WLtoys V911S 2.4G 4CH 6-Aixs Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter RTF

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Learn to fly RC Helicopters with this extra durable, Flybarless, very beginner friendly Mini Electric RC Helicopter. WLtoys V911S is designed for beginners to learn to fly. Its a very durable RC Helicopter. Fly without worries of crashing and breaking. Polish your skills and move on to bigger better helicopters. WLtoys V911S offers two flight modes, and extra stable flight using its 6 axis gyro system. With its FBL main rotor head you can even fly it on windy days without worrying about handling issues. With a small 3.7v battery, V911S offers plenty of flight times for you to fly and have fun with your helicopter. Its coming highly recommended if you like to get into RC helicopter flying and learn to fly RC Helicopters without spending money on more expensive units or Flight simulators. Learning to fly with a real thing is much more effective compared to flight simulators. Enjoy the video.

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Jen shian lee says:

This is just a v930 with new look …..

Desas Desus Chanel says:

Nice mini helli

JC says:

I have been watching your videos for long time. Today I do not have a question about your review, but about your footage technique. Can you explain how you film your videos? Do you use an action cam or the smartphone? Where do you attach it? On your forehead or your chest? Thanks.

Александр Корсаков says:

Привет, вертолет хороший, стоит его брать?

Dragon Tan says:

Hi i just got mine last week, after tested and i felt mine not stable as yours, please advice, do i need to set the trimming as well? It keep want to go left and rear

Frank L says:

Guess the main motor is brushed type. Thx

bushpilot2001 says:

DUDE what the HELL?????? You did not answer E-mail 4 years ago! Wanted to buy the giant quadcopter!! Will you answer me now?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

asoy geboy says:

How much

Rsv sathwik pandu says:


HL says:

Did the landing skids break? That’s the only thing that would break..

Frank L says:

Is it better than v912? Thanks

flyingbuddy says:

How does this compare to the v930?

David Rivero says:

Nice, but i pulled the trigger on the v930 being brushless. Still, want the new flybarless v911 for comparisons purposes to the old ones. Naaa, just want one. lol Enjoyed all your videos , now subscribed & glad to know im not alone, talking nicely to your heli.

EnglishTurbines says:

Great location for FPV….and no spoilers to stop you…The Mini Talon footage would have been more interesting though.

Muhammad Imran says:

Is this brushless ?

Keril Azred says:

So this v911 new version


Good jooobbb

Crypto Colax says:

God damn it, a RTF 4CH RC Heli for as little as 40 bucks. China, give me a fucking break, lol!

Rene Luiz says:

Olá,sabe me dizer se o controle do v911 primeiro modelo,funciona nesse v911s ?

Zec Sabbath says:

responda ao povo, chines ….

soliton melaka says:

hi ali I want to ask if tx v911s is the same as tx v911v.1 / pro / comander / or different

Akshay Bali says:

Nice bro

Heri Rz Junior says:

Nice Ali, i just wondering will it be bind with all wltoys tx? Becouse i have one in my home but its from wltoys plane..

Keith Whisman says:

Great video! I think this heli is better than the Blade 70S simply because you don’t have to remove the canopy to replace the flight battery. My oldest boy wants the Blade 70S but I think I’m getting him a 911S. Thanks for the awesome video again. What country are you in now? Is that China?

Michael Smith says:

Great job. Enjoyed this video!!!! Thank you!!!

Inu Priyadi says:

Nice Sir

eclampsie says:

i am french and i really love you channel!could u make a video how to build li ion battery pack for plane

Ayenz fpv says:


W.G. Brown says:


JR B says:

Love your videos.

hawk300 says:

Hi Brother Ali, this is Abid with you from UAE. Contact me when you available.

Garry Kennedy says:

39 bucks shipped? WOW!!!! that is amazing!! Love the ending. LOL

waddac2 says:

Great video as always buddy… Well with you having lots of new toys and new ones for NEWBS… Would you consider sending me this copter to try. I can pay if needed

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