Sky Maker RC Helicopter Review – TheRcSaylors

Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors showcase the Sky Maker RC Helicopter in a full review, showing you everything that comes in the box with a quick unboxing and flight footage to show you what you can expect from this RC! It’s got a good look to it, now let’s see everything a bit closer in the review of the Sky Maker RC Helicopter!

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Nate Brenneman says:

It’s quite obvious you got a broken one. This a good time to test bangoods return process. There’s a couple things wrong with it right out of the box. The fan is broken and the motor isn’t connected to it so it’s running on full and the forward reverse is broken too. Hopefully they will exchange it for you. At least you have it on camera to prove that you received it this way.

MyRcking says:

Can we get a video on the faa registration?

Max Alley says:

you do the most entertaining videos keep up the good work love your vids so much and please can you say my name one of your videos

LockRock RCs says:

It reminds me of my Ares, The way it flies and the tone are the same. If it is watch the battery polarity, mine was backwards from other batteries. Batten down the hatches. LOL Sorry had to do it.

Steve RC says:

Thumb’s up for the honest review, not the product.
I am disappointed, Banggood should be screening their products better instead of middle-manning any hunk of junk.

Cole J. says:

would you consider this foreign junk?

Donny Bay says:

Can you do a review of Popeye’s. I love him

Ruudy L says:

Sounds like  servo is stuck

Mike G says:

you need to try to reconnect the batt and try adjusting the trims again.i don’t have this one but I have had the same thing happen to me on a toysrus interceptor. which is a really good indoor heli but similar to this one in the wind.

Sergej Nadaždin says:

that plug is good! it happens to me that the wire ripps off of the connector, but it won’t happens here on this one!

Mike Hardin says:

Have this. You just got a dud. Flys exactly like the v911. Hope BG took care of it. Normally decent services.

Paul Hebert says:

Does Nabisco make this?

Nini Rodriguez says:

omg for my 3 yr old perfect banger up lol

SquatchFace says:

wow when I first saw this I was like im interested then the flight review I was like no waste of money thanks for reviewing stuff 🙂

Amir Moore says:

I’m getting a copter

Husky Studios says:

very unique noise this heli has, also I’m wondering what you guys think would be your favorite camera quad of all time?

Eli Pafford says:

Looks like it could be very fun I’m sorry you are having troubles with yours

CHAOS RC says:

Well Nate I have seen you fly many times now and you are very good at it so after seeing that video I’m guessing that helicopter is a big no no, it’s a pity was looking forward to seeing a RC helicopter flying. I would love to see you fly a larger helicopter I think that would be great.

RC-Collector says:

I did a YouTube video on this in February 2014. Love your videos.

Aerial Endeavor says:

Thanks for taking one for the team. that’s why you review and let us know how it goes . Good luck getting that replace .

Gilles Bonaparte says:

Broken arrow !!! What is this? It looks so cool though :/

Nini Rodriguez says:

to inform and entertain keep it up guys

Nini Rodriguez says:

my list is Neverending lol love yall guys always good reviews thanks guys for all you guys have to go threw

RFVCXR200R says:

Nate is slowly turning into a hippie. His hair is over his ears!

Tobi Lang says:


SZretired says:

$44 worth of junk. Oh well, good video warning us to put our $$ elsewhere.

DutchRC Adventures says:

Sooooo did you 2 bump heads on picking up the lipo?? 😉
Nice lookin heli people! I didn’t run into that one on BG.. But I’m not really sorry I didn’t :$.. To bad it didn’t fly a bit better
offcourse 🙁

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

this little thing sounds awful.!

Ricky Ruddy says:

That helicopter was a distaster omg, better stick to quadcopters 🙂 Thanks for your review nevertheless

GAproductions says:

hopefully bang good can send you a better one to review

Gregory Johnson says:

YIKES!!!!… Oh my..!!!! Think I’ll pass on this one.. Lol


wooooo good video bud

Jacob Baldridge says:

How long did it take to get to your house?

4thGloryMonday says:

Great review guys glad u guys spent the bucks to tell us it’s crap cause for 40 bucks I probably would have bought it cause it looks cool. Thanks for the honesty some reviewers give good reviews cause their getting paid. As always thumbs up Nate and Abby

Robert Ward says:

If you open it up you will find the problem guys. The Motor that runs the elevator servo has lost its pinion gear and isn’t making the linear screw move up and down like it should be doing. There for no forwards and back control. you may have to order a new servo for the model if that pinion gear can’t be found. I have had this issue before on some Parkzone umx models in the past. Good Luck and don’t be scared to Crack that he’ll open and have a peak.

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