WLtoys V912 RC Helicopter – Perfect Day To Fly

Buy one here: https://goo.gl/XCHhbN


Nariman Asgharian says:

How do you charge your helicopter out in the field where there is no AC 220V Socket? This is one of the problems that stops me from buying one!

degasE1 says:

How long of flights do you get with the V912? I have a V913 and I am lucky to get 4-5 minutes. BTW, nice flying. Do you know if you can get the V912 in brushless motors version?

Agus Huang says:


Claude Cooper says:

i can’t fly mine for shit, what do u recommend?

Clement Limuel says:

Which is better v912 or v913

Don toth says:

these are surprisingly great heli’s.. Very stable, tough and quick for $70.. I was extremely surprised

K V says:

Nice flying! Looks like another fine helicopter. It is nice to see that there are more and more choices these days

Bass Kingdom says:

Do you think it’s comparable to the Protocol Predator sb?

Jack Skyforce says:

Very fast Flight!
I have the Helikopter too its Great! 🙂

Steve A says:

Anyone know what the outside diameter of the tail boom is on this helicopter?? Thanks for the help!!

David Rivero says:

3:40 it pissed off a raptor. lol Nice flight & im & prob. getting one. Bigger, and better transmitter to bind a 911v.

Robin j Barner says:

I real enjoy you videos , this is robin just got a aligne T. rex 500L I’d like to ask you some questions about it , I saw yours can you call me at 469-569-0397 Dallas Texas

mike81156 says:

Looks like this video is a couple of years old. I like the video and just ordered a V912 and V913. Thanks dude, keep em flyin!!

Malik Rehan Nawaz says:

buy price bhe please rate pta do

sdssteward says:

20 inch in length, correct?

vandamn jaunclode says:

man just today i receive this heli i was suprise what piece junk i receive the 2 upper bottom doesnt do anything

Heli Freak says:

I bought the V912 3 weeks ago, awesome heli, heaps of power and really fun to fly,…but…. I have flown it 5 times and now the main motor is burnt out.. Lucky for me the distributor is going to send me a new motor for free. I cant believe the motors burn out so fast. I have an Esky Hunter and have flown it for about 6 years, probably put over 100 hours on it, and I have just replaced one of the motors. So now I am waiting for the V912 Brushless version to arrive that I bought 2 days ago….hopefully the brushless version will last , I know the tail motor wont last long, but you can buy them for around $15 and replace in 5 mins…fingers crossed.

Totalny Śmietz says:

May I use it as a beginner? Or is it too “advanced” model?

TourdeFrance20131 says:

It looks really good. flies fast also. And it seems to be very accurate.

The sound of the rotor blades is awesome.

Can you try a larger capacity battery to extend the flight time?

IbtiX Gaming says:

Was flying it casually and the wind pushes it into a tree and it falls down but no damage

Top ten world says:

Is this brushless

Dinesh Munjal says:

bro helicopter flying time please reply

James Williams says:

One of the best mid sized fixed pitch…then and now.

Driver 21 says:

How long have you flown it without replacing the motor?

Ashley McGovern says:

Just ordered one of these after a mishap with an Esky F300 & no parts in stock. I’ll get my fix in while waiting on spare parts to come in. I was always weary of the WLtoys brand name, making adult hobby items like helis. I think they would probably sell much more (to adults) if they changed the name or made the identical products under different name like many Chinese companies do. It looks here like one you can really fly about the field like a plane instead of just hovering about in front of you, which is great. The controller also looks good, & if I can’t bind my own, a decent one is a bonus. If I like it I might pick up the bigger V913.

early culyer says:

Where can I find one for about 50 bucks? With transmitter?

John Wedrall says:

I like the low fly by too ! 🙂

Raphi xD says:

how much km/h ishe flying?

Fred Houseal says:

No such thing as luck when flying these helicopters my brother, you did great , and love the farm

Kanari Mentos says:

good job

Ashraf Soliman FADL says:

Where can I get spare parts from

Rui Chaves says:

dentro de helis baratos ate 50,, 60 euros , este 4ch deve de ser ainda uma das melhores opçoes, de destacar tbm o fx 071 , ambos devem de ser : the best helis 4ch

RC McTool says:

Hey Todd,

By any chance do you own a WLtoys V913…???


EMIP TV says:

Thanks, you didnt hover it much though

sawajiri100 says:

Great pilot nice landing 🙂

8 awesome Kids says:

Hi my brushless version does not turn right while flying forward. Any thoughts?
I have already changed the tail motor but no better.

Brayan GonzalezGonzalez says:

en amazon lo conpraste

Todd Simmons says:

hey the rc element is their a brushless version of this heli?

eskimo joe says:

I have this rc heli and it’s very durable and great.Just run the stock 850 mah battery and don’t get suckered into buying the 1000 mah upgraded battery.weighs the heli down way too much and makes it unstable.

Ahmad Arif Husni Abadi says:

perfect landing… ur good at it

Josh the Linguistic Vegan says:

I got mine in Malaysia for €45

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