Syma S33 2.4g Remote Control Helicopter first flight

This is my first flight with a Syma s33 rc 3ch helicopter
I had to modify the rear tail rotor by glueing plastic on it but the
helicopter still struggled in the wind.
I’m having fantastic fun with the s33


The Geezer says:

Not bad for a first flight.

nightmare in action nighmare in action says:

I hate thesw kind of helicopter a atlest a T-REX 150 people

Hunter Ries says:

how good is this hell i am thinking of buying one

Stupid Fast RC says:

I enjoyed your clip. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

Darko Vuckovic says:


Višnja Vuckovic says:

i have that

Appollo says:

Its a good helicopter but it needs more power. Syma should make a brushless upgrade for it.

nightmare in action nighmare in action says:

I hate thesw kind of helicopter a atlest a T-REX 150 people

J Doe says:

i really, really wish syma would put the tail boom lights back on.  not only cool looking, much better for night flying.

Jose RC HOBBIES Torres says:

hi blissbass4…im going to buy me one to and going to get the 2200mah for it  i  all ready have the tail blade … i have the so33g i like it  and i dont because it dose not go up high enough it will cut off on me.. thats why im getting the s33 2.4 never get the 27 it will cut off on you 2200mah idea is  more run time and  more power thanks to you i can do that… thank you so much for your input on the s33 2.4

Empire Films says:

creat staff

Hallvard Eika says:

If u are in need of spare parts go to AliExpress THEY GOT TONNS OF PARTS for this helicopter and other Syma products!

Wilhelm Shultz says:

It’s a good thing spelling and grammar are not a requirement for flying a toy helicopter.  Most of these posts are barely legible.

SnowMan Agar io says:

zasto ne letis daleko?

keshab store says:

It’s cool syma

SilentBob420BMFJ says:

S107 is this same helicopter, but smaller, and better. Apparently this thing is not only very slow for an outdoor helicopter, but the wind will own it. That’s what I’ve read, anyway. I’m very happy with my S107, but won’t buy this if it’s not any faster, and actually worse.

keshab store says:

It’s cool syma

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