Silverlit – Sky Eye – Review and Flight

The Silverlit Sky Eye is a 3ch coaxial helicopter with a 2.4ghz FPV video transmitter. You can watch the footage from the camera, on the transmitter, in real time. You can also record videos and take pictures.

-Flyin’ Ryan

Silverlit’s Official Webpage for the Sky Eye:

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RTF ($115) –

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Ben Treacy says:

Can you review the Syma F3 if you haven’t already?

Exxarem says:

Not too bad! But Sarge Monday said, it would be better if it was a quad. Heli FPV can get really complicated xD

Scott Parnell says:

Would the Blade 200 srx be a good choice after mastering this Heli. ?  Tried a three gimbal without success it got pretty pricy. but the 200 srx looks a lot more stable . Hoping you have some imput . Thanks for the vids . Aloha

BlackBull 43 says:

i have that 1 in bleu

Dave Cooper says:

Another good review. Definitely lacking some punch in forward flight. FPV has come a long way since this was produced. Have you tested the Blade Nano QX RTF FPV?

Oneil says:

Nice review 🙂

White court says:

This helicopter is good or bad ?

Християн Колев says:


Video Boy says:


John Wedrall says:

congratulations on your Official Silverlit Reviewer Status! well done Ryan! 2 thumbs up ! ! 🙂



nice review

Your're A Cracker says:

Do a review of the syma s107g RC helicopter

amit vijin says:

Bro its available on flip kart

Jaime P. says:

+Flyin’ Ryan RC Another great review! Are you planning on getting the new blade glimpse? It looks like a wifi fpv mini quad with downward facing props. 

Woody says:

Can u do a rewiew and flight of the u.d.i rc drone w/cam

marius cv says:

Cmon plzz I really want u 2 it’s only 200$ plzz

Joseph Fajardo says:

My controls work but not the fpv screen

BofinQ says:

Nice Ryan! i have that one!

Sarge Monday says:

It looks cool, but it’s pricey and needs improvement.  It’d be better if it was a quad.

rcfanaticdublin says:

Just purchased one of these today….got photo’s but no video yet.
I use vplayer for my hubsan on my android pad but did two vid’s and no file’s can be found anywhere no matter what i try…i got the four still’s but no video file’s to be found anywhere…do i have to stop the video player manualy before it will be saved?
Awiating your reply.

Husen Ismal says:

Review good

All RC Everything says:

You should do more videos of the Traxxas stampede

jean alves says:

How is it going bruhs my name is flyyyyyyyying ryyyyan lol
I think that you are the only english speaker that don’t start vids with “How is it going”

StormWindKiller says:

I will use this as my new racing quad 🙂

shannon newman says:

Thanks for the Info 

Matas Odarenko says:

do a review ( Sky danger silverlit ) pls =)

Chester Copperpot says:

Cool review, it is neat that it has actually has telemetry and a cam.
I am older so I quite enjoyed the brushed aluminum looking sticker/decal surrounding the cluster of buttons on the TX, it reminded me of ghetto blasters in the 80’s 🙂
Whats up with the magnified screen? lol. 
Thanks for the fun sir.

EoRdE6 says:

I bent the metal rod in the rear tail rotor of my 3 channel and now it has 0 forward/backward control

Clinton Hart says:

Can you do a review of the jjrc h9d? I want to buy one for myself but I don’t know if it’s a good quad or not

Mentalcarp says:

Hey! ive lost my usb cable, how can i make a new one or does a nokia charger work?? btw great video

Jordan board says:

Hello i was just wondering if u could do some more plane videos

Ovidiu Bob says:

Can sombody help me pls… i got one brand new, playd 1 minute with him,,, i put on charging 60 min but now it don’t work,,, then i buy another one and happened the same …

Joseph Michalon says:


damiano galasso says:


Budget Guy RC says:

nice review my friend have fun RCing

danial morris says:

How about you have a review of WLToys v913

Sasha Mironov says:

got it yesterday, now it doesnt work , cant charge

Chaitanya Breed says:

Thank you so much for reviewing this heli. And can you tell me it is really discontinued or it is still available??

marius cv says:

Plzz traxxas rustler

Rybow101 says:

Could you do a review on the Pico Falcon?

Trent Ayers says:

Buddy at my local field has one of these. He had it for what seems like forever! The screen is hard to see in bright sunlight. His was originally blue, but then he cracked the shell. It is compatible with the SkyBlaze, so now his looks like an orange emergency chopper.

Great vid as always man!

Християн Колев says:


John Wedrall says:

cool copter! nice review too. 🙂

Pascal CASTRATARO says:

How change battery on copter ?

20_Aden_02 says:

2012 is not old at all. That time had great fpv systems, but they were not popular.

Daniel launchpadger says:

Can u plzz tell me the lowest price quacopter and nice videos and I m a new sub

RC 304 says:

Can it record voice

Ovidiu Bob says:

When i turn it on that red light dont turns on like wen i buy it,,, but the green light its working wen i put on charging

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