Prime RC Review: Sky Rover Exploiter S Helicopter

Here we take a little look at the Exploiter S helicopter by Sky Rover. The 13″ heli is a fun little outdoor craft that is great for beginners. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the RC nut on you gift list.

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Pj Ramirez says:

bruh mine won’t turn left or right .. what’s the deal w this

John Wedrall says:

thanks Prime RC. ! 🙂

Guy Stablein says:

It takes a beating a lot better than some airhogs I’ve had at twice the price. It was problematic in any wind. A nice hint I used was get a car jump starter with an ac outlet and you can fly outside all day without having to go inside every 15 minutes.

conwayallday01 says:

I’ve had a few rc helicopters before, mostly the tiny ones but one about twice the size of this one. This helicopter is by far the easiest to fly out of all the ones I’ve owned. Despite owning several RC helicopters I am still a beginner by far. The only problem I’ve had with this heli is that it has a tough time flying forward. I’ve read that many ppl have the same problem. I see your video and it looks like yours flies forward fine but it probably has something to do with you having experience. That being said this heli will flat out fly. Just out of curiousity I tried to see how high it would go today b/c there was basically no wind and it really surprised me. I was worried about bringing it down b/c at that height it wasn’t flying forward well and there is a power line in the middle of the field I was flying in. When it got about 20-30ft above the power line during the descent it must have hit some weird wind or turbulence but I could see it losing control and at that height it would’ve busted to pieces probably. Just as I was saying “Oh chit” they gyro or something balanced it right out and I had complete control again. Any other helicopter I’ve owned before would’ve been in pieces but this helicopter is actually a fine little machine considering the price. I’ve only tried to fly it indoors twice and it isn’t good for flying in my tiny house.

jonas martin says:

I wish the tail rotor spun faster that is the only downside I’ve found with mine

John Wedrall says:

where to buy one ?

Jason Taylor says:

i have the same 1

Magic Trash can says:

Had mine for 3 years still works good

CallofDutyFTW says:

I got one finally me and you can make outperform reviews together

AquaRabbit says:

mine not eveing going up

Ali Aliyev says:

I flew mine for 5 mine and stoped what is the problem?????

ChickenTendiesYT says:

I just bought one for 40 dollars

Savage Hrsh says:

what is the range

John Wedrall says:

I can’t find one of these for under $40.00. 🙁

John Wedrall says:

nice review, just the right inexpensive outdoor flyer for me, thanks.

Ford Power says:

got the same one and it stopped charging what should I do to fix it

Raymond Tant says:

Just got one for my daughter – the flys well and can take a beating as she launched it right into a tree and then it dropped about 20 feet into the pavement – slightly bending the tail “pipe” – bent it back a little and it keeps on flying. Could use a bigger battery (5 to 7 minutes run time) – but for the price it is a fun toy that both her (11) and I can use and enjoy.

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