Nano Falcon By Silverlit, The World’s Smallest RC Helicopter. Full Review

Nano Falcon RC Helicopter Today we review the Nano Falcon RC helicopter, which is so small it is in the Guinness Book of World’s Records for being the smallest RC helicopter in the world.

While the Nano Falcon is small in size, it is packed with cool technology. The Gyro Stability keeps the Nano Falcon flying level and in control.

Here is more information about the Nano Falcon –
Smaller than 82mm and weighs less than 11g, this 3 channel indoor helicopter flies up and down; forward and backward; left and right. Built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easier. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Pre-selected tri band system. Slim design for transmitter.

The Nano Falcon sells for $39.99.
Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com to learn more about the RC Nano Falcon


T10 _ says:

nano helibee is smaller

Matthewliu1 says:

First! And ?Hi

Stewart Wilson says:

very good you sure can fly that little helicopter are the blades fairly indestructable

ArbitersHonor says:

1st to like! I love your videos!

Master Steve D says:

Cool video

Maria Ester Rocha says:


Jonathan Rivas says:
Raul Rojas says:

Mine broke

Awaiis Zurii says:

Can you attach a go pro to it? Will it fly alright still

Aarron Hajnal says:

i have six of em

Konstantinos says:

how many and what type of batteries does the controller need?

yves debacker says:

Is the tail propeller supposed to rotate ? mine doesn’t

Xasumia Smith says:

hi daddoes

Hossein saber says:

They are very nice

Dilip Madurai says:

recently bought my nano and it isn’t charging and the led on the copter not showing up while charging. please reply…

Manuel Freitas says:

nano falcon does’t work

healthyamerican says:

mine takes off and goes off to the side..doesnt go up steady and straight


My nano just stoped working. Remote works but the light in chopper flashes from time to time not comunicating to the remote. Any way to connect it back?

gemma stone says:

I have one of these. . Brilliant. .it even survived being immersed in hot chocolate! ..although I won’t advise anyone else to try it! ..take my word for it

Kyle Ritchie says:

Nice review

MrJipe29 says:

Petit, léger, rapide, pas mieux pour le vol indoor!

prince arki says:

what should i do,my nano didnt fly to reset it?

driftmaster206 says:

1st day and mine wont charge

melancholy.rationalism says:

I love to have one of those baby tiny helicopters xD 

JellyManGaming says:

bought 1 today… charged it, turned it on, nothing…. thing doesn’t work… such a waste of money 🙁

ruben escanosr says:

Hi dad does I liked your video of the NANO FALCON I wonder if you can bring me one on January 4th THANKS best friend ever that goes for you to,well by!

Jose says:

Oh, I have this one!

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