Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet Full Review, RC Plane and Helicopter Combo

Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet Review Today we review the brand new Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet RC Plane and Helicopter.

The Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet Sells for $49 on Amazon –

The big selling point on the Jump Jet? It can transform from a helicopter to a plane with the push of a button on the remote control. Basically you have a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) RC aircraft – much like the Osprey plane.

Here is more information on the Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet –

Fly indoors or take to the skies! The Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet is a unique, remote controlled plane like no other! Its rotating wings allow it to hover like a helicopter or fly like a jet. The Jump Jet launches vertically off the ground in hover mode, and then at your command the wings rotate to jet mode, letting you soar through the sky! Take control as you master the Fury’s vertical lift off. Once you’ve reached your desired altitude, activate its mid-air transformation and unleash its wing-powered flight! Fly indoors or take to the skies with the transitional flying power of the Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet! Feature 1. The Fury Jump Jet is a unique, remote controlled jet like no other! Its rotating wings allow it to hover like a helicopter and fly line a jet! Feature 2. Take control of the Fury’s vertical lift off and activate its mid-air transformation! The wings will rotate into Jet mode for sky soaring action! Feature 3. Navigate both indoors and outside using both hover and Jet modes. It’s a 2-in-1 piloting experience! Feature 4. The Air Hogs Fury Jump Jet is for ages 8+. 4 AA batteries required for operation. Batteries not included. For indoors and outdoors use. Includes: 1 Fury Jump Jet, 1 Remote Control, 1 Instruction Manual

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The Blue One says:


But seriously, the paint job for this makes it a perfect fit for Cobra Command.

Purple Panda32 says:

I can’t get mine to fly

eye Glutched owt Leenkz stoped hed says:

Dats a VTOL rc plane,not a jump jet rc plane

Angel says:

great video, very, very thorough, thnx much

mazpr2025 says:

Garbage, does not align well.

Greg P says:

My son got one for Christmas and was having a blast with it until on one landing the prop broke. Looking for spare parts but not finding any. Any thoughts?

Emma Carroll says:

mime will charge, then immediately die. when i plig it up, it says it fully charged, and dies again. any way to fix this?

tripodalt says:

returned 4 time because right rudder stoped to work after 4th fly & transform after 5th
els best design ever
consume 50$ just for test it not a waste

Tariq Biggs says:

I already have one but, how do you land ?!?!?/

Red Wing says:

Where can I get replacement propellers?

Dawood Paruk says:

join the discussion, and leave your comment here…

ax gamer says:

its so fun to fly I have the hotwheels steet hock too what one do you think is better gun and gadgets in plane mode


Very cool flight. Your son must have some flying experience? My 10 year old boy bought one on saturday. Now i want one too.

Guiyermo Estrada says:

how do you know if its charging?

Laura Martinez says:
The red Titan says:

my fury jump jet only takes 10-15 minutes

Efrain Macias says:

cant wait till i fly it got it at Walmart for 30.00

Tyrek Johnson says:

my is cool to so good video

John Smith says:

U can get it at Wal-Mart with a 2 year warranty for $41 hope that helps

Chris Friedman says:

Just found one of these at Goodwill. Working and fully operational. $1 There is a small nick off of the tail but doesn’t seem to affect the flight.

Aison Vang says:

get in the chopper


this thing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i returned it

Esther Thomas says:

hey how old is your kids

Steven Ferko says:

My kids fury jump jet wing was broken do u know how to fix or repair the wing do I use gorilla glue or tape??

Miles Vinson says:

man I broke one of my blades I used glue but that stupid glue stuck my hands together

Obligatory Demise says:

Looks kinda like an Osprey

MishIshPee ! says:

I’m gonna get one tomorrow and I have a street hawk that flys good as well can drive and fly like a plane so yahoo fully I will get one

Fire Bruntex says:

you guys should of dived with it

RemyReacts HD3D says:

You have to agree the kids back at the beginning looked like Sml Logan

Matt J says:

a few years ago air hogs released “osprey”…same thing lol

UltraMini GT says:

just got it was following ppl around my neibor hood and ran out of battery

Tariq Biggs says:


carlos leon says:

 ̄︿ ̄ .really I got it from target for $70

muralmouse says:

My son got this for christmas, flew it a couple times, very cool, then crashed it and the propeller broke and I just read here in the comments you cant get replacement parts so well be taking it back… He was pretty good at flying it, just wish it was quality material and didn’t break so easy…. He was highly disappointed it only lasted less than a few hours, and so was I since it was cheap!

isaac playz says:

who watching in 2016 i bet no one will answer

Anthony Sanchez says:

i got this plane yesterday and i just broke one of the propellers, can i take it back and get a new one ?

Cory Reeves says:

Nice for an air hogs.

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