MJX F645 F45 RC Helicopter Unboxing & Review

Check out the awesome MJX F645 F45 Large Single Blade RC Helicopter Review!!!

Buy it here: http://amzn.to/2fHP6xH

4 Channel functions include: forward/backward, left/right, LED light, and aerial camera.



surferdave1974 says:

nice dogs but crack

coolshariq says:

I read tons of good review about MJX F645 F45!! now i m seriously thinking about ordering. 

LARRY D says:

You’re going to show me how to fly yet right

AndroidGuyPro says:

How much cost?

Mikequfv says:

Why red? I love green!

Alex Vallejano says:

wow your a rookie flying   your  heli.  I got the same  one  like 2  months ago  and still looks  new.  But  I fly  mines  like a champ.

bhanu prakash says:

wast wast wast ever wast because fuking

Jay Rule says:

Please be patient as I have 3 more RC heli, 1 RC car and 1 RC boat review in the works.

coolshariq says:

Haha I got mine today its a Red one , I want it green, but red one looks hot 😉

INFAMOUS ™ says:

I wanted to get this but I’m still a beginner and afraid to crash this chopper. Should i get this model or not? lol

Broderick Frazier says:

I had that heli but sold it, you can get parts and upgrades cameras from rcroanoke.com, tmart.com, or bangood.com

Zynko Menji says:

nice yeah dude i think you should buy small heli and learn how to fly again

USD83 says:

Nice review jay! You should review products more often!

Daniel Ungureanu says:

Hey! Can you tell me at what distance the transmitter is working? Sorry, i already heard now from the vid. About 50m. Thx.

Broderick Frazier says:

i meant banggood.com

Rick Hall says:

Hello Jay.  thanks for your presentation and sorry to hear about your loss. If you do get another one, I wanted to share this with you if you didnt already know.  My instructions stated that the max radio contact is like 300 feet.  I dont think that is correct because mine stopped responding to my controller commands way before that.  Without going into too much detail, my copter exceeded the maximum transmitting distance and was up high, maybe 100 feet.  When that happened it flew off into the sunset and I had no control over it.  It keeps flying even after it loses contact.  I sent out a search crew but we came back empty handed.  Thanks again!

Jay Rule says:

I’m sorry to announce that I lost control of this and it crashed into Possession Sound (ocean).  I’m looking for a replacement heli with an aerial cam.  Any suggestions?

Gringo Hys says:

You need to improve your skills, trim your rc heli before flying!

USD83 says:

There’s nothing wrong with that when you went more into detail you answered some questions I had about the helicopter that didn’t have to ask! Nice man

Jk47rocky23 says:

I’m getting my green one this week 🙂 got the camera for it too !!!!

Erwin Orval says:

Wow….. skill level -9000! Just start with big 3 channel before you fly a 4 channel.

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