New Walkera V200D02 Flybarless 4Ch Rc Helicopter Review

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Here it is the V200D02. This is another addition to the Flybarless family in walkera. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below

Check it out Here:


Cod Guy says:

I got a better one

xhelicopter says:

The helicopter is selling for $179.00 before shipping.

xhelicopter says:

I recommend letting the motor cool down before you fly it again, you might risk the chance of the melting the glue that holds the magnets to the casing of the motor.

JOD FC says:

I am having trouble for which helicopter to buy from I am an intermediate flyer but dont know whether to choose Walkera HM V200D01, Walkera HM V200D02 or the Exceed Madhawk 300. Can you please reply back with your opinion.

Redz Azhar says:

do u ship to malaysia?

xhelicopter says:

@ZeerosFate It flies fine, it can handle slight wind. Its a pretty good first fix pitched helicopter.

xhelicopter says:

The V200D02’s battery holder is built into the frame so you can’t really put a bigger battery in the holder. If you find a why to strap it to the bottom of the helicopter you can use a battery that allows for a longer run time. The V200D02 can hold some weight but not to much.

DFX2KX says:

this looks nearly identical to the BlitzRCWorks Contra, innnntresting… Looks like it flies really well… what do these run, anyway?”

Tony Grove says:

I owned more than one of these, found them pretty lame, they are slow, and break easily. A tip over on this helicopter will cause something to break. And I am a Walkera fan, but, to be honest, most of my Walkera’s are 6 channel

xhelicopter says:

@TheJackson4ever You can fly it outside in light winds.

doraemon says:

Do you know any built in camera equipped copter? I love these birds, in fact flying my two YJ307 (they dont do any damage though)

TheArfdog says:

What’s better the Blades or Walkeras?

xhelicopter says:

Sorry at the moment we don’t ship orders to Malaysia.


Take a look at my EXI 450

xhelicopter says:

The Exceed Madhawk 300 and V200D02 is pretty much the same helicopter, the Madhawk is made by Walkera for Exceed RC. Out of the 3 I would go with the V200D02 because it comes with brushless motor and is flybarless so if you want to eventually go into 6 channel helicopters you’ll be able to learn the basic controls with this helicopter.

Drelsb says:

kkk o brasil ja tem com 3 hélices e vcs ae com 1 só kkk

Adam Higgins says:

you can get it on xheli for 129.47 plus shipping


I would like to use my dx6i with this heli I know I can’t bind the receiver with the dx6 i would I need a separate gyro to go with my spektrum

doraemon says:

Can we mount hd cameras?

Dirtfreakk says:

is it good for beginners?if not…can you recommand any walkera helicopter up to 500mm length wich is good for beginners? i got many experiences with coax helis and i flew a 3d helicopter of my friend so could you pls recommand me one helicopter pls?

FR3DisGAY says:

How does this compare to the Eflite Blade 450X that I own?

theunboxernators says:

Is this a good helicopter for beginner

Wu-Tang Killa-Beez says:

yeahhh its not the v200d02 with the brushless, quit saying that.

1205juergen says:

Capable with a mini camera ?

Turboflyer Jeams says:

Tony you are sweety chicken.

xhelicopter says:

@nico2000103 Helicopter is a 4 channel, no you won’t be able to to do loops with it. we’re selling it for $159.00 before shipping.

brandan rosette says:

wow that looks like some awesome helicopter my dad just bought me a sea glede rc helicopter but its made to fly indoors only

xRioGrande says:

skip to 4:12 for the most EPIC LANDING on earth!>.<

Wasif ALI Ali says:

please tell at how much hight can it go???????

Allan Turner says:

Its a stunning heli

TheJackson4ever says:

Tony this heli is for out door flyin also ?

doraemon says:

Can we really extend the battery life? I mean, how long it flies in the air? Can these toys carry objects? I mean can they carry some weight?

xhelicopter says:

If you have experience with coaxial helicopters and have flown an 3D helicopter already then you should have no issues flying this helicopter.

PhillyDrumerBoy says:

what is the range of that heli??? how far in the sky can I send it 😀

ghost8982 says:

Looks big enough for a camera for pov recording. Looks nice. You got some really nice skills there.

xhelicopter says:

Yes we do ship to Ireland.

Matthew Mosca says:

Would it be able to carry a go pro

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