My Controversial Review the Syma S107G RC Helicopter for Beginners

The S107G RC Helicopter from Syma is one of the most famous helicopters around remote control devices lovers. The reason is very simple, everybody seems to have a great experience with this little heli.

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Syma S107 – Blue

Syma S107 – Yellow

Syma S107 – Red

Syma S107 – Blue spare parts

Syma S107 – Yellow spare parts

Syma S107 – Red spare parts

As you know, RC Hobbies on Air is committed to give you the best information possible about flying devices so that you can make your own mind based on real data, real information and real facts.

This time is no exception, and I decided to test the Syma S107G model to see if this company could hold its claims about everything they say about this helicopter.

The results are documented on this video and I think you’ll love to see what I have to say about it. To those who love the S107G model, please don’t take this personal, is not that I don’t believe you, is that I don’t believe anyone, and this video will proof that I now have my own conclusions about this device.

Please let me know any comment, question, doubt, inquiry, complain, or any thought that crosses your mind after watching this video.

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zFamez says:

Mine isnt stable and keeps doing 360s ( have had it for 1 and a half years ) can i fix it ??

Vika Scheifel says:

Спасибо за отличное и информативное видео. Только что купил себе такой-же )

twitchster77 says:

God damn it…what’s he saying damn it 🙁 I’m trying, but I can’t understand what he’s saying over the noise of the helicopter. Grrrrr.

Cavra912 Suarez says:

pobre helicóptero

Yash Qwert says:

i bought it to my home. it flew in my home and then stopped working the green light is blinking in the copter back side

MisterDoctorProfessor says:

I just ordered a yellow one. can’t wait until it arrives! it’ll be my first rc helicopter

arz lmz says:

Hi, if i order this in amazon ,is this comes with the original packaging or original box like the one in the video? i order this before on ebay and i got it without original packaging and they just put it in the foam box.

Ethan Fox says:

Yea, I got this helicopter for Christmas t
This year and it only took me 2 flights to go without crashing anymore

Ryan Agacite says:

just bought one 2 days ago and im enjoying it. Its super stable and thats why im planing to buy another one. Thanks for the nice review.

just asking says:

great demo!! thanks man!

Pat Cooper says:

i have 2 of these and they are really great! had other ones and they never did as well as these do! my new one is green my first one is red and it lasted 2 yrs before the battery went out .

Jack Of All says:

I love my Syma 107g despite it stating it’s indoor only at night low winds it’s fine, or even a cloudy day , not pure sun though.

John Vicks says:

Thinking about picking one up, great informative vid! Nice job!

Seans Bitches says:

U speak so f@ck@ng fast

Fred-Richard Saueauk says:

bought it from 13 euros, wil larrive in 3 days! so excited! (is 18 years old)

Mr Signature says:

Mine used to spin after some crashes but I just replaced a motor from my old broken GS240 and it’s perfect now

Video Maker says:

I have it and it is the best one I ever flowen

Jack Of All says:

Btw I payed the factory in China for mine, it was worth the wait. Got extra spare parts too.

Amit Raam says:

Hi, What is, in your opinion, the “next step” after the cool S107? I’m looking for something heavier, not so “jumpy”, longer battery life, with same durability and fix-ability.
Thanks 🙂

Joe Marin says:

great video!!! i just got one at the mall. a little upset i payed 40$ went home and checked online (amazon) and they where only 20$ but my daughter really did not want to leave the mall with out it… i will buy my self one from amazon since i like its stability.

Legitjumps says:

great toy had it for months still working recommend

Siberius Wolf says:

Great review

Dinesh Singh says:

Now this is a review!!! awesome bro!

brian white says:

Had this helicopter for one day. Light crashes from coffee table to floor but nothing serious. It is doing the same as your yellow helicopter and going round in circles but not lifting. The bottom rotor is no longer going around. Are you able to tell me what to do to repair this?

terry peters says:

if they are just spinning try some fine oil spray I used three in one  it worked its fling again

Jordan Terrell says:

glad you had the balls to crash one for ous thanks man I just got one great review!!!!

TheLuismondo says:

Hi Jose.
Great video!
My Syma S107 has been a great indoor flyer for years overcoming countless crashes until the last one, now it’s very unstable and unable to stay airborne after take off. I replaced blades and still the same.
Any idea of what’s gone wrong and how to fix it?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Deepak Dutta says:

Hi i also have this one but i m facing problems like after recharge i start remote and pair it with heli by throttle up… But after tht when i want to takesoff it again, it misses throttle once or twice again and the green light start blinking, after two seconds it remain constant and then heli flies… Whats the problem u think? Pls help

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