Wi-Fli RC Helicopter Review. Fly With iPhone or Android

http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we look at the Wi-Fli Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts. This is a remote controlled helicopter with a twist. Instead of a remote control, you use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to fly the helicopter. Read the full review over at http://www.DadDoes.Com


travster141 says:

just returned mine an hour ago not because it broke or anything. just DONT get it for the iPhone .since the screen is smaller then the ipad the up and down is touchy.i recomand it only for i pads and tablets not PHONES!!!!!!!

Matthew Di Flumeri says:

Mine broke after the first crash… fail.

John Forgarty says:

I saw this at target for $50 is that simply a price reduction? And is it easy to fly for kids?

Ping Tang Lee says:

Hi all, i wish to purchase one of those iphone/andriod helicopter but many of the hobby outlet in singapore are not selling.

1) Which types/model of mini helicopter can use on samsung galaxy S2 phone?
2) Which outlet in singapore is selling?
3) What is the price for those helicopter?
4) Can i-helicopter andriod software use on Samsung galaxy S2 phone?

Lakerguy1000 says:

That is AWESOME!! I’ve always been thinking about that. It’s really amazing how technology gets better and better. Thanks for sharing!! BTW where did you buy this and how much is it. I don’t see it in the California.

Lakerguy1000 says:

Oh ok!! Thanks

Ladonna Sofranko says:

49$ target 12/23

Quan Cfc says:

how far can it fly, sir?

TheRealist888 says:

does the audio jack transmitter work on all android smartphones? Like Galaxy W (8150) for instance?

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

@Lakerguy1000 Hi, Thanks! The Wi-Fli should be hitting Target and Radio Shack this week. I see it is also on Amazon now as well. It sells for about $80

leftygus says:

I have tried flying the helicopter using both a IPod Touch and an Android phone. The helicopter responds but does not get off the ground. Any thoughts on what might be wrong?


what is the name of the app

Mouadh Bourezg says:


Facundo Alderete says:

Got mine for $20 at Marshals!! xD

Leon Lam says:

Just been offered some cheap “cropper controlled by android or iso” from a manufacturer in China’s Guangdong Province. Let me know if you want it.ejgroupleon@gmail.com

Cj Venter says:

why does the helicopter need 3 sets of blades for lift? a normal helicopter weighs 1000X what this weighs and only uses two blades. back to the design board please, it doesn’t look like a helicopter that i would want to own.

Kevys Rc & Music says:

a few points id like to make first of the intercepter 052 is the exact same heli just has a radio controler instead, 2ndly the 052 will out perform as you can go inbetween forward and left or right and the same in reverse so you lose some access on this one as ihave just seen ,3rdly the 052 intercepter is alot cheaper why pay more for less if you get the meaning..

thekorgboy98 says:

Not really, i got mine at target for 40 bucks

TreBpro says:

The app is called wi-fli controller

arley castañeda says:

Please have the apk for the 604w-b helicopter

fons .R says:

Bought mine on eBay (25€)


i am in bahrain.how can i buy this toy?

Iceman2376 says:

I just have a question, I bought my dad one of these awhile back ago (for the kid in him) and all the copter does is spin in a circle, and it will not gain any altitude. Is there anyway you can help me out with this problem? Thanks for any advice.

Alejandro Parra says:

@leftygus hey i almost have the same problem and me and my dad are trying to figure out why the helicopter respond but doesn’t fly and its fully charged and everything. Plz help me I really want to fly me helicopter

JacksonMN says:

how much weight can it pick up?

basher dawood says:

dear santa…

fons .R says:

THE i- helicopter is only for iPod and so but Same like these THE landing geer often breaks

Joanne Goulet says:

Can’t find the app

87satnam says:

What app

stoopidvideo says:

@SuperMeatBoy1111 the ihelicopter works for android too

Mason Daniels says:

What is the app???

Drexious says:

My whole heli was messed up
The gears got stuck on each other
The charger couldnt make a good connection either

Dion Gosalci says:

How can i connect my plane

Bob Hood says:

I just recently got this and it’s great. I’ve flown it about 7 times and I only have 1 issue. What happens is that occasionally I will lose the wifi connection and I won’t be able to control the heli, but the heli keeps accelerating and rises up and out of control because I think the throttle is stuck in a high position when the wifi message comes up. I have zero control when this happens and it will eventually plummet to the ground. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Nicky Shadow says:

your helicopter is so stable. Pro!

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