RC Helicopter review – Indoor Flight – S107 – RED5

Me reviewing my S107 RC Helicopter, these Helicopters are priced around £30.00 and I purchased mine from my local gadget shop. These are great Helicopter, Ihad hours and hours of fun with mine so definately recommend that you buy one. Thanks a lot for watching dont forget to rate and comment and PLEASE subscribe if you liked and enjoyed the video, we will have more video reviews on the way soon!
Thanks for watching 🙂


S Dylan says:

I have the blue one

NaturalSniper17 says:


Liam1295 says:

I’ve got that

Nawty boy says:

I have. a rc helicopter I turn it on the full speed but it’s not flying only it goes round and round plz help

TheSMCast says:

I love you too XD Thanks 🙂

Frank Kwok says:

Cool. Thanks.

Dylan Higgins says:


William Cout says:

I have a axis 200

Psycho? says:

i have Syma rc helicopter U6

Vbloc757 says:

Very informative. I have bought some cheap RC helicopters in the past, this video and demonstration has convinced me to buy that brand.. Thank you very much for saving me time and money..

Nawty boy says:

I have. a rc helicopter I turn it on the full speed but it’s not flying only it goes round and round plz help

Harry S says:

your videos are great make more please

Soban Sheikh says:

we have to charge it when we buy new

KezaPlayzzz says:

this vid made me wanna get one so i did the same day the helicopter is great but mine doesn’t last for long its about 6-7 mins fly time

Divy Patel says:

this is nice heli….

Liam1295 says:

Mines yellow too

TheSMCast says:

I like you 🙂

TheSMCast says:

Derby, ye there is a Red5 shop in Westfield there 🙂

Mj says:

always turn your transmitter on first ! not the helicopter its the other way round

Liam1295 says:

It’s awsome

TheSMCast says:

Ahhhh 🙁 Unlucky 🙁 Do you in America then?

Erdem Kucuk says:

I want this!!!!!

budget air guns says:

always turn your transmitter on BEFORE the heli not the other way around like you did.

225rc says:

Love ur videos

Siddharth Udayakumar says:

I got something  exactly the same for 980rs(15.5$)

TheSMCast says:

Yelloe 😀

TheSMCast says:


Ansul Singh says:

Its been 3 years i bought this.
Still flying good after 100s of crashes.

Mj says:

I got mine for £12.00

FaZe Rug says:

i have a blue r. helicopter
3chanel but yours is better bro
i wish i had that at least
im not deqd haha

Koz says:

Great job thanks

Aech says:

I bought a electric pen prank toy, not really a toy just hurts

Richa Sahu says:

this is best

J5A GAMING says:

I got yellow 1

TheSMCast says:

Thanks for watching 😀

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