Ultimate Mini Helicopter Review | V911 PRO ONLY $45

Buy V911 Pro on Amazon http://amzn.to/2rzk3eW
Buy V911 V2 http://amzn.to/2qwm4Vc
More photos and info: http://rcdad.com/v911-v2-pro-wltoys-helicopter/

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WL Toys came out with a legendary mini helicopter called the V911. This little rc helicopter is most notable for its super affordable price tag (under $50), it’s incredible durability, and performance. It is insanely fun to fly for beginners and experienced fliers.
Main Upgrades on the V911 Pro:
1. Stronger landing gear that does a better job at keeping the rc heli from tipping over.
2. Larger battery will give you 1-2 minutes of extra flight time.
3. Lighter canopy that looks more modern and aerodynamic.

• My reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQqDGoQRj-oIVZ5ZF_yYzEpP6KmQs8CVF
• My website: http://rcdad.com/


Arsena says:

My v911 v2 pro has special needs(autism), cuz it cant move forward for to long or it will move backwards

Sarthak Kokane says:

Can you please do a video of how to replace the main rotors because the other videos aren’t clear enough

I appreciate your help
Thank you for your time

nothing says:

how long until the landing gear breaks? flying and charging time?

Mark Hughes says:

I have the v 911 upgrade I want the pro but does the pro fly faster than the upgraded v 911and can I use the same radio for both

Zman says:

how long is the range of the controller?   ???

Karamelia Mitchell says:

I purchased one of these version 2 pro version of the 911, but it doesn’t fly level, but leans to the left.  I have tried to adjust servo control arms, but nothing fixes this problem.  The heli yaws to the left and I use alot of trim to move it back right, but the lean is always there even if I get it to hover pretty level.  I noticed that when I adjust the link arms to make it go back left, in order to center the trim, this seems to affect it not staying level forwards and backwards.  The weight or gyro arm on the top of the blades ha already broken, and I am a decent pilot.  I’m not sure if this heli is defective or what is the problem,? Help would be appreciated!

Galaxy Draws says:

Does this come with the transmitter?

DroneXFun says:

I love this heli. but you can’t fly it in any wind. I was thinking about getting the v912 brushless. What would you suggest I upgrade to. I’m, not a good pilot but I don’t crash the v911 anymore and I want to fly in light to moderate winds. Thanks a million.

utkarsh Kumar says:

could anyone help me with my v911 pro 
because its taking rounds and rounds and has no constant hovering pl

Whatsnew says:

I ordered one and they sent a sky walker is it the same or a cheap clone?

Ray Neubauer says:

Thanks for the advice Erik, I will give it a go.

Endi says:

why is there a pyramid in the background at 7:45 ?

liutcm says:

hey thanks for your review! I’ve bought myself one of these yesterday and having great fun with it so far. however, when i instruct the tail rotor to turn left quickly, it does so, but the main rotor sometimes cut for a short moment, causing the heli to drop around 70cm or so.. have you also experienced this? any suggestions as to how to fix it? Many Thanks! 🙂

clinton linck says:

put the benolis flybar on it the paddles are way better then stock flybar.

Ryan H says:

wait so the top link the better one? is it the one in the video? or is the v2 the bettter one

Lee Cross says:

Nice review thanks.
My V911 V2 arrived 2 day’s ago…it’s a total joy to fly. May have to get the V911 Pro now too.
I’m amazed with the quality and durability of these little birds for such low cost…WLtoys have nailed it!
So wish I hadn’t paid 3x the price for a Blade mSR a month ago…Over priced piece of junk has never hovered properly!

One kilobyte of ram says:

Gyro? lol, it’s a flybar….

Mbs Singh says:

Yeah i bought it new from amazon thanks for replying back Eric 🙂

pendu jatt says:

WLtoys V911-pro V911-V2 2.4G 4CH RC Helicopter BNF hi is this the same helicopter v2

nothing says:

are the blades for v911-1 compatible with the pro version?

George ogbeide says:

 I have flow a 107G and i am thinking for getting this one.  I am also thinking of the F3 as well. which one do you think is an all round fun helicopter to have? if you had to pick one which one will you pick

War_ Josh _ says:

does the v911 pro fly the same as the hero h911? Also they they use the same battery?

Brat4PrimeMinister says:

great vid…been lookin for someone to push this little heli to the max….now Mr postman needs to get his ass in gear as my thumbs r twitchin !!!

Travis Quine says:

Great review! Just bought myself a pro.

nls8520 says:

So for total newb’s can you fly this with a little practice?

Ruudy L says:

I have 2 911 v2  and saw the new Pro version, and had too have it.
All excited when it arrived, but very disappointed with it’s flying, maybe I just got a bad 1
The tail I have too do full trim too get it straight, and had too adjust the swash too get it flying forward, also turning the blades by hand, the gears jam.
I have the 911 V2 now for 2 years and fly everyday indoors and with no wind outside, never had any damage or problems with too 2 Heli’s.
Sorry too say I do not see any improvement with the Pro 

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

also see the DeTune video for slower indoor flight. Landing gear and frame for PRO is heavier and broader to prevent tip overs better. Fly bar yes stabilizes however a gyro is different.

elleokingmedia says:

I cannot get my helicopter off the ground. Is there any preparation I needed to do before trying to fly it?

Michael Smitten says:

Several things here: Be aware that the vertical stabiliser can shift along the boom, so push it right back before flight. Also interesting is the photo on the front of the box and the manual show the reverse of what this plane really is – quite confusing, since it appears the main rotor goes anti (counter) clockwise from the top, when the reverse is true. Finally the spares kit does not contain spare main rotor screws (oddly) but don’t despair. The ones in the charger are the same size, so I stole one from there. Thanks for video!

Kyle Schieler says:

if your fast can you do like a sideflip with that because of the tilt thing

Zeke W. says:

Does anyone know what size the screws for the fly bar are? My fly bar broke an I lost the screws.

leonardo Bosnar says:

Hy can you tell me whats the range?

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