Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter Review, BladeRunner Series

Hurrican H6 Remote Control Helicopter http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the large Hurricane H6 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter. This is a 20″ 3 Channel Gyro Stability Helicopter that can be flown in light to moderate wind.

Here are some more specs on the Hurricane H6 –

Built tough for long-lasting play – Metal Chassis
20″ 2.4GHz remote-controlled helicopter offers non-stop outdoor fun for kids of all ages
Digital proportion precision control for easy handling
High-quality radio and antenna connection makes it easy to maneuver where, how and when you want
Aerodynamic design and sleek blue is eye-catching
Dual Rotor Design

While the Hurricane H6 does not have a camera or do flips or stunts, it is a solid and fun RC helicopter that is easy to fly.

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com to learn more about the Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter


Goose says:

How high do these things fly up?

Tribenix says:

Do the propellers break when it crashed

SuperBardley says:

@CaptBill: I have been reluctant to open it up since Costco has such a great return policy.

How did you get at the battery? I do know that we don’t want to use a battery with a longer burn time because of possible motor damage (overheating), but better to have a battery w/ a longer recharge life.

Seukka says:

It seems to be turning to the right all the time

Ahmed Elers says:
WM6user says:

at my Costco it’s 65.94  but, then I’m in California. I just picked one up from there, and on it’s first flight, after finishing the trim procedure, I gave it a little altitude, maybe 15 feet. it was awesome to see jut hovering there. but as soon as I tried to move forward, the helicopter inverted and power dived into the ground (powered by the spinning main rotors). the hub ball joint on the balance bar had snapped cleanly off, causing complete loss of control…… will attempt to return to Costco tomorrow. obvious material defect in parts. the other damage to unit occurred when the copter impacted with the ground. unfortunately nothing could be done to mitigate that damage, copters just don’t fly well upside down 😉

kanissan kalaichelvan says:

that was good I have one too it is so cool

The Schmoo-cux-pam says:

I have that!!!!!

Steven Puverger says:

It’s Amazing!!!!!!

Garry Thompson says:

I have the Typhoon witch is no different from the Hurricane but my major problem is that i cannot find any replacement rotor blades or any other part’s for it but for the Interactive toy sight and there is no way to order them…does anyone know where else i can find the parts for the Hurricane/Typhoon?

JDM_Stanced says:

The controller looks like its for little kids but I like the helicopter.
I have one just like it
It’s the same length but the charging port is different and the helicopter has tons of LEDs on it

albert .mccoy says:

As stated in the video, very easy to use/fly after you get used to the controls. Affordable; got it from Costco for $62. Lots of family fun with my son. However, the balance bar over the top rotor can break somewhat easily if you crash a couple of times. That part of it needs to be metal/alluminum to sustain unexpected wind gusts. Replacement parts are available. 

The Joker says:


Klaus Ventures says:

What motor is used in this heli? Could you tell me please? I realize that there are two motors within the Hurricane H6. What i’m interested in is the make and model of the motors. I want to get a motor that is the same dimension and specifications as the ones used in the hurricane H6. Can anyone help?

Like A Boss says:

Today, I just paid $64 for it at Costco (it’s $150 at Fry’s Electronics). It came with almost a full charge coming out of the box. I like it.  I tried the smaller ones. What I didn’t like about them was: 1) LED transmitter/receiver not stable in daylight, and 2) flight not stable either (in the evening). With the H6 having some weight adds stability.

MrMadungus says:

It’s less then 50$ @ Costco. Is it worth it?

Brittany Leshae says:
TheRubiksPilot says:

Can you please review the BladeRunner Series Typhoon and Triumph

Ahmed Elers says:

For how much

unoriginal username says:


Maria Hernandez says:


John J says:

battery internal…so it supposedly is not replaceable. Battery doesnt last more than 6 or 8 flights before it wont get off the ground. Had to do some soldering but I clipped out old battery and re-routed a new battery pack to underside of helicopter attached with velcro. Works good. Now I can just replace betteries as needed. Considering it takes half to 45 minutes to charge and only 8 to 10 minutes of flight time…New battery was inevitable.

Tim Walker says:

I have one but crashed it and jacked up the gears but I am going to buy another one. For the money-bought first one for $35 at CostCo–its little money for a lot of fun!

SuperBardley says:

We have had 2 Hurricane H6 helos and they seem to have serious battery problems.  Is there any way for users to switch out batteries?  Battery source?

Ahmed Elers says:

Can it do flips

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