WLtoys V950 Brushless 3D RTF Helicopter – Full Review – [Unboxing, Flight/CRASH Test, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy my full and in-depth review of the WLtoys V950 3D Heli! Get it here https://goo.gl/hoz2h4 Spare parts here https://goo.gl/H1izhY

I fixed it easily after the hard upside down crash by just replacing the main small screw with one I had laying around the shop. Back up in the air and training on this great beginner 3D heli 🙂

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shawnomack45 says:

I bout one of these and the tail rotor would not work I was very disappointed

Sky Donkey says:

Great flight and Test Dustin …. I spent many years on RC helis ..inverted is the hardest thing to master here something to aim for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NWMl7w0wc0 advance to 3.29

Vijit chandna says:

When I think about checking something out I search it and the first video I see is yours , I know it’ll be good so I watch it and it gives me all info I need

Sudima says:

Is this a toy or hobby grade

RCModelPlane says:

very nice video

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

I`ll chime in these Wl Toys are not good copters at all They are GREAT for first timers, Learners and those wanting a good, durable copter that is forgiving, I use them Quick break or lunch flight I can not complain.

Pașca Alexandru says:

Everybody burps. Some hold championships about that.
That aside, could you consider defishing the videos? (correcting the ultra-wide angle lens distortion)

Turji's Ranch says:

U should have taken a pic of your wall of drones,heli,fixdwings and so on☺

TN RC says:

Dustin Dunnill, thanks for sharing! Great and informative video! May I ask how much it weighs ready to fly? On banggood it says 58.5g. Cannot believe it.

el xero says:

just wanna know if there is a version I could bind to my regular TX like a futaba airtronics frsky etc

Albert Wu says:

you are lucky got a workingone. Bandgood send me a refirbished oone claimed is new. No manu, off pitch, tail motor not functioning and loos pushrd. Customer services just keep apologize but no real action is done. I finally gave up andthrew the helicaptor away. never buy from them again!

The Life of John Ness says:

Is this comparable to the eflite blade 230s?

Nicholas Cann says:

The best, most articulate commentary and video I have ever watched. Excellent. Thank you.

eskimo joe says:

I have had the v912 4 channel for 2 years and it still flys great.I may upgrade to this one soon.Wl toys makes great helis and at a cheap price

Dustin Dunnill says:

Hey again everyone. I had to make the video private for a bit until I fixed that silly unedited 10 minutes of main gear replacement. All good now. Sorry you had to hear my burping and see my repetitive out takes. I’ll be more careful in the future. Aloha and enjoy the review 🙂

Paul Raye says:

I am waiting for mine in the mail any day now can hardly wait been watching a lot of vedios this one is buy far the best good job bro

فريد اسد الحوطي says:


randy cowles says:

I have flown a number of these type of helis but larger with out any stabilized mode and would have been shocked if it survived that crash. these things just don’t work that way 😉 fun though

Gadget Inspector says:

Ok I am intrigued…I’ve never flown a helicopter, but it looks like fun. That 3D is sick! I highly recommend finding a good simulator to get that muscle memory in conjunction with real life practice. I’ve used the same method for learning acro flying.

ladukishore rath says:

I just loved this video

d smooth says:

Good Job!!! Your at the same level i am with Helicopters. You stayed upside down a little bit longer than me though. But i learned somethings in this video.First gain more altitude before trying tricks and second , If you read the comment from Joshua C. He said 50% throttle point is your friend when you’re attempting tricks.Because it’s a mind thing. When you flip upside down you panic and forget everything is opposite. But if you keep it at 50% throttle when you flip.Then just worry about the left sticks. 3rd but should be first is Trim everything and watch if it is too windy to fly. I was thinking about buying a BNF. Because i the V977 and V931 both great helicopters and a little beat up right now. I hope you bought feathering shafts. That will throw the blades out of balance.Hope your flying 3D by now and Thanks For Sharing..

Land and Lore Photograph says:

I have a few of these, so much fun to fly and cheap to buy

Juno says:

Walkera Master CP reborn with brushless Motor.

James Torres says:

I want one .. I have a Tello but always wanted a helicopter

Paul Raye says:

Hey bro I got my helicopter v950 and I bent the main shaft any ideas on how to fix it please let me know

Mario García Fuentes says:

Will this fit on a 450 size fuselage

RCing in SC says:

” Look guys, I’m flying upside down” …( Translation) ” Look guys, I’m getting ready to eat dirt”. Lmao. Great vid. You actually did pretty good for your first time. Can’t beat the price for what you get. Great beginner heli with dual mode.
Also , I own 4 helis and they all sit on the shelf collecting dust now. Every time I flew, I was wondering what part(s) I would be ordering at the end of the day. Helis don’t crash gracefully !!!! So many moving parts unlike quads.

Crispy K says:

There’s one thing i just hate with all these RC helis and drones.

The yaw is on the same stick as you accelerate on. Which i’ve found to be really annoying sometimes since you either accidentally give it some yaw when accelerating or decelerating, or accelerate/decelerate while giving it some yaw left or right.

I’ve played a pc game called Arma 3, some sort of millitary simulator. I use a playstation 3 controller to play.

On the front you have 2 triggers, one left, one right.
Then you have 2 joysticks on top.

The 2 front triggers are used to accelerate, decelerate. (assigned to same axis so you can’t do both at the same time)

Left stick to yaw left and right.

Right stick for pitch front, back, and roll right and left.

It makes it so much more precise and easier to use since each separate logical function (up down, left right, pitch front back side to side) is on each their respective “button/axis”.

If i buy one of these one day, i hope i can figure out a way to use a ps3 or ps4 controller. Maybe mod it to add some switches to turn on 3d, alt hold etc…

Nice video and nice little heli 😉

Syed Fahad Saif says:

*rotors* 😀

Scott Davis says:

Enjoyed your video. One suggestion, always work over something that if you drop a small part, you can find it. I learned this through experience.

Vũ Nguyễn says:

I like helcopter v950

Joshua C. says:

Quick tip with these 3D capable helicopters.
The 50% throttle point is your friend when you’re attempting tricks.
When at 50%, the motor is running at full power, but you aren’t deflecting the rotors up or down.
This way it won’t shoot off away from you while you’re mid-trick. Make sure you restore power before you hit the ground!
This works whether you’re in “Acro” or “3D” modes.
You can think of it like Air Mode on your acro quad.

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