Sky Rover Stalker RC Helicopter Flight Test

Sky Rover Stalker RC Helicopter Flight Test video.
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Link to review:
Link to unboxing:
Here is where I got the helicopter from:
This company has a pretty good sale on Rc vehicles right now:


Killer Pickle says:

how do u get the helicopter to come down to land soft I can’t do it and mine does not stop turning how do u fix that

Amber Productions says:

Bro my helicopter always goes in a random direction i dint point it to. Is this normal?

Kevin Merritt says:

Sky rover voice command are fun

Weyni Hadera says:

i have the same but it blue it hard to control and thxs bro

jt lu says:

just got this 1. same color, 2 days ago $19 at wallmart on sale. Actually its my second 1. the first had a problem with the bottom blade not turning so I exchanged it. nice vid.

Ian Padavich says:

I’m good at flying that helicopter says:

How do you land good and keep it smooth in the air?

Ldereon Brooks says:

your awsome

cameron says:

what kind of room is that

ricardo jr says:

i just got mine

Bera's World says:

how do you not crash?

Don Keesee says:

Mine won’t connect ? How you do it

combatsniper43 says:

To anyone having crashing problems. Please check your trim. Scroll the little wheel.

John Booth says:

I have one

Josefina Morales says:

how do you keep it stable???..i have the same exact one…i have a problem with mine…

Emma Snow says:

How do you make it go forwards when I fly it it is like a flying hover craft

Haford Keh says:

59 dollar for these


hello friend, i have a problem with my helicopter is the same as your do not want to fly it rises a little and falls has no stabilization help that i can do !!!!

Haford Keh says:

I got my one last sunday

Shadow Thekingofdarkness says:

How do u make it fly forward

Bera's World says:

its soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

Renante Catalan says:

cool says:

How much does these cost? says:

How do you do tricks like curves and all those stuff?

John Wedrall says:

cool flight review !

dave hinkle says:

i have two of these one alot older my wifegot them forme take care of them and they last a long time

Taha-Amine Belogbi says:

it took me years of practice to control this (na… just kidding, only hours)

PanzerKampfwagen IV Ausf. H says:

I was fortunate to get 2 of these,
Unfortunately one crashed upon takeoff and was rendered unable to fly again,BUT(T) I hate another one,which is the one seen in the video and it flys really well and I love it

Bera's World says:

that is immposible!?

James Adams x says:

right anytime I fly it it crashes and won’t go forward

Cazoq says:

cool i got one for christmas same color and type of helicopter im gonna hook a mini camera on it and fly it to my neighbors

Ryan Hopkins says:

cool I have the same one I subscribed to you

Sakon Iimoken says:

How do you keep it stable in the air?

Stupid Fast RC says:

Cool chopper

Haford Keh says:

Shiloh t

Shevy Baker says:

How do you set the helicopter

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