$40 DIY Power Up RC Airplanes!

Alex and Josh see if they can make tiny micro RC airplanes utilizing the Power Up Dart 3.0 RC paper airplane!

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Lemon Slinky says:

make the battle bus from Fortnite

Mark Snowden says:

CA eats foam. Oops. But I like this concept. I’m working on a foam Long EZ like yours to use with my Power Up 3.0.

Brian Smith says:

Very cool! Great inspiration for us to “just do it” and try. Plans for the micro Long EZ would be awesome. We’ve been playing with Peter’s idea of mini-quad motors and paper airplanes. Tons of fun on calm evenings. Keep up the good work with STEM!

Love the Long EZ design. Wasn’t that the aircraft that John Denver was piloting when he died?

SteFPV says:

I want one!

Sandhya Yadav says:

Hi sir
I have 1000mah 40C lipo battery
so can You please help me by telling which motor and ESC I should use

TiagoTiago says:

Here is an easy tip for when your RC aircraft is flying away and you wanna bring it back to you but you can’t work out which way it is facing, or you’re having trouble flying backwards: Just move the rudder/yaw to the side it is going relative to you, if it is going left, push the rudder to the left, if it is going right, push the rudder to the right.

It might look like it is making things worse at first, that’s just what happens when the aircraft is facing away from you, it must first turn sideways before it can point back to you.

ps: Careful with the roll if you’re not flying with auto-leveling though, this technique does nothing to help with the roll.

pps: But of course, if your aircraft got dangerous props or something of the sort that might hurt you if it hits you, be sure to change strategies when it starts getting close, otherwise you risk injuring yourself.

Rc Hobby says:

Good !!!

NS. says:

Nice I also working on with glider

Kenneth Bellmyer says:

More videos you’re slacking off

AngryKhan says:

B21 looking like that is pure speculation.

Spenzee 2004 says:

You are so lucky that you have a lazer cuter

How To Make says:

Amazing 🙂
Guys welcome to my DIY channel.Tks all!

Kaleb Croteau says:

You should have peter make a harpoon drone to get planes out of the trees when they get stuck similar to the harpoon boat

Adam Facey says:

after years of flitetest watching, all the way back to the original wildcat review! I gotta say this is definitely the best group of cast yet. Alex is great, and josh is always home base. keep it up guys

neon an creeper gaming says:

I am trying to do a micro Nutball

AngryKhan says:

Within airframe that small you. Could 3d print the airframe.

ErnestoTheGamer says:

Build a plane powered by a small Wankel Rotary Engine.

Henrik Linus Pauly says:

Is there an option like this but with a normal rc controller (graupner and spektrum in my case)

Drew Darnell says:

We love the little things. Next week builds a 8ft a10

Jayasre Leelamma says:

What material do you use to build the body of the plane

Model Aviator Adventures says:

Shout out to Alex…man you are great at what you do! I love the way Josh watches you like a proud papa.


Awesome video! I use my RC F 18 to drop bombs! Please please please watch the video here! https://youtu.be/NknX_D5sRWE

Michaelo Rocha says:

I visited Max’s channel after viewing this video. Then I ordered one! Thank you guys!

Andrew R/C says:

Nice job guys!

Tanner Ewing says:

I love that you guys are working on Long EZ models! – Now I don’t feel so left out 🙂

bridgendesar says:

The fpv version is pretty cool too……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ9pM-1pWX0

Jonah Fouts says:

Hello Flight test!
I have been a dedicated fan for many years and love everything you all do. I am currently a Junior in High School and am extremely interested in aerodynamics and the world of aviation. I am applying to both MIT and Georgia Tech for college but I strongly believe that I will be able to get into MIT. I was wondering if you all would be able to fit me in next summer and maybe teach me a bit about what you do and maybe I could offer my knowledge and skills when it comes to airfoils and designs. I would love to opportunity and the experience would look great on applications and I would love to learn about what you do first hand. I live down in Cincinnati and so I’m not too far away. I would appreciate it if you could consider my offer and eventually get back to me.

Jonah Fouts

Rop Fotosjop says:

Super cool video! You guys make a great team! Thanks

Daniel Kezar says:

they have a fpv version of this too thats like 200 bucks.


7:58 so funny xD “Theyll tallkkrhrhr you through”

Rob says:

Was so psyched up for this till I saw it’s cell phone controlled 😉

Luenardi De Polo says:

in 1994 me and my dad used to go fly planes,
he was one of the first guys in south africa that started back in the days of reed systems.

Akyru Satory says:

use a biger propeller or a 3 palet propeler

Shawn The kid says:

When u guys get the time watch ramy rc

Hayden Fisher says:

So recently you’ve been obsessed with micro planes, and in the past you’ve done flying toasters and flying bricks. You should do a life size 100% scale foamboard plane. Love your guys’ videos and I think many would love to see a design challenge like that. Thanks for the great videos and community!

Alec Becker says:

You guys should get a rc car (maybe a traxxas slash) and make it into a glider, throttle the car-plane off the dirt mound or some other cliff and let it fly

neon an creeper gaming says:

Finally made a power up nutball

Ram Radhakrishnan says:

Perfect timing! After all, Winter is coming, (Sorry to remind everyone of that! ) and I can start messing around indoors.

Connor likes cars says:

I have a power up dart, is there plans?

rc gagi 20 says:

Can you make this plane with power up 3.0?

Blackbird Gaming says:


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