Air Hogs – FireWing – Review and Flight

The Air Hogs FireWing is an RC bird… technically know as an Ornithopter. It flies by actually flapping its wings, like a real bird. It is 2ch control, but very easy and calming to fly. I really enjoy flying it! 🙂

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Madeline Dempsey says:

Be careful don’t fly too high or an eagle might catch it

Victor Azevedo says:

são quatro brinquedo que eu tô querendo

Dyonna Randolph says:

That’s cool

canal dos fanáticos says:


Tauseef Khan says:

Very nice very nice very nice if I have more money I purchase this bird but I haven’t more money for purchse

Victor Azevedo says:

e nós e eu sou irmão de um chamado vinil Davi nós dois morar junto na cidade de Natal

spafro101 says:


Bima Setiyadharma says:


Dhandrick Camero says:

i need to buy this. air hog be making some awesome shit

Ethan vlogs says:

its a berd its a plane no its air hogs

tj cool tj cool says:

I want that

amazing star says:

does it make flip

April Boyd says:

I would I would do anything to get that bird except for money exclamation point

om usman says:

cool bird man.

محمد محمد says:

wh the vedio is very tol

OMG OMG says:

crazy how real it looks

Asgar chib says:

Amazing i also want one

Ginny Waters says:

I have a pet bird well I have 5 birds

Agurkerne says:

Looks like a butterfly

Soccer Freestyles & Skills says:

If you fly that bird toy in the backyard
The other birds will just attack the toy bird how are u going to land that toy brid

Andrew Paul says:


Caleb Karnitz says:

Sal d no it wont

tj cool tj cool says:

I subscribe and like the video in hit the bill now can you give me it please

xRyanStyle_ says:


Ginny Waters says:

And you could prank your freinds

lløyd tíßøy says:

the heck Soo cool

Thomas Batu Schmid says:

How much is it ?

Judi Saroukhan says:


Renata Vieira says:

Não gostei

Ginny Waters says:

What if a cat brakes it

Larissa araujo tv says:

e quando vai lançar esse brinquedo ao brasil

Irwansyah Lubis says:

Dear Ryan RC..

Good too see you..i m Lubis Like this Video.. Mini bird rc..Amazing..thank for Video Ryan..

Warm regard,


Ginny Waters says:

And it looked so real

Victor Azevedo says:

do seu país você mora

Wayne Wilkins says:

Can you do this vs rc drones

H Technical point says:

what is prise this firewark

JCVlogs says:

My cat will love this

fred tomas says:

I want this toy but it is 98$

หเหเฟด กัหเ says:


Zaky Putra says:


Hayden Byrd says:


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