Pandora Warrior RC Helicopter First review

Here is the First indoor review, a first closer look at the Walkera RC Pandora Warrrior Helicopter, its features, and an honest talk about its cons and pros. Plus a little clip from flight testing video.

The Avatar Movie Pandora Warrior is a great concept Sci-fi helicopter, and is one of my best favorite helis. but its not science fiction and or a concept anymore. I have already introduced a helicopter based on this type of concept before and that was simply one hell of great RC helicopter to fly and was totally worthy every penny. After that, the project discontinued and we thought no one wanna pick it up. However Walkera steps up once again and takes this brave step to introduce a RC Helicopter based on the concept helicopter Avatar Movie Pandora Warrior and releases a Commercialized RC version.

I am lucky to have put my hands on it and am the very first one in this world to have it and review it.

Walkera sure has put a lot of work into scaled details and offers a great looking scaled replica of Avatar Pandora warrior. But the questions are, is it good? Is is bad? Is it worth buying? Does it fly well? Can it carry a camera? Well all these questions and much more will be answered in coming up reviews of Avatar Pandora Warrior RC Helicopter Review by AliShanMao. Subscribe to my channel and do not miss it.

And yes, I have paid in full from my pocket to buy this Expensive sample. I therefore will make sure to bring an unbiased and honest review of this helicopter.
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Essan Elauhee says:

Where are you?

mohamad fauzul says:


Jail Bate says:


Pat B says:

Should be a tri, that would help with the tail.

Michael Undas says:

What a nice way to bond with your kid…

David says:

U got very big aye

Guna Keerthi says:

very good job…

Donut Juice says:

Jk u look nice

Mikie667 says:

Thank you! I am anxiously waiting for more!

Ibushi says:

Sounds sharp and resonating, almost like a reed whistle. I think it’s the air hitting the cards like someone playing a bamboo leaf. Have you tried flying without them?

Anjo Geerdes says:


Emiko Susilo says:

i want one

Diana Rose Suyat-Corpus says:


Tai Luu says:

take my money!

Marko Kopljar says:

Wherecan u buy it?
Could Somebody put an Link in the commentaries, or could u put it in the Video- Discription

Saladazz Salad says:

Where can i get one of these

Diana Rose Suyat-Corpus says:


Allan Turner says:

All that plastic hanging off looks silly

Arvandhi Hutama Tama says:

I like rc ,but i don’t have anyone rc

Photo314159 says:

Wow, very loud. 

LightSoundImagination says:

Nice flying BRICK !

Dewa Gde Sanjaya says:

I also want one

Agildo Mendes says:

muito bom seu helicóptero

aeroseb1 says:

1) too noisy
2) walkera product

Sasta Vyapaar says:

For Mumbaikar’s only ww m

Jail Bate says:

O.  a gopro you say.

김정환 says:

Is that available in any online mall? I want it!

Zachary Jochumsen says:

actually it’s called a scorpion

AlexGaming says:

can you buy it now

Roger Lee says:

All of the heli are so ecspesiv

Flyin' Ryan RC says:

Nope, not “mad”, just responding to your attempt to be clever. Only a kid would not know the difference. Fail!

jim rees says:

I guess it’s ok if you’re a huge Avitar fan, but i really like my Hoten X for stability and smooth video taking.. can’t beat a Hoten X in my opinion!! Thanks to Ali that i have my Hoten X!!
Jim – Your Kentucky buddy

Paul M says:

So sweet a flying model it beautiful so was the move! i would buy one if it less then 200 or around there no need for fpv stuff on it its cool just to have

illism says:

Looks cool, but not really too stable. All the weight im middle of two pivioting points. If u come to a hard stop or flare and servo gives out it will start rocking out of control. At least it should have a 3rd rotor for stability sake.

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