this trainer. I had no idea it had technology that is so advanced in the RC world. I had a lot of fun learning to fly on the Hobbyzone Super Cub and have even owned a few 4 channel warbirds but never really mastered 4 channel flight. This airplane seems to be perfect for learning that.
I’m seriously thinking about getting this beautiful bird with my tax return.

Dan Ward says:

I agree that the “beginner” mode should be used to get comfortable, then switch over to the “normal” mode to continue the learning process. Like many other things getting too used to the beginner setting gets you too dependent on it.

MrDynascrew says:

4/ full description of setups, inputs, responses, etc.
* Remember the Delta Ray also has SAFE and AS3X.

Doug Leppard says:

Thanks for this demo, saving my bucks to get this plane.

Dan Reynolds says:

Great job man. Just received mine today and opened the box. Wow. It’s gorgeous. Can wait to fly it! Also bought a DX9 radio and wonder if I should wait to use it later and just use the included RTF radio now.

Gary Hansen says:

This is a great video and most helpful for people like myself who are just starting out – so thanks so much!

Matt Glover says:

I just brought this cant wait for it to come. was gonna get the ST discovery then saw this and changed my mind

Thomas Black says:

I just purchased the apprentice and I’m very grateful for your tutorials I have been very reluctant to fly it but I’m learning that it’s not as critical as I think it may be. Once again thank you very much for your insight ,education as well as your expertise !!!!

WX9DX says:

So could you put a KK2 board in an existing Airplane and make it do a similar thing as safe mode ?

William Doss says:

I got an Apprentice about 3 months ago.  I had never flown before and spent about 20 hour on a simulator before trying my first flight.  Some experienced pilots were at the flying field and asked if I wanted any help since it was my first flight.  I said I would try the first one by my self but they gave me a few pointers about ground trim before I flew for that first flight.  The Apprentice was marvelous.  The take off and the two circles went without a problem and I could tell they were just waiting for my first “landing”.  The Apprentice landed perfectly and the experienced pilots could not believe I had never flown before.  Actually the simulator is a little more difficult than the Apprentice.  I am now flying about half in the “beginner” mode and half in the experienced mode.  The Apprentice is a great first plane and I am proof of that.  Twenty flights and no crashes yet………

Marshal Hermann says:

great review very much appreciated!!!!

bobbymalta73 says:

Thanks for sharing your experience mate really help!

Steve K says:

Can you hit panic button flying slow and low? I wish you would have tested that..?

Scott Allen says:

I just bought the rtf as my first plane. I love it.

Joel Emmanuel Music says:

Great review! Love the honest explanations about it, looks like a really great beginner plane.
One question, how is the C of G straight out of the box? Did you have to add any weight? I have seen one video where someone had a bit of weight toward the tail end of the fuselage… should this be necessary? Thanks for the review.

gary gullikson says:

Apprentice looks like a nice trainer but it is not a tail-dragger. Many beginners want to transition to a low wing war bird model ASAP and they need to learn use of rudder to counter torque etc. , during takeoffs

n g says:

Good video, great information, definitely great flying skills. You should get together with Scott Bixler from flitetest, a great flyer.

G14 says:

Can you do a review on the Flyzone Switch/mini? What do you think about the Flyzone switch compared to the apprentice for a trainer? 

R Van says:

I agree number one best RC trainer in the world.

Jay Hamilton says:

Wow!! How did you hover it?? Please reply!!

Jim Miller says:

Very informative first look at the airplane I just bought. I’m what the skiing world calls a “never-ever” – so is good to know I bought the right plane.

Stefan Dembowski says:

For someone just getting one, is a full sized soccer field big enough? I’m using Phoenix 5 for about 2 weeks (about 8 to ten hours) and will most likely get one when warmer.

Honestly AV 2 says:

Was looking thru so many apprentice videos to help with flying tips and this was really the only useful one. Awesome job, thank you!

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