Mini RC Electric 3D Helicopter XK K100 Review

If you are looking for a durable and powerful Mini RC Helicopter that can pull some serious 3D moves and does not break on crashes, well then you have just found it.

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XK K100 and K110 are Mini 3D electric RC helicopters that are extremely durable and crash resistant. They are equipped with 6G Gyro system that makes them very stable and easy to fly. XK K100 and K110 offer both 6G and 3D modes. In 6G modes Helicopter is extremely stable and easy to fly. While in 3D mode you can pull some serious 3D stunts depending upon your skills. Coreless motor supplies extreme power to pull all kinds of 3D stunts. If you are looking to learn to fly RC Helicopters, specially Collective pitch 3D RC helicopters, and you do not want to spend too much on buying parts and repairs, these mini 3D RC helicopters are your best choice. They are easy to fly and extremely durable. I have crashed these helicopters on grass, Sand and concrete many times and some of the crashes were really hard in full throttle 3D mode, but these helicopters just keep flying. Main gear comes lose often on each crash but pushing it back in just does the job and helicopter can get back in the air to continue your 3D stunts flight.

These are highly recommended helicopters, and are super fun to fly, to learn to fly and or just learn and practice your 3D stunt moves. You can order these helicopters here.

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Perfecto Reviews and Gigs says:

very nice video , i have an XK k120, i have experience flying 4 channels that are same size like wltoys v911. But every time try to give more throttle it elevates uncrotrollable sometime all the way to the front other time all the way to one side. impossible to elevate with crashing.

John Torres says:

Helli Alishanmao.My first fly was terrible… The helicopter go up and down but with a constant turns on its own axis, could you tell me why or maybe give a basic beginner radio configuration to fly normal.TksJohn

john alindo says:

Can i have it?

Alan56 says:

Thanks for the video. This heli is definitely going on my bucket list!

JC says:

oh wow, pitch curves, throttle curves and expo? that’s great! way more features than v977, no doubt.

Lasse Nielsen says:

I’m ordering that.have e razor 450 fbl bit main gear broken so waiting on parts…mistakenly turn 3d on at the ground lol

Ecoi Villesis says:

lol he’s not replying to anyone how sad

fredheimer says:

Your topic is wrong. This is a review of a K110, not K100 !!

Paul Hoggett says:

It’s looks identical to the v977 apart from the radio

ironice DJI phantom says:

Great video. What is the difference between Wltoys v977 and this copter?

Raptor50aus says:

I have the XK EC145 4 blade heli which is also excellent

faiz faraz says:

from which site he bought that plz reply if anyone know

Diah Amelia says:

waalaikummussalam warahmatullah

Joshua Barber says:

sweet review mate, this 3d business absolutely blows my mind how cool

Yannih says:

Thanks for the XK K range of heli videos. Maybe I have missed and apologies if so but in your opinion which is an overall better heli. The XK K100 or XK K110? I know the XK K120 damages way too easily.
BTW, I am a rank heli beginner (but have flown ducted fan jets).

phagu sandjiet says:

cool I love that helicopter 😀


awesome the guys at xk are making some pretty cool stuff

Muffin says:

hello guys i broke my button at the right corner upside and he cant fly anymore! what can i do?

reddawn87 says:

Hm frame is strongly reminscent of Walkera’s V120.

musiclover3638 says:

My main gear comes off just while flying it….no 3D activity. A set screw mod is needed. Why it doesn’t have a set screw is beyond me.

Buddy2 A says:

airwolf helicopter..might as well buy a mini heli than a full drone size heli.

Ted Michel says:

Nice machine !  Packaging it comes looks just like Blade packaging 🙂

Scatpack Mustang says:

Can I buy parts for this helicopter ad were? I want to buy this part if there’s no parts available. Then I’ll buy something that I can buy parts for. What else would you recommend? Thanks

Dhan The cuber says:

can it do stunt?

Ecoi Villesis says:

nice! i have a question the rotor clip is plastic? or metal?

יוסי דוד says:

very nice heli … can u help me decide which better // the xk100 or wltoys v977 ? …or film comparison video 🙂 tnx

matt welcome says:

“quick” review

Ahmed Zakariya says:

Ameen walaikum Salam brother I like your video keep it up may Allah help Ameen

Desrtfox71 says:

great video! I know it’s asking a lot, but do you think you could do a video on setting the pitch/throttle curves for this helicopter? I have one of these (and the K100) but I somehow managed to erase the factory settings. I’ve reconfigured it to the best of my ability, but I’m a helicopter noob, and I don’t think I have a very good setup.

I know you said that the pitch/throttle curve is set to taste, but I’d just like to see some baseline that I could work with, perhaps even the factory settings. So, even if you could just make some screenshots of the factory settings in the radio, i would be extremely grateful.

Hadzser Miyang says:

nice rc heli!

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