$150 RC Plane for Beginners with Flight Stabilization – XK A1200 RTF Airplane – TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/pgZSHb
This is a great find! For only $150, a beginner RC plane pilot can get in the air with very little worry of doing serious damage to their plane. This foamie has built in stabilization with a 6 axis gyro system which helps stabilize it during flight and compensate for noobie mistakes. We are very impressed and very happy with the performance of this plane! What do you guys think?
Buy it here: https://goo.gl/pgZSHb
Extra Batteries: https://goo.gl/9gdw74
Gearbest Promo Code: rc18off
Current Gearbest Promotion: https://goo.gl/FFg7vV

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Nate’s Race Drone Setup:
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Spare Drone Batteries – https://goo.gl/ovH0fG
Spare Props – https://goo.gl/DDOh1r
Nate’s FPV Goggles – https://goo.gl/FF4sid
Action Cam – https://goo.gl/5uIBzG

Happy Birthday Kent! Check out his YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMDymrZa8uTyMcxrr7MNamA

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sparkythebuilder says:

Super cool footage with the drone in tandem with the plane! Well Done!!

hirise12 says:

For a fee, would you guys take my xk a 1200 and tune it up for me. I have tried many different ways and can not contact Gearbest or Banggood no matter what. I have always wanted to try RC and this was my first try. I have this plane now and it’s worthless to me without help. Please let me know. bigleybill@yahoo.com

TimeOverMatter says:

Great video you two!!! On the 3D/6G switch, this has been my experience with XK on a smaller nose prop plane. When you have throttle applied is the only time when stabilization is active (either mode). If you are in 6G then you are very restricted as this will try to prevent stalls, loops, roll overs and such (very beginner mode for training). The 3D mode still has stabilization active but it should allow you to do loops, rolls, stalls and so on. If you cut power in flight (glider) then you have zero stabilization. That is why you and I see the control surfaces kick when you engage the prop. That’s been my experience. Luv your videos, keep up the good work and keep them in the air!

Greg Kienle says:

It’s not weird wemen fly RC. My wife flys with me. Granted she likes smaller planes rather than 2.6M power gliders. We have so much fun flying together.

Tamhas B says:

looks awse… there are versions of same online with built in camera, and receiver screen that comes attached to radio controller… want to get one!

Silvio Barbero says:

is it possible to set the transmitter to mode 1 with throttle and ailerons to the right stick?


Hy guys long time watcher first time responding love you guys videos could use your knowledge of rc vehichles i have an xka1200 crashed it an now have a broken motor mount an can not figure out how to remove the motor i dont wana destroy my plane any help would be highly appreciated abby you hand launching this plane as your first hand launch is what convinced me to purchase this plane an the story about you being left hand challenged btw love you guys videos i also purchased the h100 from watching you guys thanks again highly fustratded would like to get back in the air

iggy iggy says:

that site now says it is discontinued stock ???

SouthpawJBrowning says:

I’ve just discovered you guys in the last week and I love your videos this looks like my next step up right now I’m flying with the dromida sky Cruiser 2 as a trainer and I loved it but obviously I’m limited two very low or no wind days and this is much larger looks like I can handle some wind with a semi experience pilot.

StarCop97’s Droners Without Borders says:

Thanks for the great review.

juggernautsdumb says:

No matter where I look it seems this plane is no longer available. Anyone know if I may be missing something? Would love to buy 2

Conrad PRONOBIS says:

Which one is the speedest you think, the XK A1200 or the Hubsan H301S??

mikesr39 says:

That’s another plane you are going to have two of Nate !!!

Steve Carpenter says:

Great Review, Thank You!

hirise12 says:

You guys are great. I have wanted to try RC for a long time and just bought an XK A 1200 after watching your video.


Thanks for the quick reply

Davinator says:

does it come with a battery?

Hayy Papi says:

I’m getting into rc planes and I want a easy plane. Which one you recommend me one

SouthpawJBrowning says:

Maybe your best video that I’ve seen so far. When you suddenly cut to the “surprise” I was like YES!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!! I’M SO JEALOUS!! You guys helped me decide on my first real entry level tail and rudder 3 Channel pusher prop in the Dromida Sky King 2 review! I may actually save up for this now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

MIKE H says:

Love the video guys


Never mind thanks

SharkyJ17 says:

How long did shipping take? I know “gearbest” is a company in Asia, and it took us a month to order something from them last time. Also their customer service wasn’t great, so is it still ok to buy it from them? Have you had any problems?

Souther Ohio Cat Fisher says:

i love this video because its the first one i watched when i found you guys. love your videos and love the info you give

grumpy19631 says:

Way to much talking

Conrad PRONOBIS says:

I have one question, is the plane pretty speedy or not?

Migueldeservantes says:

Well been a plane man I find this video really inspiring!! I think that I’ll be getting this plane so my wife can learn and practice… thank you very much for your hard back breaking work!!

Victor Risk says:

I could watch you guys all day! Thank you!!!

Virginian says:

I gotta say, I haven’t watched your videos in a while and Abby is doing awesome! Well done.

Tommy Mician says:

Does it say the plane battery status anywhere on the controller?

Bryan BryanT says:

I really like the drone chase cam!

phucket01 says:

Haha today is my birthday 6/17/2018


One more question i cut out motor an mount is not broke but motor wiggles a little could you check an let me no if my motor should wiggle a little or if it should be very still with no movement thanks

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