Sky Rover – Voice Command – Review and Flight

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I’ve been a big fan of these Sky Rover helicopters, and now they have released one with voice command, to add some extra fun into the mix. 🙂

-Flyin’ Ryan

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wolf11 says:

I found this video that someone made that work check it out it’s at the 40 sec mark

JakeDaBeast says:

how do you change language

Viet Hung Pham says:

Haha i will have that by my mom

Loxharo says:


things to do things to thank says:

I have the aero spin one it’s realy cool also keep it up

Viet Hung Pham says:

Your helicopter is broken

Cooper Caraway says:

the command is “dancing in the air”

Moha O. says:

What does the trim thing do exactly?

a.k. pal says:

May be “dance in air” is not there in its controller’s memory

Alexander Miller says:

lol to you giving commands

Tamayoki Sama says:

cool !

Random Boi says:

How much does this cost

Deep Thought Gaming says:

I love that fish lamp

Jaylen Graves says:


TitanicTurtle5183 jockers says:

it has a hidden feature tell it it to go home and it flys to china

Top Drone Central says:

I got a sky rover and the proppelers stoped working -_- then I looked inside and one of the motors were missing a wire

John Paul Low Seck says:

She only understand chinese

RiahFas fasavalu says:

Well,I think it thought you said,dance sing in that air.

Anduena S says:

I’m just here to let you all know that the kid on the box is my lil bro.

hishamuddin jaan says:

thanks now i know how to use my own helicpoter that was exactly same every thing

Fah Q says:

just got this and it flys like crap…

Draco Lucia says:

i have this but i cant keep it at the same level during flight how do i do that

Brandon the gamer says:

I have that helicopter

Crimson Destroyer says:

I never expected that this vid would be so funny

Jack Gaming says:

It’s not dancin in the air it’s dancing in the air

MovieMan1953 says:

I have one of these…the command is ‘ dancing in the air’. The little heli does everything it can( up, down, forward, back, spin in both directions)…all of this at once. pretty cool.

Ryan Sharpe says:

I have it

Rick Hartman says:

go left, go right, crash. lmao

John Wedrall says:

hey hey! I found this one at Walmart backorder. I’m looking to collect all the skyrover that you review and air hogs I’m liking too. thanks Ryan they are all indoor fun flying! 🙂

August Lyons says:

oh #&*! I watched a video of this guy do unreal stunts with his rc plane. speaking of dancing in the sky, that video everyone should see. should I post a link?

Loxharo says:


KADE WILSon says:

look in the book

LogansPortPilot RP says:

Hey buddy don’t feel bad, even NIGHT FLYER couldn’t get the voice system to work right.

Neil Mullins says:

how much do u think it cost

Jaylen Graves says:

can you fly the sky rover outside

Joe Materese says:

why do you fly these things in such a confined space there’s gotta be a bigger area somewhere around you

Syed Qaim says:

I have this helicopter but l do
not know how to fly it I mean it hits everywhere in my house

Delta Whiskey 4 says:

looks the same as s107g but not

Doms Vlog's says:


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