V911 Review – 2.4Ghz Mini 4 Channel RC Helicopter – Indoor/ Outdoor

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We bring you the 2.4Ghz V911 Mini 4 Channel RC Indoor/ Outdoor Helicopter for our review and opinions of the good and the bad. TheRcSaylors hope that by watching this video, and all of our videos, you enjoy your time here and maybe learn a thing or two, bringing you that much closer to your important decision of which RC vehicle is best for you!

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Some V911 Specs:
2.4Ghz Transmitter (Controller)
2×3.7V 120 Mah Li-Poly Batteries
Charger (USB Cable)
Extra Rotor Blades (The main propellers)
Size of Copter:
Length – 223mm
Height – 81mm
Rotor Diameter – 189mm
Flight Duration ~ 5-7 Minutes
Charging Time ~ 45 – 60 Minutes
Range – 50 – 80 meters

Music – “Tmare & Shuhandz – R.A.W. (Original Mix)” by WompWorthy.com™ is licensed under a Creative Commons License
“Olux – Risky Dink” by WompWorthy.com™ is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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Ꭰꪝ༒ᎠuuZK༒ says:

Good introduction

heng ramet says:

My V911 keep on moving to the left when take off, could u tell me how to fix this problem? Hope u can post another video related to this issue!

Naveenan Perumal says:

Hi.. I would like to go for a beginner model. I am pretty much impressed with the single rotor ones compared to the coaxial ones. What is difference between the V 911 and the V911 pro version. Also I have compared this with the Syma f3. Both seems to be similar.. Which one would you recommend.?

testament42192 says:

wobble issue on mine

Marcel Terry says:

You 2 make a nice couple

nothing says:

ordered this with 5 batteries and they are all dead. didn’t last 10 cycles. pure garbage. it seems all these rc toys are garbage. either the toy is garbage or the batteries or both. been thinking about buying the v977 but, after all the wonderful experiences I have had I decided not to waste any more money in this crap.
by the way, the v911 transmitter eats batteries like there is no tomorrow.

Dennison DeNatalie says:

I bought one of those and it was horrible. I took it apart and built an RC boat. I

pendu jatt says:

it breaks easy didnt like i think its a waste of money spend a little more for bigger one

Da Kina says:

got mine last year fun little copter for an inside flyer not worth much outside at least on a breezy day.

Tobi Lang says:

nice Copter!

James Piccone says:

$22 bucks currently eBay.

Route 66 Flyer says:

What a difference a few (3 and a half) years make. LOL You kids really have come a long way.

*Dance the Skies*

Zena RC and FPV says:

Loved watching this video, stumbled across this today and was like whoa! Its you guys but younger! 2013 epic! Hope to be entertained by You Nate, Abby anc also poppey for many more years to come! Martin

Unix Nerd says:

This is my favourite video because it got me interested in helis. 🙂

Connor Whitman says:

i paid $38 for mine plus free shipping

Yash Veer says:

when i saw the jjrc h11c review it was awesome i was guna buy the v911 for about 30 dolars w/ shipping then i saw the h11c was amazed and bought it right away did not learn too much about it i also wanted to buy the UDI U818A on amazon but it didnt ship to my country (mauritius) i looked the quadcopter on ebay the price was about 100 dollars which was waay over my budget and you must be saying a 100 dolars is really a little amount of money wel in my country no my curency is too low sadly

Sean Weeks says:

I bought a “Propel Speed Star 2.0” from The Source for about $100. I think the frame and controller is identical to this one, but the body looks like a real helicopter (not just a cone shape).

This is hands-down the best RC helicopter I have player with. The control is incredible – with about an hour total of experience I am able to fly this throughout our house – going in and out of rooms – up and down stairways – and swoop around at high speeds. Super cool!

javon Henderson says:

father god and Jesus loves us

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

i got the v913 the very first time I flew it after uograding to all brushless motors it lost control and flew up into a 60 foot pine tree. I have retreived it using a mini crossbow and fishline. i ordered a new receiver board but have decided to buy the v 911 and just sell the 913. it is too big and powerful. i am afraid of it killing me.lol.

Heartless says:

+TheRcSaylors, what software do you two use for editing your videos? I have uploaded a few raw footages from some of my RC experiences but they need editing!

early culyer says:

I only subscribed because of Abby Click bait lol

Tomer Asado says:

My second v911 stopped working (the “pro” version). In both cases the tail rotor died. O. K, it flies great, but also it lasts 2 months. Does’nt worth it. I wont seat and weld new motor. I dont have the skills. Bommer.

Narwadi 45 says:


Markus Nay says:

can you show one about the iron 3 g620 helicopter

Will Havens says:


Brian Ngo says:

you can now get it for about 35 bucks on banggood.com

sc1212able says:

cool little copter, really good video and editing job

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