Mega Hercules 3-Foot 3.5CH Gyro RC Helicopter – Review

Don’t miss the end. That’s the best part!

I got this helicopter on QuiBids and was asked to post my review of it. I know it’s a bit lengthy because of the details but I really appreciate you taking the time to watch. That means a lot to me since it did take some time to film and edit. Enjoy!


James Rock says:

It will carry the countour action cam?

Antonio Morales says:

Friends I would like to know since you have the mega hercules how tall the helicopter alone without counting the tail I have the fusion is 24 inches overall 12 inches heli and 12 inch tail I am very interested in buying a hercules mega if the difference is notable in that part of the helicopter as such by that tail is like having a long tube that says nothing without enbargo a large and robust airframe if thanks for your answer !!

Mark Shirey says:

i thought u said…..and i also seen u had a blue one

Esteban Garcia says:

what type of charger

Vishnu Dhath says:

I need a rc helicopter

Ulises Bojorquez says:

is that product on amazon ?

William K says:

That’s the ugliest helicopter ever made. What a piece of junk. Idiots pick this thing up and think they know how to fly. Lol. Dorks!

b summ says:

hey, i just bought this one yesterday and i haven’t charged it up yet. but i was wondering if you know the size connector it has because it’s not standard. i wanna get a quick charger for it. have you heard of any? that 4 hour wait time is too long. the battery is a 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion. i’m sure they have quick chargers out there,… still researching. if not, may have to upgrade the battery w/ quick rechargeable battery, thanks, john 3:3

James Rock says:

thanks for the videos ill buy one!!!! is it hard to buy an extra battery?
 HOw long is the flight ?

Muhammad awais arshad says:

I have YR 577-3 helicopter and its battery timing is just 10-12 minutes after 2 hours I can increase it …??

Ron Thompson says:

how much was it anyone

Strawberry Milk says:

worst helicopter i ever see…sorry

Mark Shirey says:

where did u get it?i want one of those…..i got the sparrow 49mhz from hobbytron

Brandy Brown says:

I’m not here to hagle your video it was a nice review and I hope to see more. there is one little thing that caught me you said it was an indestructible helicopter but in the same scene you said it was broke something to do with a shortage. so it is internally indestructible that would be why you had to order a new one. also the abuse of the speed servos would have a factor in destruction of the chopper aka crashing it. the outside may be indestructible but the inside is still fragile and vaunerable.. before you ask if I have owned one yes I’ve owned 2 and have a i believe is a gt 8400 it is a 56in heli. before reviewing a product. review your video before posting it..

Antonio Morales says:

Good video thanks im buy yesterday de model fusion in hobby tron store the mega hercules 3 feet the same helicopter in the video for $99.95 bucks is a very good deal

Antonio Morales says:

Greetings friend !!! approximately how long does the battery last flight hercules mega? and worth buying because I like and also the 4-foot colossus the world tech toys

Slater4DLL says:

he said ” im gonna crash it on this tree” blah blah maooo and he did it! lol nice one


good review!! i watched this because GROUPON have these for $119.00 right now!! thinking about copping one get areial shots with my GoPro! what do you think?

gary greenstein says:

U had to put the tail part to body for assembly write and connect the wires and screw in the body write. Funny how it says no assembly required

alex Perez says:

I’m having trouble with the controll when I try to turn on the controll the red light blinks

JoshPlaysMC says:

Can you put a Gopro on it?

Jon Wong says:


Mark Shirey says:

i got the blue one from….the problem is my lines snapped on the tail i had to use my 27 inch tail boom

gary greenstein says:

Really wow I did. Your box must be long then weird

Anthony Apicello says:

u the man u r real good Thank x

Cameron Garrison says:

Thx for the review Daniel I’ve been looking into to something like this does the battery get lower over time

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