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Flying RC helicopters is fun- when they spray water that is even more fun! The V319- http://epicreviewguys.com/V319 is an inexpensive remote control helicopter that has a water tank and a switch on the remote that lets you spray a stream of water up to six feet.

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ooGOLDYoo IMVU says:

i have one, and have a question (I didnt get instructions as is second hand) What does the right hand button on the back of the control do, the one opposite the water jet button ??? anyone know? it doesn’t seem to do anything, unless im missing it.

xxk4rilsxx says:

I’ve owned 4 of these they are my favorite they have good power and maneuverability and durability . I was wondering what would be something nice to upgrade to? I know their has to be something better these days that are mini and modern

BigD Jr says:

Man you must spend A fortune on R/C Helicopters! Great review. 

Lukas Thoel says:

I have this in blue, warning: if in high wind areas, don’t fly outside.

plum413 says:

Liked video

Linah Samman says:

3rd comment

Liaqat Shah says:

its sick

Adam Thomas says:

“anyone with a 3 digit IQ can fly one of these.” proceeds to almost chop pupil with rotors and then hits wall.  Still a great review thanks!

Mary&Maya Vlogs says:

Cool helicopter….how much does it cost?


Thats indoor smokers guy 😀

nicki ruby says:

Like the review, and Chris your hot! Lol

Canoon Canoon II says:

LOL…this lame toy makes you feel like a kid.

lacey javen 1234 says:

1st comment

Savannah Hummel says:

Second comment

Amparo Lopez says:


Joseph Capone says:

It did make you look 10 years younger

Effa Solomonova says:

Omg its supposed to be vat19 @vat19

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