Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Review

Product Page:
This is a review for the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter.


Dr Richtofen says:


Joe Gac says:

Best box.

Nick Minnie says:

For some reason I want the box more than the heli…


i like the cat hes jus looking at it n wondering if he should kill it.. lol.. my little is terrified of it once he hears the blades spinning he runs for cover.. lol fun little toy

Cottonwood Airsoft says:

Are these thing repairable ive lost some parts

Mahmoud lsmail says:

i love all hely copter

Joe DiModica says:

Wow….nice box !

BLU3 GOD says:

so i can charge the controller as well as the helicopter right? no need for AA battery?  

s?????? says:

does this RC helicopter go around the room or does it stay stationary until you make it move ?

00DirectorsCut00 says:

Hi, can someone help me choose my first heli between s107 or the 8000( 4 channel maybe more fun?) ? Thank you. Also if you want tell me some other best in this range of price. Ty

IG ohshitvids says:

I paid 14$ for the same thing on amazon. U got riped off

Rajat K says:

you have a fake soma s107

1Stop Quadcopter says:

what’s the A B switch for located at the top front of remote?

sujan vincent says:

How many minutes of charging does it take for a full charge?

DC Hobbyist says:

You’re just like my cat. Get something cool and all they want is the damn box.

Beaches south of L.A. says:

Cool cat. And the little kid is happy, got to participate. You seem like a neat dad.

TCWNETWORK2015 says:

Just ordered one i cant wait!!

The Ragans says:

Can some one help me my top propeller stoped working how do i fix it?????

Sol Betarello Rios says:

the bhg fvhj ses



MadeAUsername says:

ATTENTION EVERYONE. If  you don’t know yet, beware of counterfeit. A lot of negative reviews are due to people getting fakes. Buy authentic ones with sellers that have really really good feedbacks.

Quoted from someone else:
1. Main Blades should be marked with A1,A2 or B1,B2 if not? Counterfeit
2. The Motors #S107-16 and #S107-17 the tops are green and red if they are? Counterfeit Genuine is Black and White.
3. The wiring on the motors are red and white and blue and black if it is? Counterfeit Original Red and Blue and Black and White.
4. Circuit board has a red flashing light in the middle of it if it does? Counterfeit Genuine is Yellow or Green
5. Circuit board should have writing on it of S107R5 if not? Counterfeit
6. The tail rotor is a different has a flat tip if so? Counterfeit

Krasko Mato says:

Unfortunately my halicopter doesn’t lift up, it rotates all the time. But worked fine before.

Maruf Rahman says:

What’s the difference between the s107 and s107g??

YTBKecill says:

seperti heli yg punya saya tapi punya saya rusak

FM FM says:


Saimon Dagdag says:

the cat

Will Merz says:

My brother broke mine but I told my parents the battery broke but i’m missing all the fun i had with this thing so i’m going to order another one and say “they fixed the battery problem”. LOL.

Christoperlim 868 says:

That might be found in hobby stores.not in toys r us because is not a department store sold stuff

Goldenguy42 says:

How long can it Fly for

ZAINYBOY 16 says:

I got a black one

ureviews says:

Product Page:
Great value and fun toy!

ChaozComedy says:

The heli is 39 grams…

Ryan Achenbach says:

I bought one of these about a year ago. I loved it until it broke and could only fly in circles I fixed and also bought a new helicopter the new one hade the same issue. I’m not sure if this helicopter will have the same problem because this is new

Sen Lim says:

Nice video. $15 on amazon right now for red/green.
Can you attach some kind of video camera to it somehow? Would be cool.

Craig Hancock says:

Damn, that little fucker started my whole RC addiction.

x cinnamon says:

I own this, it’s cool as heck but don’t use it outside on a very breezy day I had to get the ladder and put it on the roof

Larry Edmiston says:

audio would’ve been nice!

Maksim Simeonov says:

I was suppriset when I buy that little beast. It is amazing how strong is it.

Gg. says:

does it seem to damage the things it hits?

Clydesdale2045 says:

To Rajat K this isn’t a fake.   

Black motor for front (fake has green)?  Check
White motor in back (fake has pink)?  Check
Blue & red wires to front motor (fake has red & black)?  Check
White & Black wires to back motor (fake has white & blue)?  Check
Props have fine print after “Warning” (fakes often don’t)?  Check
Clamps holding 2 main props aren’t bare metal (fakes can be)? Check
Doesn’t have odd text stamped to the side of it (like yiboo)?  Check
The underside of remote has a gripping texture on sides (fakes are smooth)?  Check
The circuitry is stamped S107R(and a number)?  Check.  Look at 3:24 the reddish circuitry inside in HD clearly see circuitry stamped S107R(something).

It’s the real deal here folks!

Rylan Hobbs says:

Remove the lights and youe battery last a lot longer

EveryThingSamsungPro says:

looks like mine 

but the controler looks like an xbox 360

Technical Knowledge says:

what does the switch do.. in the upper section (two blue button)

Andy Hand says:

Thanks, Fudge! Good review!

naya morris says:

can the lights on the helicopter be turned off when using it? or it always must be flashing when its turned on? 

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