Let’s disassemble that cheap RC helicopter

I have been promising for some time that I will disassemble that cheap rc helicopter that I bought for £4.99 brand new in the 99p Store and I finally got around to it tonight. The next step will be to build a suitable plane to fly with the parts.

This the the Twin Engine Variable Thrust Biplane project playlist that this video comes from https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA5a2xPRSrB1fg_tSRBIbqhtus-gylu9-

Filmed using FujiFilm FinePix S4800
Edited using Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

Before I took it apart I did try flying it here – Is it calm enough to fly my helicopter outdoors? https://youtu.be/TLVigKT22mc

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Ehtisham Ashraf says:

thanks alot.

Hasina Bano says:

u aar good very super yes u aar very good saince tist

XGamer [CRO] says:

Hello. Can you help me out a bit? I have the same heli as in the video, and all was working fine, until it crashed once. After a bigger crash my top blade doesnt go fast, it’s very very slow, spinning but slowly while the bottom one goes normally… What can I do?

E Shark says:

lol I did a vid right now what’s inside a RC car

Hasina Bano says:

my indian my pass 117 doller hi

Sai Soma says:

kurrodu manchi sarada ekki poyadu

triumpht100p says:

hang on

Dubs says:

awful whine in your video

Laik:Er says:

türkiyede neden bukadar pahalı amk

Fahmi Meiwardhani says:

it must be hard to control.. go to right or go to left.. yep.. it’s cheap.. but thank you sir, this is new and usefull information for me

Ehtisham Ashraf says:

hey sir…i have some questions..1 what does a brushed motor mean? 2 what is main difference between 2 channel and 3 channel rc helicopter ?and the helicopter which you have disassembled in this vedio its receiver is having terminals so where we should connect the battery.,and where the motor should be connected

Ehtisham Ashraf says:


Bails 64 says:

This design of motor thrust is perfect for a project im starting on… lets get to pulling my cheap ass helicopter apart 😉

Creative Season says:

not cool

Ravi kant says:


kuzey paşa says:

geri zekalı sokmeyi bilmiyor kalkmış video çekiyor

Creative Season says:

you videos is very interesting

TanmayVEVO _ says:

Hey the motor is of 3.7 volts so if i give 6v current to motor, it should generate more power. So can you tell me that if i do so, what is actually gonna happen.

Creative Season says:

very dirty

Dood Adventures says:

this is perfect i took apart my slightly broken rc heli that looked exactly
ike the u got but the fusalage was little longer. ive been trying to find out how to make the plane for it or something else

this helped alot

Durjoy says:

u know any very cheap rc heli that u can buy online?

TanmayVEVO _ says:

Hey, need help . The motor of my rc which is the same as shown in the helicopter in your video was not working so i replaced it with a motor of RC CAR. the size of that was big but i managed to fix it. but the helicopter is not flying at all. need help.

the roblox player zeeky99 says:

can you make a how to fix a rc heli number 03785

Jameela Anjum says:

which is the antena in the mother board

Jenifer Ostermann says:

fas um elicopitero

Robin Kumar says:

thank you for your video

Hartheesh Waran says:

say me how to fix broken on off switch in syma s107 helicopter
please help me

Isaac Watson says:

i need more dffnt sucuity remote controll

Jameela Anjum says:

which is the antena

ItsHazzardz Gaming says:

The problem is my tail rotor are not working and I guess it supposed to be connected by wire right? mine are not..

theCybershot123 says:

Mine cost £ 12.50 in Range shop Broadheath Manchester. UK. Bought rechargeable batteries on Ebay  had battery charger in shed . Many thanks for video very well explained on how to dismantle or repair when grandchildren break them . They are good.

Technical Minati says:

isbthose motor work for Quadcoptor?

Ehtisham Ashraf says:

hey…i want to make mini rc plane.so can i use electronics (motors,battery)of small 3 channel rc helicopter for my project…plz reply fast…

Atul Kulkari says:


Bishnu Bhakat says:

hamara under biled nahi guar rahia hai help place sir

Yugandhar Dive says:

can anyone pls tell me where can I get the motor becoz the motor of my helicopter is fused or burnt

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