ArtTech 1400mm Devil Aerobatics Sports Remote Control Plane Review

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The Devil 500 class aerobatics model airplane is one of the newest trainers from ArtTech. The plane is constructed of EPO foam and features a large wingspan for stable and solid flight. The Devil is designed for all levels of model enthusiasts. It can be used for practice or double as a demo plane for classic aerobatic maneuvers by seasoned pilots. The main wings span 55 inches with a thick airfoil producing low wing loading resulting in high stability and flexible control. Hollow structured main wings with reinforced ribs make the wings light and rigid. The large and robust landing gears can take a good beating. The large wheels make it feasible to land on rough roads or short grass. The fuselage is also reinforced to provide extra rigidity to the airframe surrounding the servos and electronic speed controller. The power department is handled by a 850KV outrunner brushless motor supported by a 40amp brushless electronic speed controller. With an 11.1v 2400mah lithium battery, this power system will bail you out of sketchy situations. Two 9 gram and two strong 17gram servos provide authoritative control to the ailerons, elevators, and rudder. Throughout the main wings you will find red and green navigation lights that allow you to determine the orientation of the plane during low light conditions. This ArtTech Devil 500 is sure to be a great flyer for the beginner to advanced pilot looking to have some great fun.


oviroble says:

PNP please, dont want that ugly transmitter!

HighVoltsEntertainment says:

Wow awesome review this looks like a great starter plane. Check out High Volts RC for RC bashing and Mud bogging. Thanks and keep up the great work.

nitroplanes says:

Thanks appreciate it. – Roland


Rolan! i LOVE your reviews. you really know how to show a good quality review

Robin Steinz says:

This is the Air Trainer from Robbe ….

Ibn Air says:

Many People fly off grass so if u could show the durability of models flying off  grass that would be great. and it would increase interest and then maybe sells.

pichai pajonchai says:

i like very much

liambowers666 says:

Max thrust riot clone!

Hobbyandtech says:

How does it compare to the smart trainer?

jauchiu says:

Nice trainer.

stewjw says:

True and both are a copy of the Chris Foss Wot4-E. Interesting that HK also now distributing a balsa version called the Apprentice 64E. Seems to be a trend here.

Dave says:

I wish I could review planes for you. Sometimes it seems like reviews from the seller are always one sided – To sell.

Dave Edwards says:

It’s basically a Wot4 Foam E

nitroplanes says:

Thanks Paul

Luiz Silva says:

Very beautiful model airplane. Seems to have a great stability. Congratulations

Paul Montero says:

Smooth flying!

liambowers666 says:

If you guys wanna see this plane in the hands of an average club flyer, search for “RCBowerz Century UK Max Thrust Riot” or ERug0t7endc

propstrikerc says:

It’s just a maxthrust riot. For the American market?

alan de souza says:

So cool!

J Gasser says:

Good job Rolan. If I needed a trainer I would get that one.

Craig McVeigh says:

I miss Tony but I’m warming to your reviews, very good, concise and nice!

MrPatrykas11 says:

No kit ?????????????

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