How do you like to spend your free time? I think we can all agree that RC cars and planes have become a part of our everyday lives. Driving RCs is addictive and fun, whether you’re driving around in your garage or take your RC with you on a camping trip we all love to be in control of a remote vehicle. There’s something about being in full control with little effort, that keeps us hooked to these things. Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most bizarre, powerful, and outright AWESOME RCs.


810 Crawlerz says:

I have multiple $3000+ rc crawlers

juan sebastian says:

i think riding our own r.c plane …. is just flying a plane

kk's vlogs says:

did anyone else hear the faint oof at 1:00

Donovan Oakden says:


Matt Carrell says:

That Millennium Falcon looks way cooler than the ones sold at Disneyland! The lighting for the main drive on the back is fantastically brilliant, way better, and looks like its more stable too than that smaller foam monstrosity Disney put out.

Morten Kristoffersen says:

Dude, for a moment I thought your commentary was an intentional mockery. Then i realised you do not know anything about RC. You, Sir, are a twat !

Paul C says:

‘Ergonomically designed helicopter’? What does that even mean?

Vinyl Scratch says:

7:18 so it’s an R6S drone

iTzYaBoi Jake says:

i have an aircraft carrier ship, it’s cool

thatguynathan says:

This was cringy watching this

Jonathan Ian says:

All of you RC assholes owe Nicola Telsa everything!!!

Adam Taylor says:

6:20 that’s an impact not a drill

dragonlvr069 says:

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong here … but didn’t the Blackbirds retire in 1990’s.

Apex science says:

I made a rc flamethrower Santa


On that first clip i would insulate the motor and attach spy cam on it the boom you got a recon drone lol

Adam T says:

4:02. Annakin who?


*but why tho*

Russ Gallagher says:

That “battleship” is a PoS! Once I saw that, I was done with this vid. Thumbs Down!

Isira Sudam says:

8:48 Yeah my country Airlines.

Dukellama says:

This Video Was Eggcellent

Amir Kaiser says:

What makes it a r c

No Name says:

130 dollars is too much for this guy Like i got an rc car that cost 250 and thats still pretty cheap for a professional rc car.

The Red Ligon says:


Gundam Man says:


Fusion YT says:

I actually have the first one lmao

TiagoTiago says:

You have a very weird definition for the word “most” and/or the word “amazing”….

Necronomous says:

“In the future, perhaps we can take our RC and fly away.”

Well, it has already happen. With this german bathtub. He is controlling it with RC Tech and flying it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQK9m_OBVgY

Billybonkers290 says:

7:30 rainbow six siege confirmed

Terry Hagerty says:

why isnt it working???????!

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