Syma S033G RC Helicopter Unboxing & Review

I paid $49.99 for this from on 3/13/14. What do you guys think of this large size RC helicopter?


Bauss says:

can lift a mobius_?

John Wedrall says:

I’m lovin it ! !

Utube_Assassin says:

I have one of these but I am experiencing serious speed issues , it can’t even fight against the wind? Is that normal or am I expecting too much?

Emmanuel Nolasco says:

you buy

Game King 4351 says:

can i please have the charger because I can’t find mine


No spare set of rotor blades?

Ishawar Thakor says:


jok325635 says:

u fly too low u pussy

Daniel Burt says:

I think you need to trim your helicopters. You appear to have difficulty flying almost all of them.

Pablo Arce says:

Hello, thanks for the review. can someone tell me the voltage and amps for the power charger? I need that part and I don’t see the specs anywhere

Appollo says:

Nice dog

Praloy Biswas says:

can u give me one piece of RC helecopter…..7074228954….call me this number…

Brais04Gamer says:


Austin Charles says:

I have the same helicopter. But mine seems to have a range problem , i fly it and it drops from the sky a couple of yards away 🙁

Cambo Adam says:

cool helicopter

Raged Maniac says:

These are great starter RCs but they do require some modification. Tail rotor was made too small for this heli. there are some easy mods that require very little to do, also they seem to lose contact easily and come crashing down. Other than the mentioned issues it is a well worth it heli to purchase.

Tam Pham says:

dont buy syma , no good

Jahiem Gaskin says:

i like the lights and the brand name gyro

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

I have the same helicopter

alexis thierry ande adje says:

Cool ok

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

The bar looks intact…

just video tech says:
Raj Eev says:

give me one

Conor D'Arcy says:


assman says:

Get that stupid dog out of the way!!

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

Like a year or too

Bill Jackson says:

A very inexperienced pilot!! 🙂

ibro kovac says:

How cost i am from bosnia and i must buy syma s033g

Tiny budgie says:

How high can it fly

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

Umm… Now it’s not getting signal… When I use the controller nothing happens now but it is on

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

It’s fun but I’m having problems right now… When I charge it it won’t take off the propeller will spin for 1/2 a second and stop. I don’t know what to do.

Syed Manzoor Hussain says:

what’s price


I have really small helicopter ☺

John Wedrall says:

very good review. ! 🙂

Danish Junaid says:


Jared Michael says:

15.98 ONLY ON Amazon:

Ajit Dias says:

nice dog

Andrew Johnston says:

copter ain’t bad just fly it properly and it works dumb ass

benjamin otieno says:

Hallo dude ?I need help need help over my Rc Helicopter contact me via +254723551548 or in advance.

Tony Pinto says:

toy heli not even fit for beginers

PYRO Park says:

You can buy rc cars, boats, planes and helicopters plus quads and mini bikes at we only deliver to UK/GB

monster swag says:

cute dog

John Wedrall says:

I can’t find it on line. what does it cost ?

CyberPunkGamer37 says:


John Wedrall says:

I don’t have one yet. is it a good flyer in the wind ?

Amir Jabbar says:


MagmaSloth says:

Cute looking boxer, I have 3 and they are a pain.

CyberPunkGamer37 says:

Batteries fresh in controller?

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