What RC helicopter should I buy? StupidFastRC

Buying your first remote control helicopter?

Better have a look at this! Giant Helicopters to beginners.

A how to and what to buy!


Thanks to Dave at Marty’s Toys U 3/ 352 South St O’Connor WA 6163 #RC #RCcars #remotecontrolcars

Check out this video about “Hydroplaning a Traxxas E-Revo on a Lake”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_6c0sxpwcc
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Mic Cen says:

Bull shit I learn on a 500 with fly bar and flight simulator more stable then any helicopter out there the consumers. Want you to buy those other heli to make profit

J N says:

Mine is a yihoo uj 365 and it is the same size as the blue one and on this video it looks so small compared to the huge one

Bill Boentges says:

over priced

Multirotor Go says:

Oh there was helicopters in this videos? ups for some reason I didn’t saw any LOL OMG but I definitely want one like this, I need a ticket to paradise

Alex Smith says:

Also what is the name of the 2000 dollar one

Stupid Fast RC says:

Yes they were recorded on the same day, but we figured different topic = different video? Anyway yes the count is low I need more subscribers!! Thanks for watching and commenting!

Anis KHOURY says:

Actually I would buy your background plenty of traxxas products

RC McTool says:

OUCH….RC stuff is Expensive in the UK…… Tell Queen Mother to sell the crown jewels…. 8^)))

Xavier Roberts says:

Quadcopters killed RC helicopters

Macca Macca says:

Try not asking the same questions twice, little tip for interviewing.

Austin Meaux says:

What is the name of the helicopter that cost about $150

spencer balcerzak says:

What is the big red one called

Tyler Ellerbrock says:

why do you keep skipping the fucking blade, its probably the best brand you have there

Don Locke says:

Why a female?

Alex Smith says:

Please answer!! Where could I buy one of those 2000 dollar ones??

Stephen Kerr says:
150peacemaker says:

she is gorgeous

Dommi Davros says:

Finally a review where someone knows what they’re talking about! I wish there was a shop like this here in Recife (Brazil)! Thanks for posting this video

MrBallPython says:

I’ve flown tons of heli’s with flight bars and want to move up to a 3D heli but can’t find any under $100. Like I’m fine with paying up to $200 but would rather not.

Mic Cen says:

And I learned 500 and crashed a year ago twice and never after that. But crashing is good that’s how u learn to fix your own heli hobby stores charge arm and a leg to fix them for you

Gary Vale says:

I have a sim and have been trying to decide what model heli to get first….I can now sport fly fairly well on the sim and notice the larger helis are easier to fly than the smaller models, but obviously the cost for a 100–450 size is a big factor in my decision….does anyone have a recommendation for any other RTF CP models ( up to a 450 size ) for a beginner like me…thanks

Mark Heligods says:

.com Some nice helicopters there.  Well done.

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