Silverlit – Nano Falcon XS (2015 World’s Smallest RC Helicopter) – Review and Flight

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This is the current World’s Smallest RC Helicopter. This is the original branding of the “Pico Falcon” that I reviewed in the past.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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20_Aden_02 says:

Umm… 2015 world’s smallest? Lol.

SimHeaven says:

Another great review! Nice job Ryan!

Akhlad Khan says:

aapne helicopter Kaise Mein Bataye Jo Chotala hai

Strike Mech says:

hah it dosent fit in the controller

unoriginal doge memes says:

it’s so small

David Hopkinson says:

Mine wobbles alot. Can you do anything to flybar to help ?

Duncan McLean says:

We bought a helicopter that broke its rotary tail after two weeks. I’ve written customer service 4 times, but as soon as they find out we are from Canada – no response. Is this the normal customer service?

Michael Thompson says:

Dayam nice landing dude! 😀

Manol In says:

It’s strange… A flyin’ fish, and Elsie looks bored looking at it… Maybe it was nap time and… bla bla bla,,,, lol 😛

Dr Zachary Smith says:

I like it

Nakit Nadaždin says:

there is the pico falcon.

_ _ says:

haha , Elsie used “The Force ” to take it down lol , is it IR TX?

doit86 says:

where can I get that helipad?

there is another brand that goes by the name “Mycropodz” that claims their mini apache is the worlds smallest, not sure about that.

Great vid as usual

Charles Flaherty says:

Regarding durability, I have the Nano Falcon and I’ve probably crashed it 100 times and it still works great.

Jagdeep Sharma says:

Can you pls suggest some medium size heli for indoor use with good forward speed?

carter benson says:

i have a cat named elcy she is white with orange spots

AmmoCase says:

For your next qaudcopter review you should review the swift stream z-10

Aris Riazis says:

+Flyin’ Ryan RCI bought this yesterday. When I try to lift off it and hover, however it turn out a bit difficult and very unstable. And sometime it stall (just playing with up and down stick. Ia this normal?

SkullBurner says:

Your cat seems mildly intrigued

Gimp Man says:

It looks like a flying fish.

po9000 says:

review Elsie

Techno Bros- Reviews says:

Your really good with this I just made a review of this and it’s great I made a flight vid but it’s pretty bad flying I will release if people want sorry if it seems like self advertising but it’s not thx for the great vid

Arsi Pilot says:

Thanks for this nice review, as always.
I had problem with my Nano Falcon: at first it simply didn’t work (light was working, but propeller didn’t move). I gave it back to the store and got another one: it was only spinning and wobbling without tacking off. So I went back to the store again and changed it for a third one: it’s flying like at the end of the review (wobbling but still controllable). I am disappointed. Yep, “Definitely not a speed demon”, also definitely not a flying angel!

ScArOfHaZeR says:

hey Ryan….can you help me with one of my problems….my bro bought this helicopter and it wobbles a lot…I don’t know why….but when I control it it is also…I too want to buy a helicopter but I cant choose between the nano fancon xs or the blue tech drone….can you do a review on the silver lot blue tech drone
…please so that I can decide between them???

ronny tirado says:

hi i bought one, but when it is 20 cm over the floor it fall down i am not sure why does it happens

Jr.Potato 1234 says:

Can you do a review on the Fayee FY805?

Squirrels RC says:

Come on more speed wobble wobble wobble.Great review as always.

Abdul Hakeem says:

I have the same helicopter but I donno how to fly it…and u didn’t show how to control it with the remote.

ronny tirado says:

this happends all the time i can not make it fly more than 3 seconds

Michael Thompson says:

That thing is just incredible!
Elsie, “Look how small…no longer interested. ” lol
Wow cool one there Ryan!

The RCAddict says:

Ahh, you got me thinking someone beat the pic falcon ;P haha. Good to see it from another brand to help bring the price down a little though 🙂 Great review 😀

Kamran Asif says:

hey you fly really good bro.
what is it’s price

Zachary Friend says:

Is it good when flying outside?

Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks says:

Great now you have something to fly around the office at work lol.

The QueensConquerer says:

And here I thought the Pico Falcon couldn’t get any smaller.

Everything Cool says:

Heli vs quds

Rajkumar Kumawat says:

i want any one of your quadcopter …. plz ???
if u agree , i will send you my po box address in the next video in the description (hey …… i want dromida ominus….)…. any one you want

Salty Pinions says:

i like it

Rimon Islam says:


4thGloryMonday says:

Great job man constantly watching the charger 23 minutes huh now that’s dedication. As always thumbs up man

Cr125stin says:

I wish my syma s6 didn’t burn up. It flew great looked great and wasn’t too much bigger than this.

GoProSniper18 says:

your cat looks mad

Quad flying Mav says:

Really cool. Seems to be well thought out also.. Amazing how small it is.. Funny it wobbles like a bobble head.. Great Review

Giant Storm 37 says:

cool man

Ellen Höglund says:

i have the same red buts its kinda broken

Scott Bynon says:

hello I am sure this is an odd question but when flying my drone and I use rec for the video and I crash do I turn off the transmitter or keep it on because I tried to watch my video and it was corrupted tx u

K3lvin Tran says:

That cool

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