Walkera Genius CP 6ch Flybarless RC Helicopter Review

Genius CP – http://www.xheli.com/walkeraheli-geniuscp-readytobind.html
Genius CP Devo-7 Edition – http://www.xheli.com/walkeraheli-geniuscp-devo7-rtf-24g.html

Genius CP is the smallest and lightest six-channel model helicopter in the world. It features 200mm in length, 80mm in height, and 35grams in weight.? It can do 3D flying and aerobatics without concern, as it is powerful and durable thanks to the crash resistant frame. With its cutting edge and beautiful modern designs, Genius CP captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the sky.?

Genius CP is pre-installed with a brushed Main Motor and 3 sub micro servos. It also comes equipped with a 6-axis gyro for precise, stable, and smooth flying. This impressive RC helicopter is perfect for beginners and advance pilots, as it is highly sturdy and suitable for both indoor/outdoor flying.

Walkera is well known in designing and manufacturing remote control helicopters, and supplied them in the highest quality at competitive prices. Once again Walkera have raised the bars and delivered us a stunning product, get one now before they all fly off the shelves!


xhelicopter says:

This helicopter is geared more toward intermediate to advance fliers.

Ignyte says:

And yet, No Pay Pal…

WeMaModellsport says:

I can fly my 4ch. helicopter perfect.
So can I buy that one?

xhelicopter says:

@Alec Brown if the wires are still long enough you can probably twist or solder them back on. If not you might have to replace the entire tail motor

rapkabi says:

I just bought this for £105.9 is that a good price? Thanks in advance!



Randy Rogers says:

ok i got my new servos on so how do i adjust my head speed and make my swash plate level all my servo wire are set correctly and nothing is broken these are all new parts and i am getting so tired of trying to fix this heli about to just give it away with new parts please can you guys post a video on how to repair these helis thanks

mayantribe bx says:

@rcmaniac098202 yup

Jonathan Roy says:

I approve

jake jarvis says:

what size is the Apache behind you and where do i get one.

xhelicopter says:

What is your order number for the helicopter?

xhelicopter says:

The Apache in the background is a fuselage for a 450 sized helicopter.

ricardopr54 says:

I also own an MJX F-45 4 channel heli, and that one is By far the best heli in my fleet. That heli is incredibly sturdy and durable…I have a belt cp and can’t stop it from spinning, and my latest was the v400d02, and had been on the repair table more than in the air. I can believe such a nice heli ended up being so crappy…

Edwin Corneli says:

Still.. Good review!

ricardopr54 says:

I got a Walkera v400d02 and so far I haven’t been able to fly it decently. I had crash it 3 times just starting to take off and every time the blades make contact with the ground the servos brake. I’m wondering if this heli also have the same poor quality plastic servos. It’s lamentable that such a nice heli (the v400d02) ended up being so fragile. I was thinking on getting another heli, but now I don’t know witch one should I get.

Ikey Benzaken says:

I’m a beginner pilot (came from 2-3ch to 6ch mini cp) I noticed this too! When I flipped it I first went full positive and right to full negative once it was inverted. The thing the hit the floor, I had the motor slow down but I didn’t know why. Thanks for the tip, when it gets back from repair ill try it out… Great review

HarpinHank Hogan says:

Way Cool – maybe some day I’ll work up to that one.   Would be cool if it had a video camera like my new S977 –  Happy New Year & Greetings from Arkansas

Emerson Baseleres says:

Where can this be bought?

warmfreeze says:

Will this bind with a spektrum TX?

Julian Joven says:

i prefer the mini cp more

Garrett Cayer says:

your right but this has the awesomer looks over the mcp x the mcpx has a horrible paint scheme

xhelicopter says:

Yes you can fly it outdoors if there is slight winds.

TheWeasle12 says:

Make 3 different modes like have it on beginner mode where you only have 3ch cause I know that no one wants to buy 10 different helicopters that will suit them

xhelicopter says:

The BNF version of the Walkera CP won’t work with the DX6i, Walkera receivers will only work with Walkera transmitters.

ေပၚ စ says:

I want to work there, I interested in it so much

RC Helicopter says:

Hi, don’t hesitate to watch my rc helicopter review too…

Gil Rocha says:

Talking too much but cool helicopter

TheBeatSmith says:

Tony…..You DA Man…..I just ordered the CP and FP version…..

Randy Rogers says:

my heli dfit to the left all the time how can i fix this

Regsony says:

EI VOCÊ É JET LEE???????????

jake jarvis says:

i got that but what 450 would it fit? like a trex or mini titan. anyway its a real nice scale fuse man.

Anish aa says:

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Randy Rogers says:

hey xheli randy here i got this in on friday and the motor burned out on me how can i get a new motor they are out of stock

Radeon_ 2000 says:

Hey cool vid I now own one of them but the wires for my tail rotor to spin have snapped and now I have no tail rotor I don’t know what to do so could u please help

Hoàng Thịnh Hồ says:

how much is it

Brendt Van Gansbeke says:

this is boelschit

xhelicopter says:

The fuselage is for the Trex 450, it’ll require a bit of modification for it to fit the Mini Titan.

mayantribe bx says:

@xhelicopter hmmmm

Randy Rogers says:

My genuis cp board fet burned out can I send for repair at xheli or should I get a new board

No Ri Ru says:

Hi ! Which model (3d) mini is the best 4 begginers – durability,battery life etc… ?!?
Tx !

rcmaniac098202 says:

Upside down uses close to max cyclic for the flip. Learn on a simulator, such as Phoenix 3 or Realflight. It’ll help a lot.

xhelicopter says:

Check your swash plate and see if it’s level.

Simster says:

PLEASE do a review on the super cp

WeMaModellsport says:

can I fly it outdoor?

Azwan Aziz says:

I have Walkera Genius CP with DEVO7
I not yet clever to fly
DEVO7 already modified, I do not know how to provide normal again
How to provide DEVO7 with normal circumstances?
My guide book lost
Please help me

Edison Escobar says:

how much is one helicopter ?

xhelicopter says:

No some of the radios are on a proprietary system so it’ll only bind with receivers of the same brand, in this case no this transmitter won’t bind with other companies receivers. So for example it won’t work with Spektrum receivers.

RcLlamadude says:

no. no they can’t.


Cool men

TexasGunGuy88 says:

Kttlhyfytttttghgttyhyjh. H j n in

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