Syma – S6 Mini (so-called “World’s Smallest RC Helicopter”) – Review and Flight

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Banggood – RTF ($19) –

This is my review of the Syma S6 Mini, 3ch coaxial infrared nano helicopter. They claim this is the “World’s Smallest”, but it is bigger than the Silverlit Nano Falcon. However, it is definitely very small, and it flies a bit better than the Nano Falcon.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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00DirectorsCut00 says:

Hi great video. How many time of fly and how many to full recharge? Thank you

Jason Falcon says:

Well that’s the quad

Shigeru Miyamoto says:

helllllllllp i dont know how to bind i lost my instructions. how do i bind it? says:

nice flying skills:)

Carmelo Nicolosi says:


Everything Cool says:

is this the best one you used i no you do quods now

Hennessey G says:

I had the silver one it’s sooooo awesome

xX THORN Xx x says:
wiselink marque says:

I thought Tomy makes the world’s smallest heli.  This looks small enough and the price is unbeatable.

John Wedrall says:

this I can afford, yay !

cyclistpilot says:
SunFlowur says:

This helicopter is GARBAGE. the curved part of the skies broke upon the first fall, and the skies themselves are flimsy pathetic. the balance bars that hold the propellers broke immediately and the replacements straight from syma are junk. every last one broke trying to put it on the toy. I highly highly DO NOT recommend this helicopter, ive seen hot wheels hold up better.

joe james says:

I just got and same thing the link fell of

Kattvak107 Kat says:

Did anyone else notice that when he puts the other helicopter away then you hear a sound like he tossed it

Anil Gobin says:

Dude good rc but i have a rc helicopter fire eyes where can I get one of the s6 mini

Zoran Petrovic says:

im from serbia and i want one how much shipping will cost? only 20$ or ?

Meu Opala 78 Dinhuh says:

very crazy.. thanks i buy one *-*

Chris Boyles says:

Love your videos Ryan! The mini was the first copter I bought. I then went to the Syma s111g and found that the controller from that copter will bind to the mini making it a vast improvement over controllers.

Everything Cool says:

shounds like helys

samljer says:

That helicopter looks like a return unit… you got ripped off.
China is known for sending returns to Canada/USA because of the bullshit to return it.
Nobody ever tries to return $20-40 crap to china.

You are just another victim. The webs filled with this issue.

Brennan Quick says:

Does this have A and B functions?

Esclusivia says:

Hi Ryan, I’ve try the small one, but i crashed! Any suggestion? Here my test: (maybe the small one is more difficult to be pilot than the big, or not?)

BRICKS says:

I wan’t one, where to buy?

HelmutDoork says:

I only have three (syma s109g on the way) the s6, cheerson cx 10 and the blade mcx(my first), and so far I like the S6 the least. Range seems to be VERY short, anything over 10feet control gets spotty(IR no like office lights?). I also found I have developed a loathing for the mushroomhead joystick controllers that the cheerson and S6 come with. Stick controllers are MUCH BETTER!!! I think the mcx spoiled me, 4 channels, nice response and not twitchy like the cx10 or S6.
I’m hoping the s109g I ordered flies better than the S6.

awesomness173 says:

I don’t like the Syma after I had the x1 quadcopter from them and I crashed it right on one f the rods.  I tried gluing it but when that didn’t work I was going to take out the rod but it was stuck in there by the glue so I had to scrap the whole quadcopter and now I don’t have one.

1.9 M says:

nice ryan

United States Army says:

Lovely hurry to buy one for my dog to play haha

Jeremy Simpson says:

4:25 the silver one just gets chucked on the floor somewhere 🙁 poor silver heli lol

EricXDCool says:

I flew mine about 9 times and the back rotor started acting up, and barely works. What could be the cause, and how do I fix it!?

GenocideKommando1 says:

My cat will love this

Jason Falcon says:

Also it’s not the smallest nano falcon is the smallest but this one controls better

samljer says:

its tiny, but there are several smaller ones.

Blessing Maronje says:


Marcus Griego says:

Did you have a bloody nose before this video? Lol, your fingers are all red.

Luccy Hi says:

It have some crack on the heli. I think don’t buy it

mr mr says:

I wana see a  single rotor fp this size would be so cool

Michellestrangevids says:

Hi Ryan I’m looking at buying my boyfriend micro helicopter which one should I get him ? he’s already got the quadcopter one by Hudson. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

QuadcopterZen says:

you make it look easy to fly

Pedro Carcamo says:

the simpson

Daniel launchpadger says:

I want one

Blessing Maronje says:

Do a giveaway

Rishav Sarkar says:

i think that gluing the linkeges will work

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