10 Biggest Coolest Aircraft Toys Which Actually Exist

10 Awesome Biggest Toys Which Actually Exist
10 Coolest Strongest Toys Which Actually Exist
10 Biggest Expansive Toys Which Actually Exist



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2. SR-71 Blackbird 

3. Antonov-AN225 with Buran Spaceship

4. Sukhoi SU-27 

5. Kalinin K-7

6. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

7. Mil MI-24 HIND


9. CH-113 Labrador

10. Boeing 747



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MAD N BAD says:

Fucking sick of the stupid dentist ads. Cooonsssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@

Brij Shivean Doshi says:

boeing 747

J M says:

I hate your voice it makes me want to punch a baby

Donovan Beetso says:

That narrator was plain as hell!!!

GhostVolvo says:

mission my cock V

Descopera Lumea TV says:

It was a wonderful video

RocketLife954 says:

The sr71 has one turnbine in the center, the o.e. ones r faux….I’ve seen this model in the original video it came from

esqueue says:

Came here, paused, thumb down due to click-bait, moved on to other videos. Because they hide the thumbs down count doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the video in search engines. That’s just the quickest way to find a troll video.

MAD N BAD says:

Wish Trixie would shut her pie-hole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taton Satthapan says:


McCannfamily 04 says:

3:53 An255 ?????? AN225

Arta Tabari says:

wow you are talking to mach

Mike Baugus says:

All of them! I’ve been a RC nut from the first time I could ever walked…….so watching these are like…….lol I just have to wiped the droool off my shirt……I have either cars or airplanes and boats……ect ect ect ect and the list continue’s

emmanuel bantay says:

I Like boing 747 its like a real thing.

Joe Bloggs says:

These perfect scale models make me consider how government faked 911.
If a scale model flew into the twin towers no one out of the government loop would know the difference between real or model. 
Timed with internal explosions the illusion ‘seems real’. 
I do like the show of the models though.

Jin Fabuna says:

I love MIL MI_24 HIND


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maiseydoodle says:

Would be a great video without the stupid commentary

Philippine Ball says:

What if some kid RIDES on one of those?
Would they pass out?
Would they fall?
Would they be babies?
Would they break it?

Reply your answer

Panzer Brothers 190 says:

That CH-113 is actually a chununk plz stop making vids plz we all hate them

grobab babou says:

Waou ! les beaux jouets !!!!!!

think positive says:

Please add AI robot top 10

Jeremy Davis says:

Who would put a child or pet on number 1??? Narrator you gotta get it together.

Arta Tabari says:

wow nice s#$%@!@!!

G Malone says:

Excellent video and informative narration, though the script was a bit too silly at times. Don’t call these aircraft ‘toys’ if you know what’s best. 🙂 And, have to agree with others, this topic could use a more seriously toned narrator. Why is that important? Perhaps because I won’t subscribe to this channel if that’s how all topics are treated… like childish amusements.

Solar phonix says:

brilliant im glad you call these toys but maybe model aircraft builders will show there appreciation for you not respecting their scale modelling craft

Angelo Rodriguez says:

boeing 747

Zamtlâng channel says:

i like blackbird the best

Amratash Baghel says:

Black bird obviously, with a speed of 270kmph which most is great to archive even for a car in that cost

Jim Hays says:

What’s with all the commercials!

smoothkaos2 says:

10:42 is it the real thing? Really? For real? The real thing?

Riyaz Khan says:


Mac Dee says:

Annoying video

Tim Taylor says:

Hire new writers. The show of emotion is ridiculously over the top.

starrrkey says:

The 747

TJ Quintino says:

Cringe voice over “aha”

Krishan Singh says:

Best of luck for you

Allen Smith says:

The birdbrained bimbo who narrated this video needs to find different work… What… Ever!

TOP HVD says:

Please subscribe my Chanel TOP HVD

Daniel Melendrez says:

Pffffffff I don’t need this crap

Menato Naruto says:

I want to buy that all helicopter I am from nepal in old belbari 4 sayapatri chok at mikeh limbu house do it fast I can’t wait

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