Air Hogs – Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter – Review and Flight (with How To Fly tips)

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I finally get to live out my boyhood dream of piloting an X-Wing now, thanks to the Air Hogs X-Wing Starfighter! This model has caused quite a commotion online, both for good and bad reasons. Hopefully my review and flight can help clear up some of the difficulties people have been having trying to fly this thing.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Starkasnigeln says:

Do you know where I can get this in store?

Sans the skeleton says:

U talk to long man…

Tao Kaka says:

“The force is strong with this one.”

Arkadeus says:

Great flight

RedMetalic RobotDemon says:

It should have four fans. Then up and down could be controlled with the top and bottom jets. What the hey.

Dale Carpenter says:

Put 4 fans on it !

Samuel Watkins says:

He’s geekin’ out!

Jon Castillo says:

Thanks for the help

S. Purwoko says:

make the cannons by papercraft dude…

DramaDollies Tv says:

That’s cool

Cutelatinguy2 says:

That looks so awesome when in flight!

Deckard Ridley says:

3 seconds is my record. 🙁

August Lyons says:

I wonder how that big new tie-fighter flies. have you seen that thing? is single fan ducted propelled with slats cut out in the rear for elevators or rutter? I,m sure it doesn’t fly well in any windy condition as is par for most air hogs flyers.

Amaury Martinez says:

Me gustó Amaury

Eugene Street says:

How do you make the videos? Do you have a Google Glass or go pro attached to your head?

Vixen Timer says:

isnt it so weird that air hogs makes rcs for kids and yet their harder to fly then full scale models?

Matthew Garris says:

so cool I dot no what to saye

Ashley McGovern says:

It’s a shame it’s marketed towards kids with the kiddy controller etc but, that’s fully understandable at the same time. It takes long passes because its using the differential thrust of the two motors. I’m sure someone could carefully take a craft knife / dremel to one, put some control surfaces, micro servos, 7.4v batt & receiver & transform it.

WWIIRebel says:

I wish they’d attempt to make a Y-wing and an A-wing

Jacker747 Gaming says:

Took me 6 flights in my first day to fly it correctly and I enjoy it but I used to suck but now I don’t went I was a kid

Glenn Garcia says:

Great channel man

Ryche64 says:

I like it

Jen Draws says:

11:44 sounded like the you had an orgasm XD not hatin though nice video lol

Soldier1287 says:

what if it had 4 motors

kuroみき says:


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