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The hornet, transport RC helicopter has a cool electronic winch attached.. pretty fun!
Helicopter- Uk- http://www.amazon.co.uk/WL-Mini-Helicopter-Fitted-Winch/dp/B009M8VTEC
Helicopter- US- http://www.amazon.com/Channel-Infrared-Transport-Helicopter-AVAILABLE/dp/B008XVS3E8
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bhago wall kalan qasimmk says:

gd kz

Susan Noorder says:

hoe duur is de heelie

Brainstormer says:



Ibrahim Ibrahim Özdemir says:

ims hekicopter is not gåing

Pro- gaming360 says:


Narrow60 YT says:

Using a real helicopter is much easier to pick up stuff.

Amin.Vlogs says:

4 channel ones have a even better experience. Harder but more fun

VongolaGamesYTヅ says:

the control like ps3 control

Epic Yellow Friend says:

This is a modified Syma 107G

Marcus Orangeboom IV None says:

Aren’t you a bit old for lego? ;p

Rat Ntsport says:

How much?

Accuracy International says:

real helicopters! 😀

Reza says:

Well Now I Can deliver Love Letters Using It

Tom Fitness says:

if you press the big blank button when you move ford it will move ford faster.

romio saj sjon says:


Technical Videos says:

smart boy

Limee Gaming says:

dude you sound so bored

Eric Campbell says:


prasad tm says:

Good night

FH3 Lover says:

it’s not an engine it’s a a motor. an engine is gas a motor is electric… Sorry for getting triggered

Alex DeadyMatthews says:

awesome dude


my brother bought one and it could’nt even carry the basket… XD

Nicky Phillipson says:

ahaha you sound like the guy from the gcse physics videos

Pettersen PlayzYT says:

Kult helikopter

Will Reynolds says:

The demo button and the lower button opposite the winch controls actually do something. The demo button is sort of like a auto pilot and the lower button opposite the winch controls makes the helicopter move forward and backward much faster.

LMK?yt says:

i havet that helikopter

ClashixTV says:

best $30 i spent lol so fun

thung thungcheesiong says:

I liks this

Nabil Nader says:

mist8k is that you?

Amani Leathers says:

I need more action!

احمد العجمى says:

from Where did you bay it

Pop poop says:

I sadly tend to take helicopters apart

GhostHawk1776 says:

Does it weigh more than .55 pounds? Then you have to register it with FAA or risk 27,ooo fine or imprisonment!

Boss_Awais says:

Gadgetsreviewgeek OMG ITS U MIST8

Lotus sandwich gaming says:

wher buy it

Trick is Magic says:

what is the model name

Furkan Aydogan says:

Hi andy I’m from turkey and I want to sell thıs product but thıs item doesn’t ship to Turkey
How can I find seller who do ship to turkey ? Can yo help to me ?.
(Sorry for my bad englısh :))))

Asher Awis says:


Dinesh More says:


John Melvin says:

2:59 Hanna in a choppa all over again

Farhan Khan says:

I need this halicopter how much price contect me 00966572008636

Markus 953 says:

Well Done, nice video.

Diamond Striker says:

pounds, what country is that currency from?

Shivnesh Kumar says:

IS DIS MIST8K????!!!!

Anggita Harahap says:

The controller looks like ps3 controller

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