Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane Review. Hands-On Review – Does the Sky Stunt Really Fly?

Air Hogs Sky Stunt Today we review the Air Hogs Sky Stunt plane. The RC Sky Stunt plane is a great outdoor plane and made to do tricks. Get the Sky Stunt up high and then just press the red button on the remote and watch your plane do loops, corkscrews and stalls.

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt sells for about $40 and it provides some great fun on a nice day. Here is all the info –

“Fly to the extreme with the sky-high action of the Air Hogs Sky Stunt! Stylized after agile racing planes the Sky Stunt performs gravity defying stunts with the push of a button. Perform insane loops, stalls, corkscrews and knife-edge turns. Featuring radio frequency communication for outdoors use, the remote control has a range up 300 feet! Take to the skies with the all-new high performance Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane!”

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Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hey, thanks for watching! The Sky Stunt is very simple – the left stick just controls the speed of the front propellor and the right stick turns the rudder on back. The rest of the plane is solid foam. It tends to always be climbing if you have the propellor going…and are not pointing into the ground 🙂

kkazkid kaz says:

I still prefer helicopters

Maria Hernandez says:

Are all the toys you by your sons or yours..?

Shah Gamer says:

Get too the point man

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hey Zane – wow, that is too bad about the rudder. Maybe you can contact Air Hogs and see if they have replacements. I don’t have the box in front of me, but I believe it had spare propellors in the box, but no rudder as I recall. Good luck and thanks for watching!

Bob Paterson says:

Off cause it won’t fly higer because is a stnu plane

Justin Bicer says:

How do you land please answer

Anthony Jaikaran says:

Would u recomend it to beginers/noobs

Emilia Piela says:


Donald Franklin says:

The Sky Stunt plane is a cool toy. I don’t have the space to fly it. Another con about it take too long to charge it from the remote just for 10 minutes flying I’ll opt for an R/C helicopter., instead

Ro Mc says:

Can u adopt me..

Laura Gonzalez says:

My nephew said that these are fun, but they are out of control!!! Help! He is attacking me!!!

Henry Bui says:

air hogs suck

Flyin' Ryan RC says:

Haha! RC mower would be awesome (and dangerous, lol).

My parents live on an 8 acre farm… I am very familiar with those horribly hot mowing days, back in my younger years of doing chores. 🙁

Sully Tawafi says:

how much did you bye it and can i bye it cheap and i live in australia i saw it for $65
but thats a rip off

Kendall Jackson says:

Mine broke on its first 4 crashes WTF

Ryan Walker says:

I love your videos, but please for the love of God, its buTTon not budden. 😉

August Lyons says:

air haags!  🙂

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hi, sorry, not sure where to get it in Australia. Here is the States it goes for about $40 and you can find it at places like Target. Thanks for watching.

alan mullen says:


Flyin' Ryan RC says:

Man, you have the perfect backyard for ultra-micro RC air vehicles. I’m jealous!

ray taylor says:

i had one, tail died on me after on day use. 😐

zeeshan abid says:

Does it actually fly high please answer my question

Jenny Dobesh says:

I bought it about two weeks ago. I am learning that you have to change the batteries more often. After that it still fly’s low. You can get it if you want, but I don’t recommend it!!!

robbie brewer says:

Your boss

The Reviewer says:

thx for the advice i will contact airhogs rite now

Steve Cheh says:

I ordered one online and its awsome!!!

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Yes…until you have to mow it on a 95 degree summer day, then it doesn’t seem as perfect. I guess I need an RC lawn mower!

GeckoGuy says:

now why couldnt mine fly like that?

furonwarrior says:

Buying a charging cable and a spare battery from the Syma 107G helicopter will do you wonders with improvements of this plane. The plane and the helicopter both uses a similar battery. Do not attempt to charge the battery from the plane with the Syma yellow charging cable as it’ll damage the cable. Remove the battery by stripping the wires from the Stunt Plane and replace it with the helicopter’s spare battery. Strip the yellow charging cable and tie the wires with the battery to charge it. The charging only takes about 10-20 minutes (I’m freaking serious) and the batteries are now replaceable so you can continue to fly if the battery ever goes bad. I also recommend a USB voltage meter and a stripped USB cable to keep track of the voltage of the batter before and after using the plane to get full use out of it. They even have a 240mah battery that you can use on the plane from the Syma 107g helicopter. Happy flying!

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Thanks for watching. Not sure the exact feet, but it did go pretty high, I would guess around 70 Feet?

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hey Ryan, thanks for watching. So, how much did my wife pay you to write that comment 🙂 I know, I have absolutely no ability to say the word button. I think I will blame it on my kindergarten teacher…she should have corrected me. I need to find another word for button…maybe “circle shaped thing that you press” 🙂

Knightscast1 says:


Amber Mildenhall says:

Worth $30?

carie detherow says:

It’s fun but my cat keeps trying to hump it

imeetyouagain1 says:

mine goes up with the nose at like a 60* angle then falls then the nose goes up at a 60* angle and then falls over and over

J Mango says:

What!!!? How did you get your’s to work mine wold just nose dive every time I used it!!!

robbie brewer says:

Will you be my dad

Austin McDonald says:

How long do you press the button for each stunt?

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hi, thanks for watching. You just land by slowing letting off the throttle and trying to bring it down easy.

Jim Redtalon says:

got one and just a few things to know. a. you cant fly it in windy conditions any wind over 5 mph is at your own risk. b. it has very cheap solder and wires so if it breaks from crashes that’s the most likely culprit.

None says:

is it made out of cardboard

Flyin' Ryan RC says:

Does the left stick control elevation by adjusting the speed of the prop, or does the prop just spin full speed constantly, and the left stick just controls the elevator?

The Reviewer says:

i love this plane i bought it for $40:00 and it flew so ice but after 20 flights the rudder on the back broke and im sad about that

Mycel says:

thats not styrofoam.

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