Sky Rover – Exploiter S – Review and Flight

I recently did a 3-part review series of a new toy-grade RC helicopter brand that I’ve seen at Walmart (and I believe Toys R Us as well), called SkyRover, by Auldey Toys.

I was so impressed with those 3 smaller helis, that I decided to check out the larger SkyRover heli, “Exploiter S”.

I generally stay away from these larger coaxial helis, as they are often too slow to fly outdoors in any amount of wind. This one has a large tail prop though, so I was hoping that would give it decent forward speed and allow it to fight some wind. Watch the review to see if I was right or wrong…

P.S. – Stick around after the credits to see a return visitor from a previous video. 😉

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Dennis Matteson says:

yes I did

CallofDutyFTW says:

Hey would you be willing to give away any helicopters

rudy najera says:

need more blads

John Wedrall says:

Oops ! Syma S800G-4 🙂

That Average Gamer says:

I bought this , after attempting to fly outdoors and watching it get slung about like a leaf in the wind i now use it indoors only . I did buy a cheaper 100 dollar Drone that I can use outdoors and is able to fight the wind quite well

Gursimran Kaur says:

I Wont it

Commander_Cow says:

This is a good starter-RC helicopter.

keith harden says:

Do you know of any transmitter up grades for sky rover helicopters?

user 007 says:

a $50 disappointment

david welsh says:

prop was 4.7 inch

John Wedrall says:

the right model numbers are Syma S800G.

BlindyPlayz says:

where the charging doc at

david welsh says:

from david…took a micro cub prop… drilled it for snug fit… on the tail has a good forward authority,…can now handle dececnt wind.. now ok… so cool… the original tail rotor too small…the controller comes apart easy and we can clip the spring on the throttle control… much better… residue of the spring just sits there,,, not in the way,,,,….

Jordan Vesco says:

I have the same issues with this one.

kudos56 says:

my remote is blinking and wont work. has anyone had this problem? need help

John Wedrall says:

thanks for your time and concern Good Friend. 🙂

Jaden Collier says:

could you put a new tail prop on it and it would maybe help it go faster?

Dennis Matteson says:

dus it fly well?

Pasquale Scibelli says:

so i have the exact same one and mine decided to stop working. when i use the controller like when i use anything on the controller it works and than it totally just ignores the fact that its remote controlled and just keeps going up and hits the roof and stops. so i need help and im afraid to fly it outside. does anyone know whats going on?

khong cogi says:

hello Flyin’ Ryan RC. Can you tell me how long does it fly?

John Wedrall says:

I’m thinking that your review on the Syma-F4 would be a good startup to outdoor flying for me. 🙂

Vishnu Dhath says:

I need a rc nelicopter

Galen T says:

Most things things that fly have to be tweaked a bit. It will make it unusable/dangerous indoors, but if you remove all not-needed elements on the tail boom— all those bits of plastic and the two support rods, it will fly outdoors with good piloting.

Shelbee Cline says:

i have one too with the same issue i fixed it with little weights.much faster

jason persaud says:

same thing with my sky rover swift so slow foward

John Wedrall says:

Ryan, I came across the Syma S8006 helicopter on amazon
what do you think of this one for outdoor flight or in general. ? 🙂

Patrick Olar says:

i have one and it works at 5mph wind but my remote needs 3 triple a and mine comes with turbo speed

INTA - Remix Music says:

this have a crash resistance?

Guy Stablein says:

The Exploiter S I bought at WalMart recently came with a 2.4gh remote. It also gave me a good 20 minutes of flight indoor.

Ismail Abu-Bekr says:

I have the eipiotep 5 and I won’t charge.

John Wedrall says:

hmm, why do I still want this one. ! 🙂

Brian Smith says:

3 channel helicopters are for beginners. You want a fast forward flying helicopter you should move up to a 4 channel helicopters.

Олеся Котова says:

where a review on SkyRover Cyclone???

Mark Winberry says:

I was going to ask about your kitty when lo and behold he shows up after the credits. I thought the indoor speed was pretty good and I also wanted to mention that our local discount store Roses has this bird for 19.99 Much better imo than the 40 that you had to pay so I might just grab it for some indoor fun. Thanx for the video.

Carla Johnson says:

Hey can you do a Sky Rover video

zachary lee says:

when mine takes off it shakes

CallofDutyFTW says:

Hey I finally got my copter

John Wedrall says:

I’m taking your advice Ryan, passing on this one.many thanks 🙂

Dalmighty says:

That’s a waste of $40

Aaron Scott says:

I just purchased an exploiter s from walmart and noticed several differences. first the packaging was very different with the name “Exploiter S” instead of just “Exploiter”. second the transmitter is the style of the smaller sky rovers with no antenna but still rc with good range. But most importantly this version handles very well and even though it won’t be winning race’s, it has a lot better forward and backward push than the one you flew. I have only moderate trouble moving around in a ten to twelve mph wind. You should give the new one a try, you wont be disappointed Ryan.

omar khaled says:

I can’t stop it please help me I will broke it

Triston Charge says:

2 Years later, we have the Sky Rover Exploiter-S, it seems fast, it’s sketchy as fuck. So yeah, not in house. But, fuck it, I’m going to run it in my house.

Daniel N Lambert sr says:

Gotten this for a Christmas present, Very disappointed forward is terrible looks great but poor performance

Oscar Vargas says:

I got one like that and I like it for indoors!

Steven Grunza says:

Flyin’ Ryan you didn’t seem to mention that they didn’t use the thumb pads and that pinchers would be comfortable using the remote.

John Wedrall says:

I’m going to check out the V911:)

David Lawson says:

i have a question, i buy pallets, anyways i have a exploiter S .. it didnt have a controller, can you use any controller made for this type helicopter?…email is….thanks

Scott C says:

Thank you for the review, Walmart in my area, north Texas has this model selling for $39.96. I was thinking about buying it, but after watching this, I am not going to do that. lol they also have the Sky Rover Swift. I might get that one.

Carla Johnson says:

Thank You

Porter Sherman says:

your doesnt say exploiter s on the box

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