Air Hogs Sky Stunt Jet Review, Remote Control Stunt Plane

Air Hogs Sky Stunt Jet http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new Air Hogs Sky Stunt Jet RC Plane. The cool feature here is the ducted fan in the center. This greatly helps reduce the risk of damage when you crash, since the propellor is fully protected.

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt Jet Sells for $39.95

Here is some more information –
* 2.4 Ghz Remote Control
* Stunts at the press of a button
* Ducted Fan
* Flies up to 225 Feet
* Crash Resistant Structure
* High Power Engine


Dario wolz says:

I Love jur canal

Justforkicks says:

no elevator? how do you generate lift?

Pro Gamers says:

i realy like the plane it can fly very fast

Hardcore Icon says:


Kid Kavi says:

Can u send me some free rc toys

Tyrek Johnson says:

cool i will get one soon so hope you say somethi g back

S K says:

were did you get the airplane?

sirlordwhitman says:

Nothing to do with the video sorry but the commercial in the beginning about Star Wars, the dad says ‘they’re like knights..”  as he’s extending the light sabre.  That’s the same guy in Total Recall checking in Arnie disguised as a fat woman.  I knew I seen that guy somewhere!!!

Bryce Greene says:

Have you seen Flite Test? You can make an rc airplane with airloron, elevators etc. for about the same price! A great one is the tiny trainer.

mohammad saghir says:

where did you get it from

luis clobiz menacho villarruel says:

no e podido hacerlo volar xfabor q alguien me diga como

King Kaler says:

Is it available in Canadian toysrus

Marcos Huang says:


luis clobiz menacho villarruel says:

no e podido hacerlo volar xfabor q alguien me diga como

luis clobiz menacho villarruel says:

no e podido hacerlo volar xfabor q alguien me diga como

Ernest Cornelius says:

Daddoes pls teach me how to buy i cant even buy it

gurpreet sidhu says:

Whicglh price

Pandana says:

nice house

Juan Carlos says:

Amazing, safe & realistic toy. I think it have to get some reinforcement in the motor bay area avoiding to collapse in hard landings. I appear to be tricky to fly… that’s the worst thing in a toy… IT FIRST HAS TO BE EASY TO USE !!!!!!

Herman portoreal says:

it takes about 30 minutes to charge

RDR Electronics says:

Nice jet

Herman portoreal says:

It takes about 35 minutes to charge

Carson Barnhardt says:

What kind of drone is this that you used to record with?



BaconLord says:

Am I the only one that noticed that was Tetris in the background at the beginning of the video?

Shah Gamer says:

Hay dad dose I was just thinking why do you live in the middle of know where it looks like your house is in the middle of the amazon rain forest XD …

Joseph Stalin says:


DeathAlex says:

How much that ting cost?

Squeaks03 says:

I love how you used a high-quality gimbal drone to shoot your son driving the plane!

Ozgur Bozkurt says:

they finally made an rc plane with a single ducted fan. It would have been nice if they try to build something close to mig 15 or a saber … also it would have been even better if they would have made it 3 ch and added an elevator in addition to rudder. I hope they will.

Gregory Guza says:

Please leave out the music.

Haris Z says:

I seriously wouldn’t get it if i got the chance a little problem in control bam its in pieces

Justin Cheng says:

How did you buy this? Online shops like Amazon or Target? Or walk-in shops?

Thomas Blohm-pain says:

doesnt work craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

N.Freddy & Springtrap says:

how much does it cost

jherome esporlas says:

Iam a filipino

Dj Spacehawk says:

Can you give me the link to buy it I can’t find it on your website

Nathan Ring Star says:

I remember having one of these never flied right kept on rolling to the side and I couldn’t control it

Serhat Demirci says:

Mükemmel ötesi bir uçak

ace taylor says:

can you send me that please

jherome esporlas says:


Ollie Vis says:

What kind of drone did you use to film this?

M. Florentino says:

This thing flies way better when i go to target
I am totally getting this good thing i got a target
Card so i don’t have to use real money

sirlordwhitman says:

Everytime I walk ino a store, they have the same old goofy non-airplane airhogs stuff.  I haven’t seen this jet yet.

MishIshPee ! says:

Looks to hark to control

johal425 says:

Drone killer

Zita Angel says:

what’s this music

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