Whirly Ball Review, PLUS Rocket Copters!

Whirly Ball is an infrared LED flying ball. Here is my review, plus a look at Rocket Copters. Both are LED flying toys. Which one is better?

Freakin’ Reviews, Maui Week continues!

Here’s a short update, 4 minutes into this video: https://youtu.be/Wbmb4bGYYXo

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Random Thinker says:


MauroSergio13 says:

Dangerous toy, should come with helmet and face protector not to buy this for a child!

Mike McDonald says:

I honestly had to go with Whirly ball,and I would like to see a helocopter vid:)

LIL X says:

my bro just got a whirly bal today

DarKnightKilla13 says:

My girlfriend and I have the Rocket Copters… trust me on this, take the wings off them and then shoot them. Still get a sound and they go flying upwards of 50-100 yards further and triple the height you saw here. Sorry it’s a late comment, new to your channel… great vids by the way!

candi 1152 says:

I bought one of these for my kids and it caught on fire first time we plugged it in

Chillwalker Official youtube Channel says:

For all the autistic kids without any friends? Lol

BFFL girls says:


s. k vlogs says:

please giveaway

shay cade says:


TheLiberalMachine says:

Is that your backyard? The trees I would plant….

Josh eashappie says:

Put some tape on the sensor and watch it fly away lol

Diana Avina says:

I bought whirly ball a year or so ago…I agree it is fun inside and better than the rocket copters.. Haven’t used outside yet.. Thank you for your fun reviews!

Judy's Rose says:

It could be used as a Snitch for a game of indoor Quidditch.

brittany amos says:

I’m playing verydice and you should too! Use my Friend Code: 1964306

Paula David says:

I have both the Whirly Ball and Rocket Copters and I totally agree that the Whirley Ball is a way better toy, although my dog doesn’t think so. She hates it!!!!!!

Chamara Lakmal says:

I got a ball like this and i tried to fly it in the dark and outside. It worked properly few times and suddenly it flied up and probably 40 feet high and flied away arround 1 KM and missing. It was amazing . I could not find after that. So, Be careful guys flying this out side

Charlie Sofair says:

This is a truly amazing toy. A must see. You can buy it here at my Smartlinks shop


for the cheapest price on the internet

David Cool says:

The Whirly Ball is an agent of the god of Chaos.

Tom Henehan says:

Rocket Copters is my favorite

jeffrey roman says:

what state is that property in

ladybushranger #2 says:

I suppose you could call it exercise chasing the Whirly ball, at least exercising sounds grownup

Wheresmy240 says:

I’ve had a version of the rocket copters and mine flew really really high. I’m not sure if they were the “as seen on tv” brand but they were fun.

Andrei-Alexandru Burceag says:

i think you should get a job and meet a woman 🙂

(Odd-Moss) says:

The flying ball is the perfect cat toy

Edwin C. Taliaferro says:

I’ve gotten those rocket copters pretty high in the air and the whistle sound is cool when you get a clean shot in the air. My son is all about them.

BFFL girls says:

*whisky ball

Tyrexecutor says:

I have one and it’s amazing

BFFL girls says:

I have a RC and a whisky copter

speedy chic29 says:

My grandmother just got the WhirlyBall yesterday for me and we did not know it did not just float in your hand you had to move around well I’m not able to move around because I am actually physically handicapped and I have to sit in one spot which is kind of a bummer but it is pretty cool at the same time you know

LamborghiniReven1000 says:

Where did you stay? It looks amazing!

NIc K says:

Whirly ball will give your kid free eye surgery too

Bret Bare says:

I use my wrist rocket with the rockets. gets them way up there.

Arron Umberger says:

Whirly Ball and other infrared flying toys are meant to be used when it’s kind of dark outside. Bright sunlight affects their performance and makes them behave strangely, hence why they seem to work better indoors.

The Real Macaw says:

Omg, James! Hahaha this was a great video! Whirly Ball with Hot Hands!

Mohd. Arsh says:



I just got one from the riverchase galleria XD. Mine light up tooo

C Cat says:

Whirrly ball is very good just hard to control at first then it is quite easy and you can sort of play catch with it

randall bollinger says:

Whirly ball at night… ufo….

Andrew Hunt says:

I cringed when it got close to the TV

Afrocanuk says:

This looks like stuff pre-teen girls would be playing with.


Ball drone whirly ball or whatever you call it hand drone it wins and I love it it a good drone at all.

Regards:alamdar naqvi

Danny Molin says:

whirly ball should not be used outside

Jahangir Ansari says:


Dilip Kumar says:


GlitterRainbowUnicorn Galaxy rainbow magic cat says:

I just got done playing with my whirly ball.my cousin, well let’s just say he let it go, outside, and it flew off and we never seen it again! it was hilarious

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