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Master CP Ready to Bind –
Master Cp Ready to FLY –

The Walkera Master CP is a 200 sized flybar-less collective pitch helicopter suitable for outdoor and indoor flight. It is a great transition model for pilots who have experience with co-axial rotor helicopters and wish to advance their skills. The Master CP has key features that are beneficial to novice pilots. The 6-Axis Gyro helps stabilize the helicopter in different flying situations including mild 3D aerobatics. The 6 Axis gyro plays an important part of maintaining flight stability correcting drift about all axis of movement. It is much more effective in maintaining flight control throughout all methods of flying. The elastic composite parts found in the rotor heads, body frame, and landing Skids absorb damage during crashes resulting in less chances of parts breakage. Plastic composite weighs less and is more elastic than metal which benefits the power to weight ratio on this helicopter. The main blades are a mix of carbon fiber that greatly enhances structural toughness and rigidity. The tail motor is protected in plastic and allows for quick change if needed. The Master CP is finished with an elegant canopy constructed of pvc to provide tough and durable performance.

The Walkera Master CP helicopter board system has the capability to update its firmware online. What you need is the Walkera Adapter UP02. So you can update the fimware from the Walkera website from time to time.


olav borgson says:

good review. Love this model for a step up to my first single blade snd 6 axis

MechRider89 says:

hhmmm looks liek a good possible by when income tax comes in.

Dodox Gokil says:


Philip Savenkov Savenkov says:

does the come with a flippin charger and battery because i cant find one that does

Ron Paul says:

fuck off

Mack On Cars says:

You really know how to fly good job!

short step says:

Nevertheless Cool vids

valen filippa says:


Jer Saagon says:

Great review! Thank you

مشمش نونو says:

راح اسوي طياره انشالله

Mk&Ak The Rider says:


Marlyn Ocanas says:

Boring no offense

Imran Malik says:

हेलीकॉप्टर के

Tomer Asado says:

And yes… Its NOT a begginers heli…

Mick Carson says:

Walkera is a shit company. You buy an expensive helicopter, suddenly the electric tail rotor stops working, you contact support for advice and replacement of the faulty motor or provide the reason why it stopped working, they have no idea and no replacement parts. So, up Walkera, I’ll never buy another model from them until they give me a replacement tail motor. 6 or 10 channel, big deal. If the helicopted develops problems or malfunctions, Walkera couldn’t careless. Throw the whole piece of fine engineering in the big, buy another one. What a waste.

William Gaines says:

I cant believe that’s a brushed
motor. Walkera really out did
themselves on this master CP
200 helicopter. I didn’t think it was possible to do a 3D helicopter with a brushed motor that is amazing and thanks for that review because I’m really thinking about getting this helicopter. I do own the Walkera V-450 D03 and that helicopter is a Beast.

Raj 2121 says:

very very nice

Hobby in Japan says:

Igual o v950 da wltoys.

oscar godinez says:

i just got my first helicopter 2

Imran Malik says:

हमको रेट बता दो भाई

Guy Hayklan says:

Reading the comments here is hilarious… the lack of knowledge and understanding is massive. I learned to fly helicopters when there was no coaxial, and everything was glow or gas.. and when you crashed, it cost a lot. Been flying a lot of multirotor and just decided to get back into Helis after 20 years, so I ordered one of these as a starter.

Amit Kumar says:

Bhag Madarchod angrej

ChristianTheYt Goff says:

shut up tomer asado

ClaytonMatthews says:

bind and fly means it doesn’t come with a transmitter u supply your own

Danny Martinez says:

nice video kidd but and i mean this in no bad way but at some time in ur video its as if u were speeding up ur video but i get it u like what u are talking about so do i, awesome flying, hope i can get there myself, i hope u can make a video that is a little slower and use laming terms for someone like me that wants to fly like u, cool beans

riverstrat says:

Instant subscriber, you are a pro, just great info without a lot of
wasted time, and without the arrogance that we often have to
put up with……Thanks…

gary tan says:

hello. i know this is a long ago helicopter but i am experiencing some issue hope you could assist me with it.
I burnt 2 ESC and 1 Motor already.
After those incident, i changed new Stock motor and stock ESC but it doesn’t help. My ESC and Motor is still extremely hot.
Looking forward to your reply.

Mohammad Hussain says:

where ate you buy they

Tomer Asado says:

It was flying for 15 sec, crushed into my car, and then i heard the servos crying.. Oh boy… That is my short experience with this heli.

Tanveer Sultan says:

Very good helicopter

Ashish Sharma says:


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