New Walkera V120D01 4ch FLYBARLESS Rc Helicopter Review

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hey guys, here is our sample V120D01 from Walkera. Let us know what you think about it below. GIve us a thumbs up for Review support. See you guys in the next review


Roy Mccarter says:


AshleyB says:

Hi what is the name given to helicopter which can fly upside down or backflips ?

imam hossain says:

Syma rc helicopter also best according to the value , so you can check out

Jesus Hernandez says:

Really nice fly

Dennis Mattesom says:

I like the way it fly’s where do I go to get this helicopter

james lamb says:

Some of the newer RC helicopters have lipo batteries which last longer.

Please email me thanks.

Justin Emast says:

I had this toys

Bygon Gondi says:

really2 good (I like This)

xhelicopter says:

This helicopter is more suited for a intermediate pilot.

Bygon Gondi says:

goood evertonoon

dsrevo79 says:

This type of helis only fly about 6-7 minutes and recharge with the controller or usb power source, its not wise to put a big battery on the heli itself


Take a look at my EXI 450

Dirtfreakk says:

is it good for beginners?

DukesDZN says:

Please take a lot to know. I already piloted helicopter beginner 1 2 swivel system and 1 system is working ofenix H-18 and do not know if I can ride this one have 4 years of experience in helicopters then I will be 12 years that concigo piloting this one? me respond quickly or if I can even fly that little but the same version Thanks

Ben C says:

Cool. I just bought one last night. It’s easy maneuverability.

AR drone says:

Come and look at my site!!!! ARDRONE 2.0 Gopro onboard cam =)

christopher fonseka says:

does this plastic wheels need lubrication?

xhelicopter says:

That is correct the V120D01 is outdated, Walkera has replaced it with the V120D02S.

james macaluso says:

Because of these videos, I’m very interested in walkera helicopters


I am after a helicopter for a beginner, what are the ones that go upside called.

George Wheeldon says:

Noooo!!! There so good helicopters I know they look bad but there very good

Fletcher DeMaine says:

Damnit! I thought it said “fly braless.”

ด.ช.อภิชาติ แถบทอง says:


TempestAngel Jyn says:

and also i think you should do planes as well

Eamonn O'Donnell says:

it would be cooler if it shot missiles

Free dom says:

Why the hell do you not show any 3D flying, people dont even know if it’s a 3D chopper, because you are so limited in your info and what you show. Please free me for more shit like this, SO many make better… And if you cant do 3D, you really should NOT be making Review on 3D Choppers. You fly like my son at 4… No offence intended, but why upload some and not say shit?????

Xavier Mejia says:

Hello, I’m about to purchase my first helicopter. I’ve been doing some exploration & I’ve read that these type of models are not very suitable for outdoors &/or windy environments.
I’m searching for a 4,5,6ch outdoor, heavy duty type model. What would you recommend?

derrick martin says:

why don’t you just show us your real helicopter instead of this shit

Felon Stone says:

I just bought 1 a few months ago. Its a bit much for me, It is nice though.
I’m going to put it up for sale.

khaled abdo says:

how much it ?
and how can i buy it ?

Seth Watson says:

Is this model outdated now? I can’t seem to find much on this specific one. If so, what is the new comparable model?

Rion Johnson says:

Just bought one similar to this… was so annoyed that you can only use it 5 minutes then back inside to charge. What’s a good beginner helicopter that has a “real” battery?

Aykut Ozkan says:


leo 0711 says:

Is it still a little bit stable ?

Logeswaran Krishnan says:

Good one.

John Wedrall says:

2 thumbs up video ! 🙂

matthew says:

i got a v911 its pretty nice, very easy to learn and inexpensive. i went from only having flown co- ax for about 2 months.

C B bien says:

how much

Tim Powell says:

Can it fly inverted

Randy Truthful says:

where can I purchase one and how much

Petrus monteiro says:

very fast

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