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Even though RC Drones have really taken the spotlight in the RC world, I personally LOVE the way a helicopter looks in the sky way more than a drone. Part of being a big kid and using your imagination is pretending like what you are flying is real, and you’re on a rescue mission to save lives .. or something like that 🙂 This hobby means so many things to so many people, and to some of us it’s just bringing back fun memories from when we were kids. This helicopter has a way of doing that for me. Not only all of these great feel goods, but it actually performs exceptionally well for the price! As you’ll see in this flight video, I even pull off some inverted flight, on a single cell LiPo!! Who would have thought?!!?? Be sure to let us know what you think about this helicopter in the comments below! Happy Flying!

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Intro and Outro Animation –

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crimsonfancy says:

Maybe 105$ at ebay. Just heads up.

Rikki Scott says:

*be careful of when the blade is flopped sideways, if it gets forced up or down it can strip the plastic servo gears* _great vid cheers_

WEeee RV The Johnston's says:

Can I say bad arse here? You did it Nate!

JohnR says:

Nice copter! Thanks.

Planecrazyfpv says:

Nice chopper and great flying Nate. You have got to bring it to rcsfest next year. Great job keeping up with the camera Abby. Couldn’t have been easy

Kevin Talbot says:

Looks like an epic toy I want 1!!

Travis Miller says:

Hey I just want to tell you guys thank you very much for your channel means a lot to me the only good memories I have of my abusive father is RC cars I have a love for them that will never die you guys are great couple keep it going Travis H Vero Beach Florida

dougl131 says:

abby did not talk much in that video

Brian Polley says:

Great vid well explained! I have a friend that flies 1. Even the best have trouble sometimes……

roughasrc 181 says:

Nice one, maybe worth a look. Cheers

crimsonfancy says:

great job on this vid! Heli looked cool. Nathan flew very well. Good action and edit.
I like you guys. 🙂

Al Carrière says:

It really boogies

Chazco says:

Great video. I did notice after the crash the starboard rare earth magnet was broken off.
I enjoy seeing your mistakes as I know I would make even bigger ones.
Thanks, Chuck

Exclusive says:

Awesome review! I’ve been subbed for a good 2 years or so. I’m really looking towards a rc boat review before winter comes. Any chance you guys can review a cheap fast rc boat?

Bryan BryanT says:

Very nice! I did not realize XK makes helicopters!

Michael Ortega says:

Now this little bundle of joy looks like my next RC toy!

matharris100 says:

I’m thinking this is the future of drones . Imagine a big company say no names put its technology into this goodbye drone laws ?
Just a thought mat?
Reply would be lovely on this thought .

B M says:

Is this a collective pitch heli?

James George says:

Great job as usual guys I haven’t flown a Heli since my Trex 250 and 500 years ago I was eyeing this this model on banggood just wish they made it with an Airwolf fuselage keep up the great work as a suggestion you guys should really try out the bugs 3 mini quite the little rocket sled!

halleffect1 says:

No idea why they didn’t make it Spektrum compatible. Guess they figured Horizon would put up a fight.

DerKrawallkeks says:

Amazing what rc helicopters have come to.
By the way, helicopters and drones are less efficient in hover than in slow forward flight. Flight time will be longer in slow forward flight:)

Ground Control RC says:

Very good demo flight 😉 Nice little Heli!

Keith Whisman says:

Helicopters and crashing go hand in hand. Even the pros crash on a regular basis and their repairs add way up when you start getting into 700mm – 800mm Carbon main rotors.

Alex Castignani says:

nice model!!! fpv with it???

Dennis S says:

This was offered as a flash deal for under $100 a while back, still kicking myself for not grabbing one

Matthew Jarman says:

Wow yea I’m inprest fly’s well

Crispy Bacon says:

AWSOME drone love it (been here since 99k

sᴛᴀᴄᴇʏ ABSHIRE says:

Cool little copter!

John Poen says:

Good morning Saylors! Oh, I like this Heli! But, most of all, your presentation of it (so smoooooth;), to the “RC family that you have put together – it’s so cool!” IMO, this review was outstanding & rang so true to me, my friends! Popeye was great – a super jump onto the picnic table bench, to get to this awesome Heli, surprised you & all of us! Lol
Abby, your videography was exceptional! Nate, you always impress, when you fly something new & challenging! I hope, that you have a fun week & take the best, of care! JP

David Keith says:

I have both this one and the K123 tri-blade heli, they both have the same capabilities, I mainly got them as gorgeous show pieces though! If you want to practice flybarless flight, I recommend something more like the Esky F150, it’s cheaper to rebuy if you crash it!

Georgewrigley says:

Awesome little helicopter. Great review and flying. Cheers guys. 🙂

Jionni Lex says:

Power star x1 helicopter is the one that I recommend to you for beginners and it takes a beating. I 1st started with the cheap$20 heli than I got hooked and I went to buy a 230S maybe$450 and I didn’t even get off the ground I moved the pitch. Blade hit the ground and had to rebuild . I thought bigger was better plus no experience flying6 channel wish I would have gotten the x1 powerstar. When I started….or gotten the simulator for p.c.

cameraman655 says:

Nice Eurocopter replica and with a Spanish registration no less, very authentic.

DJ Broake says:

Nice to see you flying a heli again. Looks good too

Flyin Brian Hutch says:


Matthew Jarman says:

Mmmm wow looks cool yea I can fly a drone so yea could fly this cool

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