New Brushless Esky Belt CPX 3D RC Helicopter Review

Check out our review on the BELT CPX.

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ludi pelli says:

is the heli good for beginners?? (sorry my english is bad)

22NiggaPlease says:

How the hell do you idle up without it eating the damn main gear ??!?!?!

Daz Z says:

i had one of these there cheap and good for sport flying,but now moved on to blade helis yes there much more expensive but the quality is much better,plus customer support is A1 from HH they fix any issues under warranty

AndoAus1 says:

So what align parts will fit it? Only servos etc or will rotor head/links etc fit too?

janifiza says:

hi..hi.. Which is better .. belt cp v2 or Belt CPX?

Tarzan! says:

@AnalogX64 i started with a syma s107, went to an exceed madhawk 300, and just got a belt cpx for xmas. DEFINITELY get yourself a flight sim before a 6 channel. the 4 channel you might be ok with, but a flight sim will save you money and time repairing from crashes. i’m not even gonna hover my new belt cpx till i log like 10 hours on the sim to be safe.

22NiggaPlease says:

Question, If the ESC is burnt out on the heli would that be a reason for the heli not making the sync noise when i turn on the Transmitter and heli ?

coolgabsi says:

couple of words for these helis… AWFUL, horrendous.. horrifying… disappointing, .. peice of junk… save your money!

gamingfreak131 says:

why are all the Esky helicopters on your site sold out and not in stock yet its been a long time


esky helicopter are rubbish rather go for align or mikado. they are expensive but pay off in the long term and don’t use a 1800mah rather buy 2200mah 45c batteries not to expensive and get few hundred cycles.

AnalogX64 says:

@Tarzan07330 Cool.. where can I get a flight sim from? Got any suggestions?

Thanks for the reply.

Mantas Vaitkus says:

I have got 3 month of coaxial experience now (I know its not much). Do you think I can handle this helicopter?? I mean can I actually fly this helicopter like a fixed pitch to learn?? And as I am experienced enough start with 3d?? Or is it really important to get a fixed pitch first?

raffmaxi says:

i agree

Xheli RC Drone Helicopter says:

@22NiggaPlease For the most part you should be able to do that.

Mutation says:

green flies much better :O

Tarzan! says:

@AnalogX64 i just went all out and got the phoenix flight simulator. it’s AWESOME!! the physics are legit and is as close to flying the real thing as you can get. plus there are tons of helicopter, planes, gyros, and more to fly. but for a cheaper simulator, i couldn’t really tell you a good one. if you get a heli from xheli dot com you can add a simulator on your order…prob can find some flight sim reviews on youtube.

FlightTime says:

Could you tell me why my belt cpx is vibrating a lot around the top of its head because i have leveled every thing i possibly could but it is still vibrating a lot and i replaced the main rotor shaft but it is still vibrating ? please help me

Gdoginya1 says:

u can find a lot of parts on ebay. thats where i find parts for mine

22NiggaPlease says:

If I was to buy another 450 with out electronics could i put the electronics from my belt cpx on it ?

PHeMoX says:

@TheApplemac1901 I’d go with the KDS 450S. It flies better and eventually you could go for metal rotor head and metal tail upgrades and it will be much better than the Esky Belt CPX.

Both are recommended for beginners though and even the Esky Belt CPX is great for learning to fly with.

Xheli RC Drone Helicopter says:

We do ship to Brazil, you have to pay for the shipping.

M0DiFiEDZ says:


朴素妍 says:

Very good I like this

Ffrozen12 says:

Can u do a viedo of teaching of the remote control plz

22NiggaPlease says:

Ok look . I have this belt cpx and im trying to order parts . I dont understand how these helis are being made still but yet i cant find any spare parts whats going on ???

Xheli RC Drone Helicopter says:

@22NiggaPlease The Esky Belt CPX uses the same parts as the Esky Belt CP, have you check the spare parts under that helicopter?

David Chong says:

Nice helicopter

22NiggaPlease says:

@xhelicopter I just looked and the center hub looks a little bit different , but guess what … The center hub for that is out of stock as well . I called the place i ordered the parts from and its been on back order for a while now and they told me that they should be getting a shipment of new parts by the end of this month . So im going to wait and see what happens . They also said something about E-Sky making new parts for the heli and the old parts they have made will be discontinued

Xheli RC Drone Helicopter says:

@gamingfreak131 more inventory is on it’s way

Xheli RC Drone Helicopter says:

At the moment you cannot chose between mode 1 or mode 2 on the transmitter. The transmitters are set at the factory.

Ely Quirap says:

Where did you buy that

22NiggaPlease says:

@xhelicopter Cool cool thanks .

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