Qingsong – QS-5010 (Nano Helicopter-In-A-Box) – Review and Flight

This is my review of the QS-5010, which is a nano 3ch coaxial helicopter that stores inside the infrared transmitter.

-Flyin’ Ryan

Links to purchase:
Banggood.com – RTF ($11) – http://www.banggood.com/QS5010-Super-Mini-Infrared-3CH-RC-Helicopter-With-Gyro-Mode-2-p-941286.html?p=Z431161082112012126P
Tmart.com – RTF ($12 US Warehouse) – http://www.tmart.com/QS-QS5010-3.5-Channel-Infrared-Semi-micro-RC-Helicopter-Yellow_p248143.html?aid=28459&utm_source=saff&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=self

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Ashutosh patel says:

is it better for buying??


But it 25 channel

Ingrid Jimenez says:

Where do i buy it

Yonathan Imanuel says:

deron paliag kecil jelek

Alex Anderson says:

Your channel is the best channel for rc things


I have like that

Julio Millán says:


Ingrid Jimenez says:

i not espín english

trimel81 says:

cool review. Thanks much. Question: do the rotor blades break easily? I might be a lousy first time flier and i might crash it often initially….

Danny Gonzalez says:

i did but like it doesnt fly

Pawan Kymar says:

helo i m indian how to order place

Rishi Agarwal says:

I got one

JNZ TV says:


Mark Kenneth Nicart says:

Flyin’ Ryan RC I would like to ask what is the brand name and if there’s a shop available in the Philippines, I can’t find online

John Wedrall says:

well I’m not alone then. 🙂

Pedro Augusto says:

eu ainda vou ter um

Eran Raz says:

how do you turn it on?

mushiromigal says:

Thanks so much! Bought mine and wasn’t sure how to use it.

RC Guy says:

just ordered the last one amazon had the girlfriend wants to give it a try do you think this would be ok for that btw your reviews got me started with flying rc helicopters I started off with a sky rover stalker and of course the syma s107g but within 2 months I now have a hero h911 a v911 pro and 2 wl toys v912 helicopters 1 brushed and the other brushless thanks and keep the reviews comming!!!

Flying 4 Film says:

Just ordered one of these last night after watching your review. The yellow one reminds me of a bee and just has a cool look to it.

John Wedrall says:

Ryan, this is the one that I have BUT it is a 2 chanel that I can’t even get it to hover. 🙂

Graciela Varela says:

yeah its super cheap and cool im exited to buy for my son >_<

Birchy says:

I got the 2 channel one, didn’t understand what channels was untill I got it, and now I realise it doesn’t have forward or backwards only constant forward.. Which is perfectly ok but… It won’t got slow enough to learn to controll it, plus once fully charged it will last about 40-50 seconds before it slowly falls to the ground with plenty of charge left but not powerful enough to keep it flying, all that would be ok but !…. It constantly just spins however much power the battery as it just won’t fly stable it’s like it’s caught in a tornado constantly and with no back and forward its just basically a button with a flappy thing that goes up then smashes to the ground, 10/10 for durability though it’s in the ground more times than its flown stable

Daniel Barry Agpoon says:

where can I buy this

Ingrid Jimenez says:


Madev P says:

HOW much is it costs

Cache Crab says:

what is the cheapest drone that u have used that has a camera and works decently???

Yohanna Octaviane Vinka says:

What’s the function of R and L buttons? Thank you

Alex Anderson says:

geek shopping has it for 9

extreme locust says:

Yes its cool helicopter rc

Mikethegreat 711 says:

Best rc channel

Patrick Olar says:

what do the light mean when it charges

Sourav Pandey says:


Danny Gonzalez says:

does it have to be both off

Edward Oliver says:

I bought a red one today how easily do they break

vassilis Thegreek says:

I bought 2 of these after watching your review. One for me and another for my 6 year old daughter. They fly very well and easy to control. It drops height when I take the heli back or forward for some reason. But other than that it’s good to practice on I think for a beginner like me.

Justin H says:

Do you have to have the transmitter on to charge the heli?

علی احمدی says:

its very good

Henry Yparaguire says:

minicopter that nice

Ratnesh Jaiswal says:


Fahmi Meiwardhani says:

Dear Ryan, would you tell me.. does it good or not? do you recomend it? yea just for wasting time in the room..

Milan Kragujevic says:

Finally got my shipment of 14 of them. It’s crashing time!

Ingrid Jimenez says:

This is a easy

Alex says:

I got a QS-5010 after 1 week i hit the wall and parts flew every where

Ingrid Jimenez says:

i like helicopters

Ashutosh patel says:

is it better for begginers??

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