WLtoys V913 RC Helicopter – A REALISTIC Review – TheRcSaylors

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We are happy that we got our hands on the WLtoys V913 as many of our regular viewers have requested that we try normal RC Helicopters and not just a ton of Drones or Quadcopters. What most of you might not know is that one of the first RC vehicles on our channel was the V911, which is a regular little RC Heli. Now this one is MUCH bigger than the V911, but should fly relatively about the same. Nate and Abby both fly in this video, showing a realistic expectation as to how this could fly for you! Keep in mind, this will NOT fly like a quadcopter and should be approached much differently. The controls on the transmitter are the same, but as Abby learns today the vehicle itself behaves much differently in the air. Still very fun, just a little different!

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Gary Olson says:

Careful, easy to get ‘hooked’ 😉 As a long time r/c heli pilot in my experience nothing compares to a heli. It feels like you are literally in the cockpit due to the realism. I love my drones, but they don’t compare to the heli experience. Thanks for the video! Have fun guys!

James Breedlove says:

It’s actually an awesome helicopter too fly, I have one and I love it. It’s the same as the PROTOCOL COPTER, which I have too,

Mathieu Bissonnette-bigras says:

the top rate button makes the servos extend just a bit for moment that you need that extra tilt !!!

Micah Vincent says:

that sound is so much more appealing than that of any quad I’ve ever seen. those things sound annoying

rcmc59 says:

You are incorrect about the flybar. I can flip, roll, tic toc, loop, hover inverted etc, etc, etc with a fly bar heli. The servos move the swash plate not the flybar. The flybar is able to tilt separately from the mast and main rotor disk as it passes through the seesaw.

OMSILondonLad says:

One problem I have with ALL of these Rc Helis is that they cant deal with any wind, whereas with Drones, they can cope easily.

Luvtoflyhelis says:

Dang Abby you go girl, you did awesome, now make Nate get you a collective pitch heli and you can go really fast, take care guys

James Breedlove says:

I bent my fly bar and then I changed the tail piece to a carbon piece from my bow and arrow, so now I have no worries for bending my tail piece

Ronnie Boardman says:

I’ve had this for a number of years , it’s a lot of fun but a little underpowered with the brushed motor that it comes with it. I bought the brushless motor kit and installed it , now we’re talking it gives it the extra power that you want , it’s worth the 40 bucks i paid for the kit.

basiljun808 says:

Good pilot! Now try the goblin.

Thijs Hermelink says:

Nice a Helicopter. i do remember the v911 video you guys did. I started with the v911 and i would almost say its unbreakable. I did not have to change any parts on it and have crashed it allot. Its actually a good helicopter to start with. Its cheap, doesnt hard to destory almost and it gives you 4 channel experience. V911 is light and small though, so not great for outside, but possible. All these things count for the v913 aswell. Except its in reverse to outside/inside flight.

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

V911-2 and PRO finally then I added V977 brushless flybarless 6 channel….However flybar strike does happen and the explanation of which you did was OUTSTANDING. Yes new pilots fly bar does help out seasoned eh it can be a hazard.

JeffFrmJoisey says:

I’m impressed how much this looks like the actual mechanism a helicopter would have, swash plate, etc. I wonder how it would fly if you shortened the flight bar?

Keith Lucas says:

Great job guys, be aware of the EU regs on transmitter are 25mw, whereas the US is 200mw. My first copters were the dual rotors 3.5 channel ones. I then got a couple of used Align T-Rex 450 collective pitch ones and spent more time programming, adjusting and fixing them than flying. Now they just sit on a shelf next to a newly built E-Flight 550 which I stripped a gear when landing. I do fly the 130 size E-Flite and my CPX which are out of the box ready to BNF, and they do it well. My 130 is pimped out with the Lynx 150 kit and is carbon and aluminum. The aftermarket parts for some of these RC airplanes, helicopters​ and vehicles are crazy awesome and make a difference in the handling. Good luck with that and have fun.

Copterdude says:

Yeah, that is a very heavy flybar…maybe try taking off the weights, and add some lighter weights…that would lessen the gyroscopic effect created, and the pendulum effect would be less pronounced…furthermore, the aircraft would be able to accelerate quicker, and go faster.

bushpilot2001 says:

She sound’s like she know’s heli’s.

cahaps says:

I used to fly heli but after flying quads and planes I can’t go back

Fred Houseal says:

Hey guys the button on the top right is like a turbo button for you hi and low rates, myself I just add a toggle switch down below it in the front connected right to the button , this way you won’t have to hold it , the button will still work, I did this to my v915 transmitter , has the same set up , glad to see this 913 is built better than the 915 , I like the looks of it , and it flights great , but don’t look at it wrong , love you guys

ufoengines says:


Steve Fox says:

The v913 is like a lumbering giant in the air, its unresponsive and only good for hover and very gentle forward flight, try to push it any harder and the overweight flybar will pull it over and you will crash.
the smaller v912 is a much faster and much more responsive heli but please please make sure you buy the brushless version, the motors that wltoys put in the brushed versions are not fit for purpose and burn out after only a couple of flights and im not exaggerating.
i own both the 912 and the 913 and i never fly the 913, to put it bluntly, its crap!
if you know how, i also highly recommend throwing away the stock electronics , put a aftermarket receiver in, a aftermarket gyro and convert the tail to brushless too, the 1804 motor is the size you need

Jan RA says:

Flybar with weighs are rubbish. Flybar without weights works but are old school.
Get a proper heli with 3 axel gyro.
This is not a great heli for beginners, dont say it is.

TheRcSaylors says:

Check this Heli Out Here – https://goo.gl/5HKfex

Sunspot says:

Abby – don’t feel bad about crashing – I’m almost as good a pilot as Nate, but I flew three Flite Test Planes today – the first one I somehow augured in, needs some repair…the second one the motor fell off, and the third one I put in a tree. Tall tree. It’s still there… so it happens… I did decide to take the rest of the day off from flying, though, lol…

Richie5903 says:

Love what it says on the blades … ” Do not fly with borken or damaged “

Thomas Moore says:

I had (using the past tense here) this Heli, but first flight I hung it in a tree and before I could throttle down i had rounded out the main gear 🙁 .

nodozz2 says:

I can’t fly these for s#*t hoping to have better luck with the quads…

Mike M says:

I have one of those.. Abby, you didn’t do anything wrong. The flybar is weird, and it’ll keep counteracting your control inputs if you don’t level off your controls after a while. If you get it going too quick, the stupid flybar hits the canpoy too. Hah. You’ve got to fly it super gently.

gary tan says:

6 channel helicopter pls. I wanna see if u are able to control it.. and does it feels the same as a quad

Randy Hayes says:

Awesome video!! both of you flew it very good. They are really fun to fly in a park, or when you have two or more flying around together at the same time. And props to Abby on knowing that is was called the flybar! awesome!! And Nate, I’m sure that you and Abby would love a flybarless helicopter. maybe you could look into one. But either way, great flying…both of you. Always enjoy watching your videos. Till the next one. *Happy Flying*. Randy Houston,Tx

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