Syma RC Helicopter Review – 3 channel vs 4 channel

Best RC Helicopters for beginners. I compare the 3 channel rc heli and a 4 channel rc heli. Get your own RC Helicopters: 3 Channel: 4 Channel:


Rajiv Ahmed says:

yes he is the electronic cigarette dude

LeoFloresTV says:

Your the vape dude lol!

Conor Chapman says:

hey aren’t you the guy from indoor smokers?

Fishandchps55 says:

Thanks for the video! I bought the Apache a month ago its great!

Joshua Te says:

I have 3 control channels 2 airplane and its rare

sniperwolfjs says:

Awesome vid indoorsmoker. Keep up the good work.

Arch Angel says:

For some reason I get butterflies in my stomach each time i watch your videos…

Anders Kihle says:

Makes me laugh 😛 Funny guy

The Truth says:

Can you purchase 3 helicopters that can be used in the same room operated by 3 different persons?

Sonny Kay says:


Ayush Singh says:

You need more practice to fly your rc helicopters.

NS FagFarm says:

Words cannot describe how much you suck at flying rc symas. “Too high, too low, too high”The only time the copter appeared on your camera was right before you crashed it. The reason im annoyed is i wanted to see a legit review and comparison betwen those 2, and you failed. Catastrophic

Raul Rojas says:

Your good at flying it

Osner Fevry Jr says:

Would a gyro-stabilized helicopter be of any benefit to the channel 3 model ? 

Ramon Lupercio says:

all this videos are very helpful thanks to all the guys that put together all this videos!… very cool pilots!..

Mark Jensen says:

What up indoorsmoker:D⊙⊙

John Benedict says:

Hi there.. I just bought a starter heli.. i bought a Neptune rc 3.5 channel . it is really fun, and i find it super easy to use. Should i get anything else for inside use? I am just having fun… (novice)

Andre Keii says:

-_- dang, you’re good at controlling those thing, I just bump all over the room

oyun delisi says:


LogansPortPilot RP says:

“Just watch your fingers”You probably hear that all the time from the ladies don”t you.

Mac tonight says:

Wtf this guys reviews vapes !?

Priyam Bhattacharyya says:

i like the channel no. 4 as it is pretty cool but i have a more useful cobra heli with real missiles and machineguns.My is more cooler than that!

Gaming News says:

Keep it up

as arms says:

WTF where is e cig’s ?

deejay Michalis says:

Vape matherfuker vape!!! 

Ernesto Martinez says:

so funny cuz i just got a 3 channel one, and is really hard to drive, that i already hav to get some replacements and  is been only 3 days lol

Juan José Molina says:


Peter Cieply says:

got syma S107..awsome stable but battery dies to quick went from a 150 mah to a huge 600 mah battery almost 3 times the size,, never thought it would get of the ground but dam no problem,, had a stability issue with battery placement but I found the sweet spot:)

Sky High Aerial Productions says:

Nice video!!! Check out my channel!!! Please subscribe!!!

Michael Vinci says:

yeah this guy is cool does great reviews I like his vaping reviews he helps a lot of people out on rebuilds too

ayaan siddiqui says:

give me one vape pens

Yari Mabugat says:

Nice vid I just subbed

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